There is archeological evidence showing that cannabis smoking was practiced even at least 2,500 years ago. It is the process of inhalation of vapors or smoke produced as a result of heating the leaves, flowers, or extracts of marijuana. It results in the release of the primary psychoactive ingredient of cannabis called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). What is more, apart from vaporizing and smoking, people apply marijuana to their skin, place oil drops under their tongue, or even have some edibles like cannabis gummies or cookies. Nevertheless, smoking weed is still the most popular way to transfer THC to your system and get high.

However, for first-timers, it may be challenging to learn how to smoke weed without any difficulties. Also, even advanced users may not know if they are doing it in the best way possible. For this reason, we have prepared a detailed guide explaining what you should take into consideration before using cannabis. Feel free to read it – it’s time to find out more about smoking weed!

First-Time Preparations

New experiences are usually exciting and intriguing, but remember to make some preparations.

  • Choose the right place: make sure that you have a convenient and safe place to avoid any paranoia. Also, it would be a good idea to do it with someone who already has some experience with marijuana.
  • Check the local law: you always need to know at what age it is legal to smoke weed in your area so that you would not have any problems with the law.
  • Prepare a lot of water and food: keep in mind that you’ll be starving and very thirsty after using marijuana. There are no tips when it comes to the choice of food; you can just have what you like.
  • Know what can happen: take into consideration that you may not get high if it’s your first time, and you still don’t know how to smoke weed correctly.
  • Select the best strain and method for you: you can use blunts, joints, vapes, bongs, hookahs, and not only – there are a lot of ways to smoke weed. Also, there are various strains that can have different flavors and can provide you with different kinds of high.

Strain Selection

There isn’t only one kind of weed – you can find numerous strains available on the market nowadays. Each of them has its own taste, properties, and history. Some dispensaries offer garden blends, the same as some vineyards mix grapes to achieve an original taste. The two main species of marijuana are sativa and indica, and they have noticeably different effects.

If you want to boost your creativity, focus, and positive attitude, it’s advisable to turn to a sativa dominant strain. On the other hand, if you are more into relaxation and sedation, you should go for an indica dominant strain. What is more, there are also many hybrid strains allowing you to get a more balanced high because it mixes the sativa and indica species even in the breeding process.

Consumption Technique

If it’s your first time with weed, smoking is the best way to start, because in this way, you can quite easily regulate the dosages. In this traditional technique of using marijuana, you apply heated buds to produce smoke that will make you high. There are various methods of smoking weed – for instance, you can prepare a one-hitter pipe or roll it into a joint. What is more, if you want to get the smoothest hit, it is worth using a bong that allows the smoke to be filtered through water before you inhale it. However, it’s the most recommended for people who have already used marijuana before because the hit may be too intense for the first-timers. Those of you who want to start mildly and avoid any potential respiratory irritations are encouraged to turn to vaporizers. Thanks to such a device, the marijuana buds are heated to a particular (not too high) temperature, and the cannabinoids (including the aforementioned THC and CBD, responsible for relaxation) evaporate into a gas without combustion of the plant material. It provides milder and more manageable high than smoking.

How to Smoke Weed as a Joint


One of the first steps to learn how to smoke weed as a joint is to acquire the proper rolling technique. What you will need are rolling papers, a cannabis grinder, and some marijuana, obviously. Moreover, we advise you to have an index card, a business card, or another piece of stiff and thick paper because it will be useful as a crutch (in other words, a joint filter). Thanks to it, your joint will be more stable, and it will enhance your draw, as well as protect you from accidentally burning your fingers.

When you have everything ready, follow those steps:

  • Prepare a small strip of the thick paper mentioned before, roll it or fold it so that it could take the form of a filter.
  • Fold a piece of rolling paper with the glue side up.
  • Place the filter at one of the ends.
  • Put the weed inside.
  • Roll up the paper.
  • Lick the glue so that the paper could be sealed.
  • Light the other end of the filter.

When you already have your first joint, you may wonder how to hold it. There are various ways to do it, but two methods tend to be the most popular. First, some people like to treat it like a cigarette and keep it between the index and middle fingers. On the other hand, some users prefer to smoke weed in a “chillum style,” meaning that they slide a joint between their index and middle fingers’ knuckles, and they cover the bottom of their curled hand with their free palm. The smoke can only go up, so a user can inhale weed without placing the joint between their lips. Therefore, this method is similar to using a chillum pipe.

How to Smoke Weed as a Blunt

To produce a blunt, you need an empty cigar wrapping that can be filled with marijuana flowers. People use this method mainly to smoke weed discreetly. Moreover, blunts can have many different flavors, which is another advantage. Also, they prove useful for sharing pot with a group because it’s possible to stuff more cannabis inside them.

On the other hand, blunts may not be the best option if you want to avoid the characteristic smell. If you need to hide it but don’t want to use vapes or pipes, we recommend you to turn to a spliff. It’s a combination of marijuana and tobacco, so the pot smell can be reduced.

