The world is a weird place right now amidst the novel coronavirus outbreak and the stock market crash which is sending the country into a recession and consequential panic. Supplies like toilet paper, alcohol wipes, canned food, and hand sanitizer are difficult to come by, and going to the store puts people at risk of infection. So how are you supposed to prepare yourself? How will you get supplies like weed during the possible government-mandated quarantine? Here’s everything you need to know about how to get weed in DC during the possible quarantine along with a few additional ways to protect yourself during this trying time.


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Don’t Panic. 

A quarantine, while scary, may be the best way to limit infection and protect those most at risk. The most important thing to remember is not to panic. While the virus is spreading rapidly, most people are recovering and preventing the spread of illness by practicing good hygiene, social distancing, and covering their mouths. However, many people who contract the virus won’t experience any symptoms, which is why the virus is so dangerous. You could have coronavirus and unknowingly infect other people while going about your daily business. 

That’s why the quarantine is attractive. The most important thing to remember is that even under a quarantine, basic necessities will still be available. Contrary to popular belief, you’re not going to be locked in your house with whatever you have on hand for 8 weeks. Grocery stores, hospitals, and emergency services will still be operational, so there’s really no need to panic and buy out all the toilet paper and canned food. Hoarding things is actually doing a disservice to your community by forcing people who are at risk of severe infection to expose themselves to the virus while hunting down basic necessities that healthy people are stockpiling. 

While essential businesses will continue to operate, most nonessential businesses will be closed. Bars and restaurants will close down along with things like marijuana dispensaries, liquor stores, movie theaters, and gyms. However, many cannabis delivery services in DC will remain operational. While the virus and recession are big scary things, you will most likely still have access to food, medicine, and cannabis delivery in DC. 

Weed Delivery in DC During Quarantine 

During a quarantine, it’s important to limit your interactions with others until the virus is under control. However, during an extended quarantine, you’ll probably run out of things. Luckily, grocery stores will be open. But what are you to do when you run out of weed?  

How To Get Weed in DC During the Impending COVID-19 Quarantine
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In DC’s unique market, we don’t have things like dispensaries or storefronts that will close down. But we do have cannabis delivery. By ordering delivery, you are preventing possible infection by staying home. You are also preventing the possibility that you’re unknowingly spreading the virus to others by going out in public. 

If you’re the type to prefer a nice private session at home by yourself, have no fear. You don’t need to attend events during the quarantine to enjoy the festivities because cannabis delivery in Washington DC is thriving. 

Cannabis can be delivered in Washington DC by a variety of delivery services. You’ll make a cash donation or small purchase (think t-shirts, hats, and stickers) and the delivery driver will meet you to deliver your small purchase and cannabis gift. 

Cannabis delivery is a great way to get your goods with as little contact with other people as possible. You should still take precautions by washing your hands before and after interacting with the delivery person and wear a mask over your mouth during the cash exchange. 

To order cannabis delivery during the quarantine, use 420DC to find functioning businesses. Once you have a delivery service picked out, just contact the company, place your order, and wait! Since these meetings are person to person, you are less likely to contract the virus than you would be by attending a full-sized event or shopping at a storefront that offers cannabis gifts. 

Attend Private Cannabis Events in DC 

Since limiting contact with other people is the name of the game during a quarantine, you may also consider attending private cannabis events. If you like to see your cannabis products in person before making a decision on your free gift, private events are a good idea. 

Events are the pinnacle of the cannabis scene in DC. In DC’s cannabis market, attending events means that you can earn a free cannabis gift with your attendance since direct cannabis sales in DC are still illegal. Luckily, private 420 events are plentiful and easy to come by.

Unlike most cannabis events in DC that are open to the public (and as many people that can attend), private events are person-to-person. At a private event, you will be the only person aside from the event leader to attend. You will have access to your free cannabis gift while limiting exposure to others. 

Private events are hosted by local storefronts and delivery services. You can attend private events by making an appointment. Private events are great because all you have to do is show up with your 420DC event flyer, attend the seminar or session, and you’ll walk away with special i-71 compliant gifts, like edibles, flowers, and prerolls. 

Keep in mind that you should still take precautions against the virus while attending private person-to-person events. Wash your hands before and after interacting with the event host and cover your mouth to keep other people’s germs out and your germs in. You should also wash your hands after handling money. 

420DC: Connecting You to Local Cannabis 

While coronavirus has people whipped into a frenzy, remember to take a deep breath and don’t panic. Essential services and groceries will still be available, and so will cannabis delivery and private cannabis events in DC. You can use 420DC to connect you to private cannabis events and delivery services during a possible quarantine. 

420DC is your one-stop-shop for all things cannabis in Washington DC. Check our site frequently for updates on cannabis delivery services, new products, local listings, and new cannabis events near you. You can also keep an eye on our blog to keep up with the latest and greatest in cannabis news, watch videos, get recipes, and read cannabis-friendly guides. You can even use our forums and reviews to chat with other cannabis-friendly smokers in your area during the quarantine. 

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