Looking for the latest and greatest cannabis delivery services and storefronts in DC? This week we’re covering the amazing chef-inspired edible gifting company known as Athena’s Gifts. Below, we’ll touch base on all things Athena’s Gifts, including their products, specials, and delivery services. Here’s everything you need to know about one of our DC favorites: Athena’s Gifts.

About Athena’s Gifts 

Athena’s Gifts is a fully I-71 compliant gifting delivery service based in DC. Unlike most delivery services, Athena’s Gifts has carved a name for themselves as one of the best in the city when it comes to the Edibles game. Everything that comes from the Athena’s Gifts kitchen is handcrafted using premium ingredients by Chef Kat, a specialist in cannabis confections who has been perfecting her craft professionally for over 20 years. When you make a donation to Athena’s Gifts, they’ll gift you some of the most premium edibles you can find anywhere in the country. The flavors created here are well-rounded and free of that hashy flavor you’ll get from many other edibles on the market. They’re uber potent and flavorful, and beautiful to look at. If you don’t believe us, check out some of their latest reviews

At Athena’s Gifts, you can also find a handful of different flower strains to pair with your edibles. Whether you’re in the mood for a tasty treat or a relaxing smoke session, Athena’s Gifts has everything you need. Here’s everything you need to know about Athena’s Gifts, their deals, their products, and how you can get in touch to place an order today. 

Athena’s Gifts Products 

Athena’s Gifts focuses primarily on hand-made chef-inspired edibles, though they do offer a selection of a few different cannabis strains to choose from as well. Below, we’ll dive deeper into the types of products Athena’s Gifts offers as well as a few specials and ways to get in touch. 


  • Athena’s Gifts Chocolate: Athena’s Gifts offers a rotating selection of cannabis-infused chocolates. This week, it’s handmade THC-infused KitKat bars, which yummy milk chocolate covered wafer cookies. They are labeled as sativa bars, so they’re bound to make you feel energized and euphoric at 333mg THC per bar. 
  • Athena’s Gifts Brownies: When you think edibles, there’s a good chance your mind automatically jumps to pot brownies. Athena’s Gifts doesn’t disappoint in this category in the slightest! This week, they’re offering a huge selection of brownies, including Strawberry and Dark Chocolate glazed (indica) and White Mint Chocolate glazed (indica) brownie bites, peanut butter brownies (indica), cinnamon roll brownies (hybrid), and Cookie Dough fudge brownies (indica). Each brownie offers 325mg of THC. 
  • Athena’s Gifts Cakes and Confections: Another unique specialty is Athena’s Gifts cupcakes and other confections. Products in this category include things like cupcakes, bars and blondies, and nutty bars. This week they’re offering a sativa-dominant coconut lime bar at 315mg THC as well as an indica-dominant Tropical Fruit cupcake at 300mg THC. They also have their line of sativa-dominant nutty bars at 310mg THC. 
  • Athena’s Gifts Cereal Bars: The cereal bars made by the chefs at Athena’s Gifts are incredible. Each one offers 300mg of THC and come in a variety of cereal flavors, including Trix and Fruity Pebbles. They also make cereal bars using oreo cookies and chocolate. Best of all, they’re thick and flavorful and come with a variety of delicious toppings. 
  • Athena’s Gifts Cookies: Athena’s Gifts currently has two cookie varieties on the menu. The first is a sativa-dominant brown sugar, banana, and butterscotch cookie and the second is an indica-dominant coffee/chocolate inspired cookie named “mochaccino”. Both weigh in at 280mg THC, offering a powerful punch and incredible flavors and textures. 
  • Athena’s Gifts THC-Infused Beverages: You can get a few homemade THC-infused drinks from Athena’s gifts, too! You can find lemonade, sweet tea, or half and half (also known as an Arnold Palmer) on their gift menu. Most interestingly, you can get lemonade in both indica-dominant and sativa-dominant varieties, making them a great choice for medicating whenever and wherever. Each bottle contains 300mg of THC. 
  • Athena’s Gifts Candies: Athena’s Gifts also offers gummies at 500mg per container. They’re a fruity flavor explosion, similar to Gushers gummies. These are the only things Athena’s Gifts offers that they don’t make themselves, but they’re delicious! 
  • Athena’s Gifts Flower: Athena’s gifts has a small rotating selection of cannabis flower on the gift menu, too. This week, they have two indicas, one sativam and one hybrid, that way they can offer a little something for everyone. This week’s menu includes strains like Kung Pow, Blueberry Pie, Sour Tangie, and Platinum OG. 


Athena’s Gifts Specials 

Athena’s Gifts: Finely Crafted Edibles 1 2023

As their primary specialty, Athena’s Gifts offers amazing deals on their handcrafted edibles. This week, when you make a donation for three edibles, they’ll give you a fourth one for free! You can also get an additional edible with any type of order for free if you mention 420DC when you place your order. Be sure to keep an eye on our deals page to stay in the loop on all the new Athena’s Gifts specials. They make a point to offer something new pretty frequently, and are always updating their menus with new treats and flower. 

Get in touch with Athena’s Gifts 

If you’ve heard enough and you’re ready to get in touch with Athena’s Gifts, they can be reached for delivery seven days a week via call, text, or email. Keep in mind that in order to make a purchase, you must be over the age of 21 with a valid ID and delivery address. Simply call, text, or email Athena’s Gifts with your order and a copy of your ID and a photo of you to get started. Remember, to get cannais gifts from Athena’s Gifts, you must make a donation for the amount of product you want to receive. Like most delivery services, Athena’s Gifts is also a cash only business serving the entire DC area. For other ways to get in touch, visit Athena’s Gifts online: 


Website/Menu: https://420dc.com/listing/athenas-gifts/ 

Call/Text: (202) 749-0042

Email: [email protected] 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/athenasgifts_/ (@athenasgifts_)

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