Since edibles are one of the most popular methods for consuming cannabis in the industry, it’s no surprise that cannabis lovers are seeking ways to make them more potent and long-lasting. Whether it is trying daring new recipes or looking to up the dosage, edibles are a creative outlet for cannabis lovers who like to try their hand in other methods of consumption and test the limits of their tolerance.

The Cannabis Experts are back at it with a short video that discusses how users can get a quicker and stronger high from edibles. Edibles take longer to digest and for the effects to set in as compared to flower or concentrates, but the strength of the high is typically worth the wait. For those looking to speed up the process and find ways to enhance the overall high experience from eating edibles, The Cannabis Experts share some of their tips for quickening the process as well as any potential pros and cons associated with doing so. Check out his video to learn more!

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