If you smoke, you may have heard about “the little vaporizer that could”—the DynaVap M.

DynaVap released the M model in 2019. Many consider the release of DynaVap’s popular 2018 model a historic breakthrough for non-electronic vape devices. Yet, somehow, the company managed to improve over the 2018 DynaVap device.

The company ships the DynaVap M with a revamped body and a stylish tip. However, the improvements to the 2019 model go beyond these two points. For these reasons and more, the device is growing increasingly popular among cannabis enthusiasts.

To learn more about whether the DynaVap M is worth the money, keep reading.


The DynaVap M Is Blazing Its Own Path

You may have heard someone raving about the DynaVap. However, before you spend your hard-earned coin on the device, it’s helpful to check out a DynaVap review. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to do just that.

Among all the dry herb vapes available, the DynaVap M stands out—and remarkably so. The DynaVap M is a non-electronic vaporizer that you fuel with flame. The device magnificently combines simplicity and optimal performance.

Using the DynaVap

If you’re new to vaping, here’s a quick vaping primer for the DynaVap. To use the device, you’d load and pack your weed.

Once that’s done, you’d screw the tip onto the device. Now, you can use a torch to heat the DynaVap induction heater.

It’s important not to hold the torch too close to the cap. Instead, keep the torch a little over an inch away.

As you heat the device, turn it so that the torch heats the weed evenly. Now, you’re ready to vape.

It should only take a few seconds to get your DynaVap ready for business. You’ll hear a click sound when the vape is ready.

Now, you can vape away, but pay attention to the device. You’ll hear another click when it’s time to apply more heat to the cap.

As you can see, using DynaVap M is relatively straightforward. The device is easy to use, effective and fun.

One of the main benefits of the DynaVap M is that you have more control over the temperature compared to other dry herb vapes. Also, you can fine-tune your vape perfectly since you control the torch.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can even choose a good old-fashioned combustion smoke instead of a vape. No matter what your preference, you can have your smoke just as you like it with your favorite strain of Mary Jane.

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The Upside of the DynaVap M

The way that you use a DynaVap is unique among vape gear. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most powerful vape pens around.

Don’t let the small size of the device fool you. The DynaVap is a flame-fueled monster. No vape in the same price and size range can match the strength of the hit of the DynaVap M.

What’s even better is that the DynaVap gives you options. For example, you can decide to take a massive hit.

Alternatively, you can heat the bowl so that the vape last longer. There’s no other vape around that can offer this range of options.

Furthermore, DynaVap M matches the flavor of the best vapes that are available. However, the device has a short vapor path. For this reason, the hits can start to feel harsh.

This characteristic is logical, as the DynaVap stem is small and sleek. Resultantly, there’s no room for cooling paths or other similar enhancements. Fortunately, the potency of the hits makes up for the occasional harshness of the DynaVap.

Still, the 2019 DynaVap M has improved airflow over previous models. As a result, it has a draw that’s very close to that of smoking a cigarette.


More Great Benefits From the Teeny Vape

DynaVap has built a reputation for building solid vape pens. Still, the company has managed to outdo themselves with their 2019 version.

As a result, DynaVap M can stand up to the toughest conditions. Furthermore, it will look great and feel good in your hand in the process.

The DynaVap M isn’t the cheapest pen on the market as far as price, nor is it the most expensive. However, the quality construction of the DynaVap M will make you feel like the device is worth $1,000.

When it comes to convenience, the DynaVap M scores big on portability. Of course, it’s because the device is small. It stows away easily in the smallest pocket.

DynaVap can make their device conveniently portable because it’s non-electronic. It doesn’t use a charger or a battery. For this reason, the device can maintain a sleek design.

You do, however, need a torch. If you’re intent on traveling as light as possible, a mini torch will help you to keep your profile lean and mean.

What Say Ye? The DynaVap in a Nutshell

Overall, DynaVap is one of the best budget-friendly vapes on the market. However, the quality of the vape experience far exceeds its price.

The DynaVap M will provide you with robust, dense hits. If you long for the experience of smoking a J in a vape device, DynaVap won’t disappoint.

The device has a variable airflow. More importantly, however, it extracts hard.

For the most part, the potency remains level for the first half of a session. However, you may want to give it a stir midway to keep the extraction hitting hard throughout your whole session.

The strength of a DynaVap hit matches that of much more expensive devices. Also, the DynaVap M provides a solid air to vapor ratio, providing a pleasant toking experience.

DynaVap built the 2019 and model to last a lifetime. However, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. The company has a reputation for building solid products right in the good old USA.

DynaVap vape pens aren’t the cheapest devices on the market. However, you certainly get a value that goes far beyond that of its price tag.

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Ultimately, the DynaVap Is a Good Investment

The DynaVap offers plenty of options. You can purchase replacement caps, screens, condensers, and bodies.

There are also a ton of DynaVap accessories and aftermarket parts available for the device. The ability to customize the DynaVap M has also contributed to the device’s popularity. So much so that some fans call modding their DynaVap Stoner Lego.

The Dynavap M is a trusty little buddy to keep around for your smoking needs. However, you’ll need a shop that you can trust to score one.

Fortunately, 420DC.com can help you to do just that. Check out our certified cannabis businesses to fulfill your vape and cannabis needs.

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