Every year, people always look for something new to discover and try, just the same with marijuana strains. With an entire host of strains available for recreational use, it’s totally exciting to try something oozing with unique flavors and euphoric effects. Medical use also permits exploration of new cannabis strains for relieving pain, discomfort, and promoting stable wellbeing.

This new year, there’s definitely new strains to try that are trendy and top-grade ganja. Cultivators aren’t running out of ideas for selling amazing quality marijuana that provides distinct experience, taste, and aroma. Check out these cannabis strains for heightened sensation, delightful taste, and amazing smell.

t Cannabis Strains To Try This 2021

  • Sherblato

    Although not exactly new, the Sherblato has gained popularity after its cultivators expended in other states in America. It is a Californian-grown strain with creamy, berry aroma and flavor. This strain comes from a cross between the Sherbert and Gelato strains, closely relative to the Sherbacio. Additionally, it has a lineage consisting of Pink Panties, GSC, and Sunset Sherbert, giving it a tart or citrusy profile.

    As for the effects, Sherblato leaves a feeling of calmness and instantly make anyone feel great. It also has a buzzy and tingly sensation minus the lounging for hours in the bed or the couch. This strain is perfect for those who need a lift from a busy day, or a relief from discomfort due to illnesses.

    Sherblato is becoming anyone’s favorite for the euphoric feels with less anxiety and causing no dry mouth. The only downside is, it makes a user hungry and craving for food. Overall, the strain is energizing and calming, even suited for both beginner or frequent users.

    The strain is widely available in California, but it also reached Colorado, Illinois, and other states. Although not a lot of dispensaries carry this specific strain, it’s possible to pre-order and wait until delivery’s made.

  • Apple Fritter

    For those looking for an intense fruity aroma of cannabis, the Apple Fritter doesn’t disappoint. Coming from Northern California, it climbed the ladder to popularity for the killer apple smell and powerful relaxing sensation. Lumpy’s Flowers introduced this strain in 2018 and became widely available for medical purposes.

    This particular strain is a cross between the Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, making for a strong fruity and apple aroma. The origins isn’t clear but Lumpy’s Flowers guarantee calming feeling without the couch lock. It doesn’t fool anyone of the smell, because each hit is sweet and earthy, with cheesy pastry hint. Overall, it has a unique flavor profile and helps with chronic stress, anxiety, fatigue, and depression.

    In addition to the calming effect, the Apple Fritter strain also promotes sleep, with 25 percent of people reported the urge to lie down and sleep. It also provides euphoric effects but is only mild compared to hardcore hybrid strains. Anyone feeling down can get instant uplift from using this strain for both medical and recreational purposes.

    This strain is most popular in California, Detroit, Bellevue, Portland, Orlando, Seattle, San Diego, Modesto, and Denver. Most California dispensaries carry this product but it’s also available in other states like New Jersey, Vermont, Illinois, and Michigan.

  • Kush Mints

    Surely, 2021 is all about that fresh and minty flavor of cannabis. The Kush Mints is a cross between the Animal Mints and Bubba Kush, giving the blueberry flavor profile. The menthol hint comes from the White Diesel and Gelato lineage, combined with High Octane and Jet Fuel—safe to say this strain isn’t ordinary.

    The strain has a well-balanced combination of Indica and Sativa, providing just about right level of potency and hit for mind and body. However, it’s important to note that Kush Mints strain has a high THC content of 22 to 24 percent, enough to keep you loaded for a couple of hours.

    When it comes to flavor, this strain has an intense earthy, sweet woods profile combined with rich spicy coffee and heavy kick of mint. The experience starts by giving a warm tingle in the spine, until it gives a deep permeating calmness that flows outwards. By this time, a user can already feel the euphoric effects from both the mind and body.

    Thanks to its high potency, it’s perfect for individuals suffering from chronic fatigue, nausea, appetite loss, and depression. Judging from the bud, it has piecey forest green nugs with rich amber undertones and crystal clear trichomes.

  • Gushers

    This one’s among the hottest strains this 2021 for the incredible candy aroma and fruity flavor profile. It has that tropical sour kick to it combined with a light herbal flavor. While this isn’t relatively new, a lot of breeders added a bunch of offsprings like Frumpz, for that distinct sensation and flavor.

