Hot pot stocks continue to flourish despite market volatility and Reddit runs on the market. High on the hope of true cannabis reform from Democratic leadership, the industry continues to grow steadily with the potential of explosive results once federal regulations change.

Currently, as mergers and acquisitions continue to create larger companies with global reach, weed stocks have the steady climbers. But there are also new players, technologies and markets entering the scene.

So come with 420DC as we explore those cannabis companies making weed stock market news as the market demand grows.

Weed Stocks News - February 25, 2021 -

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Growing Pot Stocks In 2021

The hot pot stock market is just at the tip of the joint with the real heat on its way. By the end of 2020 cannabis companies record revenue increases with pandemic anxiety-fueled consumer demand skyrocketing.

Many of these companies also saw gains in the pot stock market, and continue to show upward growth in the middle of the first quarter.

Now that weed is going mainstream and showing its earning potential, many investors are beginning to incorporate cannabis investing into their portfolios. Knowing the industry and its players is the best way to make informed decisions that can turn a profit.

So what to watch in weed stocks?

Ayr Strategies Inc.

Ayr Strategies Inc. (AYRWF) is a U.S. multi-state operator, market leader in wholesale and medical sales market in Massachusetts, and now they are expanding. The company’s focus on high-growth markets had them recently making some notable acquisitions.

Ayr purchased CannTech PA for $57.4M ($27.2M in cash and the rest in stock and notes) which gives them instant access to a 143,000 sq. ft cultivation and processing facility on 13 acres. The purchase also comes with CannTech’s license for up to six dispensary locations in PA.

Just prior to this grab, Ayr announced its proposed acquisition of Liberty Health Sciences Inc. for $290M in stock. The company also aims to acquire a membership interest in a licensed operator in New Jersey, GSD NJ LLC, for $101M.

So, if all goes as planned, Ayr will have market prominence in seven states, four being adult rec markets. And their new forays into Jersey and Arizona just as those states enact adult-use markets is no mistake.

Liberty Health Sciences Inc.

As 420DC Hot Pot Stocks recently recommended, Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) will be Ayr’s most strategic acquisition to date. The deal will create a huge market instantly.

Stockholders overwhelmingly approved the transaction and the deal will quickly conclude, cementing the future of Ayr in the growing Sunshine State market.

Liberty currently has 28 dispensaries with plans for 14 more in 2021. They have 42 locations in Florida, making them one of the biggest cannabis companies in the state.

Ayr’s acquisition of Liberty comes with a 387-acre cultivation site in Gainesville, FL, with more than 300,000 sq. ft. of the production space. Also, Liberty currently has 335 employees that are expected to be retained by Ayr.

News of the acquisition in early January made LHSIF stock nearly double. Now with market giant Ayr’s support, Liberty dispensaries could be the major market shareholder in Florida.

This moves Ayr among the largest U.S cannabis companies.

AYRWF stock is up 5.69% in the market today, currently trading at $31.98 a share.

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Hot Penny Pot Stocks – February 2021

This week has seen hot pot stocks on fire and penny stocks are a major instigator. Cannabis attention is at an all-time high, with further Reddit speculation and strong earnings results from the blue chips of the green space.

So, with much more attention on marijuana stocks today, stocks like Aurora Cannabis (ACB), Sundial Growers (SNDL), Hexo Corp. (HEXO) and Aphria (APHA) grabbing the biggest headlines. But sometimes the biggest news hides the most profitable stories.

Hot Penny Pot Stocks to Watch:

  • MJ Holdings Inc. (MJNE)
  • Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings (CRBP)
  • Neptune Wellness Solutions (NEPT)

Hot Pot Stocks - MJ Holdings - 420DC.comMJ Holdings Inc.

Many weed stocks for U.S.-based companies are traded on the OTC since they aren’t traded domestically (yet). This isn’t bad or good, just a necessity. Mj Holdings Inc. (MJNE) is one of the lower-volume stocks on this list.

OTC trading does restrict access to some platforms like Robinhood & Webull, but platforms like Fidelity, ETrade and TD Ameritrade, all allow access to OTC penny stocks.

In the case of MJ Holdings, a company with impressive stats for the year, its stock began 2021 around 30 cents a share and has climbed steadily, reaching a record $1.35 high this week.

This hot pot stock took off in trading activity around mid-January, just weeks before the company released its first update of the year.

The company plans to purchase two cultivation and two production licenses, both for medical and adult use. Terms call for a closing before the end of April.

According to Roger Bloss, interim CEO of MJ Holdings, the acquisition will allow the company to achieve cultivation capacity on 260 acres of land at their Armargosa, NV, farm and to exit their existing cultivation management agreement with Curaleaf (CURLF).

Hot Pot Stocks - Corbus Pharmaceuticals - 420DC.comCorbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings

Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings (CRBP), a biotechnology company in the cannabis space, develops treatments targeting the endocannabinoid system. CRBP stock has experienced a strong move already this year starting around $1.25 and climbing to $3.20 this week.

The company has been very active at industry events. Last month, it presented at the New York Academy of Sciences’ webinar discussing the therapeutic benefits of its platform.

With attention on cannabis biotech news like the Jazz/GW Pharma deal, companies like Corbus have also gained some attention in light of the monumental $7.2B cash deal.

Neptune Wellness Solutions

Hot Pot Stocks - Neptune Solutions - 420DC.comAnother stock climbing early in 2021 is Neptune Wellness (NEPT). Climbing as high as 60 percent this year the future looks even brighter for this growing canna pharmaceutical company.

Neptune has a retail-driven medicinal cannabis model now. Late last year, the company transitioned from hemp & cannabis extraction to consumer packaged goods & branded products. It also began its commercial hashish production in Quebec, shipping its first commercial batch of hash at the end of January.

CEO Dr. Toni Rinow said that this phase of growth would include the development of “vapes, gummies, flower and other infused products under the Mood Ring(TM) label and additional brands to announced.”

Pot Penny Stocks – a growing strategy

If you’re looking for hot penny stocks, weed is right at the top of the watch list. Pot stocks may be considered trendy when flashy headlines hit, but unsteady growth is expected for the long run as the rules change.

The heightened optimism  for cannabis reform reflects daily in the stock market today, so it might be time to educate yourself and invest in the future of green.

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