Edibles are one of the most popular methods of cannabis consumption. There are so many different recipes you can make and even tools like the MagicButter Machine that make the process ten times easier. You can purchase edibles from a dispensary or you can make your own, allowing you to determine the dosage and the type of edible you want to take.

If you are newer to edibles, or if you are starting to get back into edibles, then you may be wondering how long do edibles take to work? As the cannabis industry continues to innovate and expand, edibles have become more potent and it’s important to know how to be safe using them and how to get the best results possible. Various factors play into how long an edible takes to work, or how potent the effects are, so if you are interested in learning more, keep on reading. This article explores everything you need to know about how long do edibles take to work including how edibles process in your body, and some tips on how to get an edible to kick in if you are experiencing some trouble.

How Do Edibles Process In Your Body?

how long do edibles take to work

First and foremost, it’s important to understand how edibles work and how they interact with your body. Edibles interact with your body differently than it does when you smoke which attributes to the differences in experiences with edibles and smoking weed. When you smoke weed, you inhale the THC directly through your lungs which gets absorbed into your bloodstream directly. From there, it travels to your brain and binds to the receptors present in your endocannabinoid system signaling your CB1 receptors which are responsible for triggering the euphoric and relaxing high you experience.

When you smoke cannabis you feel the effects almost instantaneously because the THC is immediately absorbed into your bloodstream and sent to your brain; however, the process works differently for edibles than it does when you smoke weed.

When you consume an edible, it first needs to be digested and absorbed into your intestines which is then filtered through your liver and into your bloodstream. It should be noted; however, that when THC is sent through your liver it gets broken down into a different compound known as 11-hydroxy-THC which is more potent than standard THC.

This process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour which does require some patience on your end; however, once the effects kick in you won’t regret it. The time spent waiting is worth it because edibles typically hit hard once they kick in, with the effects slowly building and coming on strong.

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Reasons You May Not Feel An Edible Working

If you are struggling with getting an edible to kick in, there could be some factors weighing in that are slowing down the process. Edibles work differently than smoking weed, so there are different things to be aware of if you choose the edible route.

You May Need To Wait Longer

As mentioned previously, edibles must be first broken down and absorbed into the body through the intestines and then the liver where the THC transforms 11-hydroxy-THC, a more potent form of THC. After that happens, the new compound enters your bloodstream and then your brain, binding to the receptors and producing a euphoric high. This process is not a fast one and requires you to have some patience. On average, edibles take around 45 minutes to an hour before the effects start to kick in. So if you are wondering if the edible is working or not, you may need to just wait some extra time.

More often than not, people will end up taking too much because they don’t think the edible is working and then end up getting smacked in the face by a double dose. Give it some time before you try to up the dose and take more because once an edible has hit your system you have to ride out the high.

Increase Your Dose

how long do edibles take to work

So you waited around an hour, heading towards the two-hour mark and you still do not feel the effects kicking in. You might have to up the dose if you are still struggling. Everyone has different tolerance levels, so you need to consider that as it could be affecting your experience. If you’ve been waiting a few hours and you have not started noticing any effects, it could just be that you need to up the dose. It is recommended to start slow and work your way up to ensure you do not experience a bad high.

Taking An Edible On An Empty Stomach

Although the widespread belief is that taking an edible on an empty stomach makes the edible kick in faster and stronger, it turns out that might not be entirely true. There is some evidence that illustrates that taking an edible on an empty stomach can decrease the amount of THC your body can absorb. It was found; however, that taking edibles with fatty foods can increase the uptake of THC and make the effects feel stronger. So if you are still struggling with getting the effects to kick in, try eating an edible with some fatty foods to help increase the potency and uptake of THC in your system.

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What Should You Do If You Take Too Much?

how long do edibles take to work

Edibles can be tricky as you can struggle with getting the effects to kick in whereas you also have to prepare for that time when you accidentally take too much and end up getting too high. So, what should you do if you are way higher than you intended?

First off, do not panic! The high will eventually subside, so try and relax and distract your mind with other things. Put on your favorite movie or TV show and find a comfortable place to lay down or relax. If you are with another person, express to them that you are having a bad experience and they may be able to help you take the edge off and make you feel less overwhelmed. Drinking water is always a smart option as it can help take the edge off and provide a refreshing reset to your system. The most important thing to know if you end up taking too much is that everything will be okay. The high will pass and you will find yourself on the other side, completely fine.

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