While 33 states have legalized marijuana in the United States, every state has legalized the use of cannabidiol oil or CBD oil.

CBD has proven its place as an essential remedy for pain, anxiety and depression, cancer side effects, acne, and even heart disease.

The question remains, though, how long does CBD stay in your system? How long do the effects last, and can a drug test detect the use of CBD?

Keep reading to learn about how long CBD effects last and how long the drug stays in your system.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?
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How the Body Processes CBD

To fully understand how long CBD stays in your system, you first need to understand how the body processes CBD.

When you walk into your local dispensary for the first time, you’ll quickly recognize that not all CBD products are made the same. The way you use CBD determines how your body processes the drug. You can inhale, ingest, or apply CBD topically.

The majority of people opt to take an oral supplement such as CBD oil drops or apply it topically such as with a CBD cream.

Oral Ingestion

When you ingest CBD, your body will breakdown the CBD molecules and then pass what’s left on to your blood stream. If you use a CBD oil rather than eat CBD, you bypass your liver completely as the compound goes directly into your bloodstream.

CBD oil gives you the best CBD effects since the CBD properties go directly to your bloodstream. You do not lose the effects to your liver.


When you inhale CBD, the CBD molecules go directly to your lungs. Your alveoli in your lungs send the CBD directly to your bloodstream.

Whether you’re inhaling or ingesting CBD, the liver does eventually sort through the compounds in your bloodstream. It metabolizes the CBD and makes chemical modifications to the drug, making it ready for disposal through urine or feces. Thus, when you inhale and when you ingest CBD, the CBD effects do not last as long.


When you apply CBD to your skin, you avoid the liver altogether because the CBD does not enter the bloodstream. Instead, it affects the receptors in the skin. Your CB-2 receptors in particular provide localized improvement to your skin health.

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How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

As you can see, your method of delivery affects how your body processes CBD. The delivery method also determines the length of the effects of CBD.

Many wonder, does CBD last long? How long does CBD stay with you?

Ultimately, the answer to this question depends on two things: what method of delivery did you use, and how much CBD did you take?

how long does cbd stay in your system

Method of Delivery and Dosage

As mentioned before, when you ingest CBD orally, moderate doses stay in your system for one to two days. Experts define a “moderate dose” as 20 to 40 mg of CBD. Some individuals will take over 100 mg while others take less than 1 mg.

The amount you take depends on the condition you’re attempting to treat along with your weight and age.

The more CBD you take and the less you weigh, the longer the CBD will stay in  your system. So if you take 100 ml of CBD, it will last much longer, even up to three to four days, than a moderate dose.

Plan on the CBD staying in your system for at least a couple of days.

CBD is a fat-soluble product. Thus, if you exercise often and burn fat regularly, you will most likely rid your body of CBD earlier than someone who does not exercise. Also, if you have more body fat, the CBD will stay in your system longer.

Higher doses definitely affect how long CBD stays in your system. Your liver works at a steady pace, processing whatever you ingest throughout the day. So if you take more CBD, you cannot put your liver into hyperdrive to rid the your body of traces of the drug.

The CBD will stay in your blood for as long long as your liver needs to process it.

If you take CBD topically, little, if any, CBD enters your bloodstream. So if you have achy joints and want to try a CBD lotion, you do not have to worry about CBD showing up on a drug test. You can use the lotion liberally and enjoy the pain-relieving effects.

How Long Is CBD Detectable?

When you take CBD orally, you should plan CBD showing up on a drug test within the first two days of ingesting the drug. If you really want to stay safe, plan on waiting at least three to four days, especially if the CBD has any amounts of THC in it.

To avoid drug detection, use CBD with as little THc as possible.

As marijuana laws begin to loosen throughout the country, you can expect employers and the general public to gradually warm up to the use of CBD because of its amazing effects. It helps relieve pain and takes away the debilitating side effects of cancer.

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Consume Wisely

There’s no doubt that CBD has its place in our world today. It’s a wonder drug with life-changing effects. As laws continue to change, the public perception of CBD will as well.

Questions like, “how long does CBD stay in your system” will focus more on how long the effects last and less on how long you have to wait to take a drug test.

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