Weed Delivery in Maryland

If you are looking for weed, edibles, CBD, vape carts or concentrate delivery or dispensaries in Maryland you came to the right place. We are the largest source for marijuana delivery and dispensaries. Maryland has officially opened up legalization and you can legally get cannabis throughout the state. We make it easy to find top rated delivery services and smoke shops so whether you are a tourist or a local you can find whatever you need at anytime.

How to get weed in Maryland

The best way to get weed in Maryland is to go to a dispensary. Here is a list of our recommended dispensaries throughout Maryland.

Annapolis: Gold Leaf

Baltimore: GreenLabs Dispensary

Bethesda: Health For Life

Bowie: Salvera

Columbia: Remedy Columbia

Capitol Heights: Mary & Main

Gaithersburg: CuraLeaf

Laurel: Revolution Relief

Ocean City: Hi Tide

Rockville: Peake ReLeaf

Silver Spring Rise Dispensary

Takoma Park: CuraLeaf

Upper Marlboro: MedLeaf

Smoke Shops

If you are looking for CBD or smoking supplies like a bong, pipe, vape pen, juul, rolling papers, grinders or anything in between you can check out one of these recommended smoke shops.

Annapolis: Mr. Smoke

Baltimore: Docs Smoke Shop

Frederick: Smoke Signals

Gaithersburg: Mind Control


Is Weed Legal In Maryland?

In 2014 Maryland took the step of legalizing Medical Marijuana and it went into full effect in 2018. Weed is not fully legal without a medical license but it is decriminalized if you have less than 10 grams. The biggest punishment you will face is a fine of up to $100. Now if you have much more than that consequences can be significantly higher including jail time.

The process of getting a medical card is pretty straight forward.

– You have to first register with the state as a patient.

– Then you must get a recommendation from a certified doctor

– Finally you will receive a medical ID number that will allow you to purchase cannabis from your favorite dispensary.


The Future of Marijuana Legalization In Maryland

Although Maryland has taken big steps towards full legalization, there is still a long way to go before weed if fully legal like California, Colorado or Oregon. Federal legalization is still far off but as states like Maryland and DC push legislation forward it helps change the tide and conversation around national weed legalization.


Starting a Cannabis Business in Maryland

There are many ways you can take part of this emerging industry in Maryland. Whether you want to start a dispensary, CBD business, growing operation, training center or smoke shop there’s room for you in this multi billion dollar industry. With DC already taking the step to legalization and Virginia making strides as well there is a lot of progress and huge market to serve. The DMV is one of the fastest growing areas with a high income so there is a major opportunity to create a sustainable business. We have a lot of information on our blog about these topics but if you want to learn more and get real hands on training about starting a cannabis business in Maryland then you should check out our friends at Uplift.

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