It’s also worth knowing that the hit that you get from a blunt is more intense than the one from a joint. Apart from that, you may get a little headrush because it contains tobacco. Also, this ingredient makes a blunt one of the least healthy methods of weed consumption.

How to Smoke Weed with a Pipe

You can also smoke marijuana in a special pipe. In order to prepare yourself for this, you need to put a broken nug of a dried cannabis flower in a grinder and twist it until you see that it acquired the texture of loose leaf tea. Thanks to such a form, the air will be able to pass smoothly through the plant matter, and the flame will be able to reach a large surface area. If you don’t have a grinder, you can put the bud in a shot glass and cut it up with scissors up to the point when you achieve the proper structure.

Take a pinch of the flower and place it at the end of the pipe that resembles a small bowl. Make sure that the cannabis is stable enough not to fly out, but at the same time not too tight because in this way, it would be difficult for air to pass through. When everything’s ready, light the bowl and use the other end of the pipe to inhale. If you have a pipe with a small hole (a carb) you can cover it with your thumb while inhaling so that the inner chamber could be cleared of smoke. When you’re done, just release your thumb. If it’s your first time, begin slowly and frequently check in with yourself. Keep in mind that smoking weed won’t give you instant high – it may take some time. After the initial hit, stop for around 10 minutes to let the high unfold.

You can find weed pipes in various colors, styles, and shapes. Interestingly enough, you can even buy a model that changes colors while smoking or glows in the dark. Some pipes are even highly decorated and resemble a little work of art.

After smoking, you need to clean your weed pipe properly. Some residue can clog them, so you must remove it in order to provide yourself with the best possible hit next time. Fortunately, it’s very easy – in most cases, it’s enough to use isopropyl alcohol.

How to Smoke Weed from a Bong


To smoke cannabis, tobacco, or other herbs, many people use a filtration device called a bong. You can find different styles and shapes, but generally, they serve as a tool for passing the smoke through water before inhalation. As a result, you can get rid of unwanted ingredients of weed and get the purified smoke.

Before you start smoking, pour clean water into the bong through its mouthpiece. It needs to reach around 1 inch above the spot where the bottom stem meets the primary chamber. Then, you should place cannabis in the bowl piece. Note that the fine particles shouldn’t be sacked into the water chamber. Also, remember that if you pack it too tightly, it will be hard for the air to get through. Next, put the mouthpiece between your lips, light the marijuana in the bowl, and suck the smoke so that it could reach the chamber. Hold the lighter to the bowl, but don’t inhale yet.

When you notice that there is enough smoke in the chamber, take the bowl from the bottom stem, but don’t move your mouth from the mouthpiece. Finally, you can inhale the smoke deeply into your lungs and then keep it there for a few seconds. You can do it again or pass it to the next person if you are smoking in a circle. It’s one of the healthiest ways to smoke cannabis because it allows you to get rid of toxins before inhaling weed.

How to Smoke Weed from a Hookah

Almost everyone recognizes a hookah because it’s the device that The Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland had. It originates from India, and it’s used for smoking both tobacco and weed. Apart from the pipe itself, you need some water, aluminum foil, and coal. You can combine cannabis with hash, shisha tobacco, or other marijuana concentrates. However, in this case, it’s significant to make sure that cannabis is on top because otherwise, it can dry out.

Also, remember not to smoke weed without looking at the coal once in a while, so that it doesn’t touch the blend. Using a hookah is definitely one of the best ways to socialize while smoking marijuana. It’s especially recommended for a larger group of friends for whom relaxation is more important than a quick high. Similarly to a bong, it’s one of the healthiest methods of smoking because it isn’t too harmful to the lungs with water serving as a filter.

How to Smoke Weed with a Vaporizer

Interestingly enough, some of the first vaporizers were constructed specifically for smoking cannabis. This method is often appreciated for the fact that it allows you to get a decent high, and at the same time, mask the characteristic smell. Before starting, you should prepare high-quality dry marijuana, a portable or desktop vaporizer, a grinder, and some accessories, like the tools for cleaning your vaporizer afterward.

Prior to packing your vaporizer, take your time to check if it’s off and cold because otherwise, you may lose priceless vapor, or even burn your fingers. Moreover, it will be generally less challenging to insert cannabis when neither the oven nor chamber is hot. Then, check if your device is charged or plugged in. In most cases, a fine or medium grind of marijuana is required. Surprisingly, some convection devices even make it possible to use full buds, but overall, grinding is a more recommended method to vape marijuana. The dry herb should be put inside the vaporizer’s oven or herb chamber with the use of a cannabis scooper or a business card. You should then pack the herb with your fingers or a special tool, keeping in mind that the surface should be relatively flat. In the case of a conduction vape, a more solid pack is necessary, but still, it’s not advisable to pack it too tightly because it would make it hard for the airflow to pass through. When it comes to convection vapes, they can be packed looser, but they prove best with an even consistency. After all the preparations, you can turn on your vaporizer and choose the temperature you would like to achieve.

How to Smoke Weed Out Of Dab Rigs

Dab is a concentrated, potent dose of weed prepared from extracted cannabinoids. In order to smoke it properly, dab rigs (also called oil rigs) have been designed. As the concentrate provides a very strong hit, you will get a really intense experience in a short time.

