Every cannabis lover, even the most experienced, has stories about times when they just got way too high. They either experienced paranoia and anxiety or realized they needed to sober up real quick due to the circumstances.

Marijuana is a plant that has healing properties and can be a truly beneficial additive in your life; however, smoking large amounts of weed can have the opposite effect and can cause you to feel high levels of stress and paranoia.

Aside from the high-level researchers, stoners and cannabis enthusiasts alike are on the hunt for the best ways to sober up from weed and to help you control your high.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Sober Up From Weed

It should be noted that, to this day, there has been no known report of someone dying from a cannabis overdose; however, there are plenty of examples out there of people getting too high and experiencing crippling anxiety and paranoia. At this point in time, no one has been able to find a surefire way to stop being high completely.

But, with the help of the cannabis community, there are certain methods out there that can help you if you become too high and experience the negative side effects of paranoia and anxiety. Stay tuned for a list of some methods to help you sober up from weed.

Try Adding CBD 

sober up from weed

The first one on this list might sound counterintuitive at face value since there is CBD in the bud you smoke, albeit less than the amount of THC. CBD, as researchers have noted, can actually reduce THC-induced anxiety and paranoia.

So if you are worried you are getting too high or you are struggling with paranoid thoughts, try ingesting some CBD to ease the negative side effects. More research is required within the vein, but this is a good place to start.

Stay Hydrated And Eat Some Food

This tip sounds similar to something you would hear if you are trying to sober up from alcohol. It is always important to take care of your body and ensure you are drinking and eating properly. If you have not eaten any food or drank any water, you’re high could end up taking you to the level of paranoia.

The act of eating or drinking, as well as adding nutrients and hydration to your body, can actually distract you and have you focus on something else. Drinking water can also alleviate cotton-mouth, so always make sure to have a glass of water on hand.

Do be mindful of the foods you eat while high. There are some foods out there that can actually lengthen or enhance the effects of THC, like mangoes.

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Stop Smoking For The Moment

This tip might sound rather obvious, but this is something you should do if you are starting to feel some anxiety or paranoia. This does not mean you must stop smoking forever, it just means to lay off the bud during that session. Take some time away from the weed and allow your body and mind to come down.

The best part about smoking bud is the ability to control your high. If you start to feel creeping sensations of stress or paranoia, set the blunt or joint down and wait for the effects to pass. Once you become a more experienced smoker, this becomes easier to detect and you start to figure out your limits. The best strain of advice, listen to your body, and find what is best for you.

Relax And Focus On Deep Breathing Exercises

sober up from weed

If you’ve gotten too high, the room is spinning or you are beginning to feel the anxiety creep, try focusing on deep breathing and relaxation. Now, this method can be hard, depending on how high you are, but this method does help. Try resting back in a chair or couch, lay your head back, and either close your eyes or let them wander the sky or ceiling (depending on if you are inside or outside).

Try and time out your breaths and focus on every single breath you take, like you would in a yoga class. Think of positive things and things you enjoy, allow your mind to wander on those thoughts rather than the negative ones.

As mentioned before, there have been no cases of people dying from marijuana overdoses, but you can experience an unpleasant or uncomfortable high. So if that happens, try and relax and focus on breathing. Place yourself in a safe space and work on finding balance.

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Distract Yourself

sober up from weed

This tip works hand-in-hand with the previous one. Distracting yourself is a great way to help you sober up from weed and ease your paranoia. It is always a great idea to enjoy a joint with a group of friends, and, in the case that you get too high, they are there to help you and distract you.

Another great way to distract yourself is by putting on a movie or watching a TV show. Allow yourself to become immersed in the show and don’t allow the crippling feelings of anxiety to take over.

Put on a TV show or movie that helps you feel at peace, safe, or relaxed. That might be different for everyone, so make sure you have your go-to-movie ready just in case.

Take A Shower

This tends to be a tip for just about everything. Showers have a wonderful ability to wash away your stress. The soothing and refreshing water from the shower can calm your raging high, providing you with a form of mental refreshment.

Say Goodbye To A Bad High

sober up from weed

Smoking or ingesting cannabis should be a positive and beneficial experience, whether you are going about it medicinally or recreationally. Everyone has their own reasons for using cannabis, but there are times in everyone’s life when they get just a little too high.

Don’t worry, it’s happened to the best of us.

The best way to avoid getting ‘too high’ is to make note of your tolerance and try not to exceed it, at least not too fast. Experienced stoners can smoke a lot without getting ‘too high’ and having a paranoid experience because they understand their limits and the signs to watch out for if they are going too far.

Start figuring out your limits and what methods work best for you. Learn which smoking methods are best for you and which methods take things too far. Everyone deserves to have a pleasant high.

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