If you’re visiting DC, you’ll love our unique market. Our cannabis industry is one of the most flexible in the entire country, and it’s created a scene where there’s always something new to try. Every day it seems like new storefronts and delivery services are springing up. With that in mind, we like to visit and sample the new ones to bring our readers something fresh and separate the exemplary services from those that merely gift cannabis. This week, we stopped at DC Levitate Flowers. This company has quickly become one of our favorites in the entire city thanks to their customer care, speedy service and massive selection of I71 compliant cannabis gifts. Here’s everything you need to know about DC Levitate Flowers, including their company, their products, their specials, and how you can place an order today.

About DC Levitate Flowers 

DC Levitate Flowers puts the majority of their focus into providing the best quality flower we’ve seen in DC so far. They work with local farmers to bring you the finest quality flowers at every possible price point, though you can also find a ton of other products, including concentrates and edibles. 


At the heart of their service is customer satisfaction. They work with you to find the perfect strain and product for your specific needs and preferences, taking great care to hand-pick the brands they carry and bring you the best possible experience. Best of all, everything is grown and tested by the top testing facilities in the country, giving you supreme control over your products. 


DC Levitate Flowers can be found at two storefront locations though they also offer an exceptionally professional and speedy delivery service seven days a week. Between their customer service, high-quality products, and efficient delivery, we think DC Levitate Flowers is one of the best delivery services in the city. 

DC Levitate Flowers Products 

At DC Levitate Flowers, you can find a huge selection of all your favorite cannabis products. However, this company takes the cake when it comes to flowers. The pinnacle of their service is tiered flower options that suit all flavor pallets and price points. Best of all, it’s all connoisseur-grade. If you’re in the market for anything else, here’s a breakdown of the entire DC Levitate Flowers product line. 


Flower: DC Levitate Flowers specializes in premium cannabis flowers. Here you can find five unique tiers of flower, including over 30+ unique strains. They have classics like NYC Diesel and AK-47 as well as hard to find exotics, like Meat Breath and White Runtz. The goal is to serve high-quality cannabis to suit all tastes, paletes, and preferences. 


Pre-Rolls: Many of the strains found at DC Levitate Flowers can be found in convenient pre-rolls. They come in individual sizes as well as packs of 5 and are made with all-natural hemp papers. 


Concentrates: If you’re looking for concentrates, you’ll appreciate the selection at DC Levitate Flowers. You can find a variety of shatter in a ton of different strains as well as kief and tinctures. 


Edibles: If you like a sweet treat after a smoke sesh, you’ll appreciate the edible selection at DC Levitate Flowers. Here you can find chocolates, gummies, cookies, and brownies that range in potency levels. Their prices are some of the most competitive in the city, too. 

DC Levitate Flowers Specials 

DC Levitate Flowers is an up and coming storefront and delivery service. Typically, their specials operate on a storefront-to-storefront basis. You can usually find great deals on all of the products they offer, so be sure to keep an eye on their 420DC menu as well as their individual stores on their website for the most updated information on deals, discounts, bundles, and specials. 

DC levitate Flower Deal

DC levitate Flower Deal

Get in touch with DC Levitate Flowers 

DC Levitate Flowers offers a fantastic online ordering and delivery service seven days a week, promising above and beyond customer service and adhering to most requests. Like most delivery services, be sure to get in touch with them directly to make sure they can best serve you. You can start on their website, www.dclevitateflowers.com. Here you can find a hand-curated and up to date menu full of the products you love. You can also browse their 420DC menu for deals, specials, and up to date ordering information. Once you select a product or a deal, you can either order online from their website or call/text (202) 428-5591. You will need to include a selfie next to your 21+ ID to make sure you qualify for a cannabis gift. From there, they’ll coordinate with you directly to find a discreet and speedy delivery window that works for you. 


Storefront: Yes

Delivery: Yes 

Minimum Delivery Order?: No 

Online ordering: Yes

Call or text: (202) 428-5591

Email: [email protected] 

Website: https://dclevitateflowers.com/ 

Menu/Listing: https://420dc.com/listing/dclevitateflowers/

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