If you’re familiar with smoking a bowl of cannabis, you will learn how to use a dab rig in no time. The first step is to heat the dab with a torch. Wait till it stops being intensely hot and place the extract inside. At this point, you’re ready to inhale.

However, if it’s your first time smoking marijuana, dabbing is not the best way to choose. It’s more recommended for seasoned users that are searching for more powerful experiences. Actually, long-time users often think that it’s the best way to smoke cannabis. Also, dabbing is excellent for those who don’t want to harm their lungs too much. The wax that needs to be used there contains only primary cannabinoids. It doesn’t have resin or any other parts of the plans that are not appropriate for smoking. Nonetheless, you should know that dabbing can be pretty expensive, but taking into account that it’s also much more powerful, you won’t need to smoke a lot of it to feel high.

How to Smoke Weed from an Apple

When you don’t have any dedicated device or rolling paper, but you really want to smoke marijuana, you can even use an ordinary apple. First, you need to expose the natural bowl at the top by removing the stem. Then, poke a hole down the top of the bowl (a pen can be helpful). Take into consideration that the chamber should be air-tight, especially if you’re planning to go about halfway through the fruit. So as to make a mouthpiece, poke another hole somewhere on the surface of the apple. The point is, the first chamber or the hole you prepared for the bowl must be connected with the mouthpiece. After that, you can proceed to create a carb. All you have to do is just push a tool through the fruit, starting from the mouthpiece chamber. It’s an optional step, but we highly recommend it because, in this way, any remaining smoke will be removed. Finally, it’s time to insert the weed and feel the joy of smoking it from your own hand-made device like from any other hand pipe. The bowl should be packed well in the place where you got rid of the stem. Interestingly, you can even find some apple-flavored cannabis strains to use in this way!

Additional Tips

Be Aware of Your Setting and Mood

It has been proven that both the setting you’re in (the physical environment) and your attitude influence the intensity of your high. Bear in mind that if you’re stressed out or had an exhausting day, it may not end well – a negative experience is likely in such a case. Therefore, before you smoke weed, choose a friendly setting and a day when you feel at least more or less okay.

Get Your Favorite Food

You should know that after smoking cannabis, food tastes much better. We strongly discourage you from cooking while being high, especially if it includes cutting and boiling, because it may not be safe. It’s best to prepare everything before you smoke weed so that you could start eating right away when you feel its effects. For the most excellent experience, get something that you really like very much – even if it’s junk food, that’s fine. Just remember not to exaggerate with the amount because otherwise, you may not feel well afterward.

Be With People You Trust

As marijuana is a social drug, it’s highly recommended to be surrounded by people you like and trust to get the most of it. In this way, you will avoid the risk that someone may make fun of you to have a laugh. It’s particularly advisable for first-timers to start their cannabis journey with someone who has used weed for at least a few times. In this way, you will be guided on coping with the possible anxiety that may appear. However, you should know that even though it’s fantastic to smoke marijuana with a group of people, if it’s too much of a crowd, it can result in paranoia. Hence, enjoying pot with a few trustworthy friends will be perfect.

Prepare Some Entertainment

The same as in the case of food, pot can make entertainment even more enjoyable. Thus, it would be an excellent idea to prepare one of your favorite movies or some good music before you get high. However, if serious and touching dramas are your type, it could be better to go for something much lighter, like a comedy or an action movie. Also, it should be something you know already because following a new plot while high can be quite a challenge. The same goes for the music – some simple tunes that you can sing along are the most likely to provide you with a lot of fun after smoking marijuana.

Weed-Smoking Etiquette

As a first-timer, you may not be aware of the fact that a weed-smoking etiquette exists. You certainly don’t want to be perceived as a rude person, so it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the most significant rules before joining a smoking session!

Puff, Puff, and Pass

One of the most commonly known rules is the “puff, puff, pass” one. In the United States and Canada, it’s polite to get just two puffs and pass the weed to the next person. However, when you go to Europe, you need to be aware that they have the opposite rule. Usually, a person is expected to smoke the pot for a bit, but without getting over-greedy. You need to bear in mind that the culture of sharing is one of the most fascinating and vital aspects of the marijuana community. It’s a very intimate and bonding experience to smoke weed together.

Avoid Wetting the Joint with Saliva

Remember not to lick your lips right before your turn, because otherwise, the joint will get soggy. It’s not only unhygienic but also makes the joint less stable and more likely to fall apart. To be entirely polite, you should also wipe the mouthpiece before passing it to the next smoker.

Don’t Blow Smoke in Someone’s Face

It is very impolite to blow smoke in someone’s face, so you should always aim at an empty space. The only exception for that is when a person invites you to shotgun a joint.

Bottom Line

Even though there are some things to learn before you start smoking pot, it’s worth taking all the preparations and learning the crucial rules for the best experience possible. Your first time may not be perfect, but later you will get more and more experienced and learn how to smoke weed to enjoy it to the fullest. Good luck!

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