Nothing is more exciting than finally landing that dream job you’ve worked so hard for. What’s even better is gaining experience in the dream job and garnering respect from your hard work. But, most employees face a significant obstacle that stands between them and their job, the infamous drug test. Whether it is an initial drug test for hire or a surprise drug test, most people are looking to find out how to pass a drug test.

It is never recommended to smoke or work high, but it does seem unfair to be penalized for something you do in your free-time, after hours. The problem with drug tests is that you can test positive for having the drug in your system without actually being high or experiencing any effects. For example, rolling up a joint for a weekend smoke session with friends turned into a Monday surprise drug test gone wrong. You aren’t high but you can still suffer the consequences.

If you are someone who struggles with this or you are concerned with an upcoming drug test, this article seeks to explore tips and advice regarding ways to pass a drug test. Stay tuned to learn more and rest easy knowing that you are prepared if the dreadful drug test ever shows its ugly face in the future.

Why Are Drug Tests Required By Most Companies?

how to pass a drug test
Drug test report form

The first thing you may be wondering is why do most companies require a drug test? If the drug test itself is inherently flawed, why is this practice still ongoing. The reason most companies require drug testing is for the safety of the employees and liability reasons.

Drug tests are designed to detect illegal substances that elicit negative effects in those that use them. Employers want to ensure the safety of their workers as well as preserving productivity and the quality of their products or services. The use of these illegal substances has been known to induce lower employee morale, decrease profit, damaged reputation, and more.

Drug tests are used to test for multiple types of illegal substances, not just marijuana; however, under Federal Law, cannabis is still considered illegal, so when employers are testing for these illegal substances, marijuana continues to fall in that category despite legalization efforts across the nation.

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Types Of Drug Tests

There are multiple types of drug tests out there; however, the most commonly found method is the urine sample. Although this method is common, it is known to be somewhat inaccurate and, at times, ineffective. These tests utilize different methods and have varying accuracies. Different companies may use different methods of drug testing, so it’s important to be well versed in what you might be faced with.

The following methods are the various types of drug tests that are currently used today:

      • Urine tests
      • Blood tests
      • Hair tests

Each of these types of tests detects the illegal substances in your system differently. Not only that, but some of these tests can detect substances in your system for longer periods of time, for example, the hair test. The hair test is supposed to be able to detect drug use for months, or however long your hair has been growing (so make sure to get regular haircuts).

The blood drug test can detect cannabis use for just a few hours after smoking; although, if you are a more regular cannabis user, it can detect THC in your system for a few days. Below, are a few tips on how to successfully pass a drug test or at least various ways you can be prepared if you find yourself having to deal with one in the near future.

Helpful Tips On How To Pass A Drug Test

how to pass a drug test

To be honest, the only fool-proof way to pass a drug test is to refrain from using the substances that they are testing for; however, with the new laws regarding marijuana that is highly unlikely and rather unfair. Below you will find some tips on how to pass a drug test and ways you can better prepare yourself if the time arises.

The choice is completely up to you to decide how you want to handle this situation, this article is just a guide that provides you with some helpful tips on how to make the process less intimidating. None of these methods is a sure-fire way to pass a drug test, most of that comes down to your tolerance, usage, and situation. Good luck!

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Increase Your Fluid Intake And Flush Out Your System

The good, old-fashioned detox is always a great method to utilize. This is not only a great way to flush the residual THC from your system, but it is also a great practice for your body. Every now and then it is a good idea to cleanse your system and it requires you to drink a lot of water. The amount of water you need to drink is different for every individual, relying on various factors like weight, sex, tolerance, and more.

You’ll want to start this process as early as possible for it to be as effective as possible. It is also highly recommended to increase your workout regimen because sweating is another way to purge things from your system and can help speed up the process. If working out isn’t your thing, try taking a few trips to the sauna and get your sweat on.

Delay The Drug Test

This might be a tricker one, but depending on your situation you may be able to negotiate a way to delate the date of your drug test. If this is possible, you may be able to secure a way to easily pass that test without stress; however, this might not be an available option for most people so don’t rely on it.

Test Yourself

This is another great way to make passing a drug test much easier, test yourself. Not only does this familiarize you with the process and what to expect, but you can monitor your levels and figure out the best way to intersperse detoxing sessions to keep your system as clean as possible.

Diluting Urine Sample

This method is similar to the detoxing method; however, it takes a much more direct approach. This tip requires you to add water directly to the urine sample and diluting it to diminish the visible drug levels. Be prepared, some drug testing places are able to detect diluted samples, so do your research.

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