Well-rounded hybrid cannabis strains are a true blessing and typically provide a very balanced and enjoyable smoke. A truly perfect hybrid is hard to come by, but even ones that tend to lean one way or the other, the overall high presents the elements of both sativas and indicas. One of the most well-balanced hybrids out there is known as the Blue Widow strain which is not a true hybrid as it tends to lean more towards the indica side, but it is known for its mild, yet pleasant high that blends relaxation with uplifting euphoria. 

Cannabis lovers interested in getting their hands on the Blue Widow strain, stay tuned. This article covers everything there is to know about the Blue Widow strain including background information, growing tips, and a review of the various features associated with the high. This strain may not be as potent as its parent strains or other strains on the market, but it provides a subtle and balanced high that most cannabis lovers can find a level of peace and enjoyability while smoking it. 

Blue Widow Strain Background

The Blue Widow strain is an indica-leaning hybrid cannabis strain that was originally cultivated by Dinafem Seeds by crossing the infamous White Widow with Blueberry. Both parent strains are notorious in the cannabis community as being highly aromatic and flavorful as well as decadently coated in trichomes (aka. White Widow). 

Unlike its parent strains, however, the Blue Widow strain does not have a very high THC content, roughly around 12-17% depending on the grower. Although this strain is not super potent, that does not mean there is no inherent value or that it will not provide a pleasant high. A strain like this is great for beginners or those who are seeking very mild recreational and medical applications. 

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Blue Widow Strain Appearance and Aroma

blue widow strain
Credit: https://www.dinafem.org/en/blue-widow-dinafem/#product_gallery-1

Like its parent strain, White Widow, the Blue Widow strain presents attractive buds that are heavily coated in prominent crystal-like trichomes. With bright green foliage and fiery orange hairs, the striking appearance of the Blue Widow strain is a sight to behold, and, depending on the growing conditions and variables, hints of deep blue or purple can be found laced within the bright green foliage of the buds. The Blue Widow strain tends to grow slightly taller than the average indica or indica-leaning strains but tends to exhibit slightly more sativa-leaning effects.  

The aromatic profile emitted from the Blue Widow strain is pungent and combines a complex array of unique smells and flavors. Users can experience blended notes of sour, pine, earth, and traces of ammonia tinged with fruity undertones of sugar and berries. With a full-bodied smoke that is gentle on the lungs, the Blue Widow strain is an all-around great strain to smoke, especially for those newer to smoking cannabis. 

How To Grow The Blue Widow Strain

blue widow strain

For individuals interested in growing the Blue Widow strain, luck is on their side. Dinafem offers feminized seeds for purchase directly, so obtaining the seeds for growing should not pose any trouble. The Blue Widow strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, however, that can alter the result so it is important to ensure a solid overall strategy or plan before starting the growing process. The Blue Widow, like its parent strains, develops a heavy trichome production and an excellent color development over time. 

Although the buds start pretty slow as it matures, one day the plants experience a surge of growth with the production of long, fiery orange hairs throughout the bud structure. When this strain is grown indoors, growers can expect the plants to be ready for harvest after around 50-55 days whereas the plants will be ready by mid-October if grown outdoors. The Blue Widow strain produces a high yield which makes this strain quite economical in the long run while also presenting a relatively seamless and simple growing process. 

How Does The Blue Widow Strain Make You Feel?

blue widow strain

Now onto the best part, how does the Blue Widow strain make you feel? As mentioned previously, the Blue Widow strain is an indica-leaning hybrid cannabis strain that tends to present a relatively well-balanced high, although, depending on how well the strain is grown can determine whether the indica effects are more prominent. This strain presents a gentle, cerebral high that is not overpowering as it emits an overall feeling of calmness that settles throughout the body. With an increased feeling of relaxation and an uplifting sense of euphoria, users don’t have to worry about losing themselves to any bouts of panic or trippy high that overwhelms the senses. The Blue Widow strain allows the tension and stress to melt away while still maintaining a level of productivity and focus. 

The Blue Widow strain also has some viable applications when it comes to medicinal uses. This strain has been known to be effective in alleviating certain symptoms associated with anxiety, loss of appetite, and even mild cases of insomnia. While the CBD content in the Blue Widow strain is relatively low, patients typically report some relief from nausea as well as mild pain relief. 

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Where Can You Get Your Hands On The Blue Widow Strain?

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