There comes a time in every stoner’s life when the inevitable drug test rears its ugly head. You might need it to apply for your dream job, to stay in your current job, or any other number of reasons. You might as well prepare yourself just in case you need to take it because some other occurrences can also bring upon the dreaded test. Some hospital procedures and court cases, for example, require you to take a drug test. 

But, what if you are someone who smokes regularly? Or, what if you need to test clean in less than 24 hours? 

Cannabis drug tests are a standard drug test used in many federal and private organization sectors. If you’re looking for tips on how to pass a marijuana drug test, then stay tuned. This article covers all the basics when it comes to how cannabis interacts with the body, what drug tests are testing for, and how best to pass a drug test. 

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

Your lifestyle habits and biology influence how long THC stays in your body. Generally, cannabis is detectable for about 30 days in fluids (i.e blood) and several months in hair. The metabolism of THC occurs in the liver, where it then converts to metabolites before excretion.

A marijuana drug test can detect specific metabolites, the most common being tetrahydrocannabinol carboxylic acid (THC-COOH). So, to pass a marijuana test, you must find ways of either flushing out or masking the presence of such metabolites in your system.

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Factors That Determine How Fast Your Body Metabolizes THC

To eliminate THC, you must understand how your body works. According to the National Drug Court Institute, the detection window for THC is complex primarily due to the pharmacological variables. These include:

  • The cannabis strain strength – Unless you’re ingesting brick weed, most weed products in the market contain THC levels above 20%. Potent strains mean that the THC can stay in the body for a longer period of time.
  • Genetics – Your genetics influence how fast you eliminate THC from your body. As a result, cytochrome P450 enzymes that help metabolize THC may work more quickly in some people and slower in others.
  • Frequency and amounts – The more weed you ingest, the longer it takes to flush it out. Plus, if you’re a frequent user, it will take longer to metabolize THC. Remember, even the mode of consumption matters. For instance, if you take edibles, it will be more challenging to eliminate THC compared to smoking bud.
  • Metabolism rate – THC is lipid-soluble, therefore, if you have a lot of body fat, your fat cells will store more THC than a person with less body fat. Additionally, gender may also influence how much THC you keep. Women often have more body fat than men, so it tends to take them longer to metabolize THC.
  • Drug test sensitivity – Every drug test has a different detection window. And some, like hair tests and urinalysis, look for THC metabolite THC-COOH. In comparison, blood tests are for detecting the overall THC levels in the body. The sensitivity determines whether you’ll pass or fail a marijuana drug test. Often the THC cutoff for most screenings starts from 15ng/mn to 50ng/ml. Remember, the more sensitive a drug test is, the harder it will be to make THC undetectable. Hence, you will need to seek more effective detox methods to eliminate THC from your system.

Tips On How To Pass a Marijuana Drug Test

how to pass a marijuana drug test

Many different types of cannabis drug tests exist including urine, hair, and blood tests. Below we’ll look at how these screenings work followed by some tips on what you can do to pass each test.

1. Urine test

Urine tests are perhaps the most standard screening type. It can also be a high tension scenario because you will more often be monitored while you are taking your urine sample. The examiner would check the bathroom before and after the procedure. You could even be directly observed. This extra measure is taken to ensure there is no swapping of urine samples with any other person. If you’re a persistent user, chances are THC will be detectable even after two months of abstinence. Casual users are luckier as the THC will no longer be in the system after several weeks.

How a Cannabis Urine Test Works

As mentioned earlier, the primary metabolite of concern during marijuana drug tests is THC-COOH, also called 11-Nor-9-carboxy-THC. For this screening, the trained collector will saturate a dipstick with an antibody then dip it in urine. Once absorbed, any color change will mean that there’s THC present in your system.

Typically, the urine test will have a sensitivity level of 50ng/ml and require about 30ml of urine. And since this screening type has over 99% accuracy, passing this marijuana test can be tricky if you are a heavy user.

How To Pass a Marijuana Urine Test

It’s worth noting that the only certain way to pass a marijuana test is abstinence, however, there are a few methods that users claim to work. But remember: either method is not foolproof.


Dilution is one of the more popular ways cannabis users try to beat urine drug tests. Popular dilution drinks include water, lemon juice, coffee, apple cider vinegar solution, and cranberry juice. The idea revolves around increased fluid intake, which then leads to frequent urination. 

Many try this method out because it can possibly hasten the process of flushing out the tetrahydrocannabinol carboxylic acid through constant peeing. Most proponents recommend taking lots of vitamin B supplements to give the urine a yellow appearance to mask dilution. This method usually works for simple dip tests. It’s very challenging to pass a marijuana test if the sample goes to a high-quality testing lab.

You’ll need to be careful not to overdo your fluid intake to prevent water intoxication concerns. We recommend seeing a specialist before drinking diuretics to ensure your metabolite levels are normal.

Detox Drinks

Taking in detox drinks specifically targets cleansing your system from any traces of THC. The manufacturers have usually already researched for you; there is no need to compute how much to drink or when to take this drink. Follow the instructions on any detox drink available to you online or in stores near you. 

While these drinks don’t completely purify your urine of Tetrahydrocannabinol metabolites, they lessen the content enough for you to pass the test. They fool the test because they add proteins and vitamins to your urine sample which overshadows the other contents of your pee. Again, this might not ensure you pass the test by 100%, and checking for reviews on the effectiveness of the product you plan to buy can save you money. 

Detox Kits

Detox kits are similar to detox drinks because they are marketed to do the math for you and help take out the remnants of marijuana from your system. These kits are specifically aimed at helping you pass that test. They include programs of pills, dietary fibers, and drinks that you have to take for around 5-10 days. These can accelerate the removal of Tetrahydrocannabinol from your body. 

