How Does Animal Crackers Strain Stand Out?

A common misconception among cannabis lovers is that the Animal Crackers strain is the same as Animal Crackers Cookies. There are differences, but one can’t deny their similarities, after all, the Animal Crackers Cookies is one of the parents of the former. What makes Animal Crackers one above the pack? Aside from its pain-relieving qualities, it has a lot more to offer. Here you’ll get to know all about the Animal Crackers strain and what makes it unique.

animal cookies and the white

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Background of Animal Crackers Strain

Animal Crackers was cultivated through humble beginnings by Cannarado Genetics. The group itself has a long history starting in 1998 after they were given a particular bag of seeds from a friend. That one present started a chain reaction resulting in novel combinations with hints of other countries in their developments. They do filial generations, backcrosses, etc. making for customer-satisfying variations.

Animal Crackers, in particular, is one of those stemming from a cross between Animal Cookies and The White. Animal Cookies holds a place in the heart of many a stoner for pain relief coupled with giddy feels while The White caters to a very specific audience that enjoys a more subtle flavor and smell. Despite their differences, the combination does create a wonderful balance.

Like Animal Cookies, Animal Crackers is an Indica-dominant hybrid, but with a higher ratio of Indica at 80-20 than the former’s 60-20. No wonder it is famous for its pain relief. The strain is potent with 22-25% THC levels.

What Does Animal Crackers Look Like?

The plant itself is akin to a frosty Christmas tree with long fans reaching out from under its flowers. Its nugs are vibrant with vivid greens you can find on forest leaves. Bright orange layers of hair are scattered along its body with a white-ish coating with tones of amber peeking through.

What Does Animal Crackers Smell Like?

A waft of herb-like vanilla sprinkled with spiciness and earthiness comes from the Animal Crackers strain. Its sugary, pine hints add a wonderful atmosphere that accompanies the aroma.

Animal Crackers and its terpene profile consists of a large portion of Alpha Humulene, also common in ginger and clove. This kind of terpene does wonders against asthma and allergic inflammation. Its other terpenes are Beta-Caryophyllene famous for pain relief as well as Beta Mercene producing its spicy flavor.

What Is the Flavor of Animal Crackers?

The flavor of this strain is sought after for its richness. Unlike the purely sweet honey taste of Animal Cookies, a combination of sweet vanilla and slightly spicy woodsy inhale makes Animal Crackers give a strong mouthful. Each smoke will leave a burst of incredibly deep nutty and earthy flavors through your breath.

animal crackers marijuana

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What Happens When You Use Animal Crackers?

You will not forget your first euphoric release through this calming yet exhilarating rollercoaster ride that is Animal Crackers. Your mind will skyrocket with its alluring flavor and taste, a state of calm and joy washing over your entire body. Tingles might move all across your body, driving you up and into a cheerful mood then into an upbeat buzz, and lastly— ultimate bliss. It lasts long and is consistent in the rise and fall of that body high. A stress killer, you might want to bust this out for that zen experience you have been waiting for. The couch-locking nature of the experience can slowly lull you into a sedated slumber. This might be why Animal Crackers is most enjoyed at night.

What Are the Medicinal Benefits of Animal Crackers?

Many medical patients use the potency of Animal Crackers to help with chronic pain and stress. It can also be of help for mental health; users with depression and inflammation stress. Additionally, the calming effect of the strain makes it ideal for nausea and spasticity.

How Do You Grow Animal Crackers?

With an average difficulty, this strain is ideal for cannabis veterans, green thumbs, but also feisty and determined new growers. The Cannarado Genetics team has made it only purchasable as feminized seeds for now. The manageable plant can be grown indoors or outdoors, but it is advisable to be cultivated in a controlled environment like a greenhouse. Despite this more ideal location, the Animal Crackers might have a bigger yield outside than inside said greenhouse.

You can take particular care with the plant through regular trimming and above-average ventilation. Its flowering time takes 63-70 days or 9-10 weeks and the yield runs an average of one and a half ounces per square foot.

Where Can You Get Animal Crackers?

Looking for flavor and pain relief? Animal Crackers comes with the zen you need to get through stress, inflammation, and other pains. Its celebration of spicy and sweet flavors is also favored by many cannabis connoisseurs. Try any of the listings on 420DC for some sweet supply. Give us a shoutout upon placing an order. For tourists new to DC, this guide might be another helpful tool on your weed quest.

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