A proper detox kit is a sure-fire way to clear any THC from your urine sample while still allowing the other usual contents of your urine to show up normally. An example of this program would be Toxin Rid which holds several options. You can try programs that last for 1 or 2 days and up to 10 days.  5-day programs are recommended for veteran users. One thing to consider when buying these kits is to ask your doctor about the ingredients on all the substances you will have to consume. Another factor is the price which does range from a hefty $100-200. 

Adulterants and Substitution

Disclaimer: We don’t advocate using illegal methods to pass a marijuana test, however, for the sake of comprehension and educational purposes, we will cover these two alternative approaches to natural detoxing.

Adding adulterants is the process of adding substances to the urine collection cup to mask the presence of THC. These substances can include baking soda and bleach. Unfortunately, this method can be challenging if you’re taking the urine test under direct observation. Moreover, substances like bleach or any other cleaning solution have a distinct smell that can be a dead giveaway.

Substitution entails the use of synthetic urine. This method is most common among heavy users. Some companies sell synthetic urine, which comes in a kit to help you warm the sample as the collector will check the temperature. While this method is effective, you risk getting caught.

2. Hair follicle cannabis test

Hair tests are bad news for frequent weed users. What’s more troubling is that these tests often produce racially biased test results as THC presence is more detectable in darker hair than lighter hair. To add to that, hair tests can show positive results even if your last use was 4 months up to 5 days ago, making it incredibly hard to pin down your probability of testing positive.

The only surefire way to pass this test is to shave off every hair follicle on your body. But, we all know that doing this would mean you’re trying to hide something and could be a dead giveaway to the testers.

How Hair Tests Work

Usually, the trained collector will take about 120 hair follicles from your scalp, but if you are bald, they’ll take it from somewhere else. Once in the lab, the test will detect THC in your system over the past three months. THC is passed on to your hair through your blood. This usually happens within a time span of around 1 week. If you expect to go through regular hair tests you must have a detoxification routine down and pat. This includes stopping all use at a 2-week distance at the very least. 

How To Pass a Hair Test

Again, abstinence is the ideal option in this scenario. It would also help to get a haircut regularly so that the hair growing back is free of THC, however, if the test is on short notice, you might want to consider a cocktail of shampoos. Let’s look at 2 methods in this article. 

The first is called the Macujo Method. This process comes in two parts. The first half involves breaking down the cuticles. The second half opens the cuticle and clears out the THC from the strand. 

Here’s how to do it:

  • Start by rinsing the hair with apple cider vinegar.
  • Apply the Clean and Clear shampoo and leave it on for thirty minutes.
  • Rinse the hair before applying a “Toxin Rid” shampoo.
  • Rinse again and apply a small amount of Tide soap.
  • Rinse and apply with Zydot Ultra clean shampoo.
  • Repeat the process up to three times a day until the day of the test.

Another method is called the Jerry G Method. If you have some time to bleach your hair this might also be an option to consider:

  • Purchase a hair dye with ammonia as one of its ingredients.
  • Bleach your hair.
  • Dye your hair using the shampoo that has ammonia.
  • Use the Toxin Rid shampoo on your hair.
  • Repeat the same steps the day before your hair tests.
  • Before going to take the test, mix water and baking soda to make a paste for your hair.
  • Place the baking soda and water combo on your hair.
  • After 15 minutes you may rinse your hair. 
  • Last step: shampoo your hair using the Toxin Rid shampoo.

Using these methods have several risks, including irritation, scalp allergies, and even scarier – hair loss! Tread lightly!

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3. Marijuana blood test

Blood tests are rare and usually mandatory in specific cases like auto injuries, court-sanctioned screenings, or security job applications. Suffice it to say that roadside stops can be unpredictable and it’s best to err on the side of caution while driving. Blood tests can give you positive results if you just had a hit a few hours ago. More routine users may test positive even after seven days of abstinence due to the cannabis already present in their system. 

How Blood Tests Work

The test requires a small amount of blood. These screenings are incredibly airtight. Fortunately, THC presence is only detectable within the past seven days of consumption.

How To Pass a Marijuana Blood Test

There are only two ways to ensure you pass a cannabis test: natural detox and abstinence. We also recommend doing the following:

  • Consume a clean diet
  • Hydrate frequently
  • Exercise

Other Methods You Might Want to Consider

how to pass a marijuana drug test


Aside from exercising, another way to rid your body of THC is through your pores. That could mean a relaxing trip to the sauna. Your blood vessels will react to the heat of the environment and improve blood circulation. While more research needs to be conducted about this method you might want to take a whack at it if you want to try all the methods you can find. Besides, a little R&R never hurt anyone. 

Cardio Exercise and Healthy Diets

Making changes to your current lifestyle can help flush out the THC from your system. Raising your heart rate can shorten the amount of time that it takes for your body to get rid of the metabolites. High-intensity training has also been mentioned to help in this process. It can improve your metabolism and break down any traces of THC in your fatty tissues. It might take more time for you physically to do but a few minutes at the gym could be the key to rapidly increasing the chances you will pass that test. 


As a recreational or medical marijuana user, wondering how to pass a marijuana drug test can be worrying. Fortunately, specific home remedies like detox drinks and supplements could help eliminate THC from your system. Even so, don’t forget that these methods are never foolproof as there are too many variables involved. Plus, it’s always best to consult health professionals before trying any detox method. 

Ultimately, the best way to pass a marijuana drug test is abstinence, however, with the increase in popularity and an overall rise in acceptance towards cannabis, abstinence becomes problematic or downright impossible. So whatever you choose to do, do it smartly and safely.

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