    The Gushers is a cross between the Gelato #41 and the Triangle Kush. The strain has cured nuggets with long and olive green patches scattered throughout the thin pistils. Most people would describe the effect as relaxing and happy, able to manage high stress levels and depression. It helps relieve racing thoughts brought about by anxiety, and also keep the mind wander freely for creative curations and imaginative thoughts.

    The THC content may be lower than other strains, falling between mid-20 and 22. To be sure, check the levels before purchasing. Avoid combining with other strains to prevent side effects like nausea, couch lock, and anxiety. Overall, this strain is best for people who simply need a boost for their day, and at the same time, take a break from stress and relieve fatigue.

    Gushers is popular in Colorado and California, but a lot of dispensaries carry this strain already, thanks to a bunch of breeders in different states.

  • Gelonade

    Breeders describe Gelonade strain as intense fruity with thick lemon hint and Gelato cookies profile. It debuted in the West Coast some time ago, until it became widely available in the Oklahoma and Florida market. It’s the next big thing this 2021 for the high potency and gas, brought about by its Lemon Tree and Gelato #41 crossing.

    Connected Cannabis Co. cultivate this strain by combining the said strains, ending up with a sweet and creamy berry aroma and taste. For the effects, it makes a user feel happy and tingly, promoting the feeling of being a social butterfly. There’s also a hint of vanilla aroma from this strain, brought about by the Gelato #41 content.

    Gelonade is highly popular as a medical marijuana strain as it relieves symptoms associated with severe pain and anxiety. Although it makes someone talkative and happy, this strain produces dry mouth and dry eyes.

    One of the reasons for its climb to the popularity ladder is that high level of notoriety, as Gelato #41 was grown exotic. Now, large-scale cultivation is possible, and it can reach other states away from California.

    This strain is famous anywhere in California, especially Los Angeles, Sacramento, Canoga Park, Sun Valley, San Jose, San Diego, San Francisco, Perris, Port Hueneme, and Santa Ana.

  • Jungle Cake

    Looking for another hot strain to try this year? Never miss out on Jungle Cake, an intense marijuana strain with sugary icing aroma combined with fuel. This particular strain is a cross between White Fire #43 and Wedding Cake.

    People describe Jungle Cake as an ice-out good strain with powerful euphoric effects. This is due to the 30 percent THC content, assuring a complete relaxation. It’s bred by Seed Junky Genetics, often used by individuals suffering from chronic stress and pain, depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

    Although there are more good effects than bad, it’s crucial to know that overusing this strain could give dry eyes, anxiety, dizziness, dry mouth, and state of being paranoid. The euphoric effect expands to new heights, settling a state of relaxation and ease minus the couch lock. Because of the high THC content, it’s a perfect appetite booster.

    The best part of this strain is definitely the taste—fruity berry flavor with marshmallow hint and nuttiness combined. For the aroma, get ready to smell a very earthy and nutty smell that’s both sugary and spicy.

    Other effects include being giddy, talkative, creative, and aroused. This is very popular in the Los Angeles area.

  • Garanimals

    Colorado’s budding strain Garanimals is literally beast. It’s infused with Animal Cookings combined with the Grape Pie strain for that fragrant and dense aroma plus sweet, nutty flavor. This is an Indica dominant hybrid strain with relaxing high and savory herb accents. The aroma is spicier and earthier compared to other Indica strains.

    Users love the day and night psychedelic vibe of this strain, providing a relaxing and calming effect. It promotes a more chill vibe, as the mind settles into a happy state. As soon as it enters the system, it fills the body with a sense of happiness and with tingly physical high. This is due to the THC content of about 27 to 29 percent—definitely not recommended for beginners.

    The euphoric effect it gives is perfect for individuals suffering from chronic fatigue, depression, chronic stress, anxiety, and mood swings. The head high is enjoyable with somewhat buzzy and calm space. It gradually moves down to the body with numbing effects, best to manage chronic pain or fatigue.

    The buds has a fluffy spade shape with dark green nuggets and dark purple undertones. Vivid orange hairs are also visible along with coating purple tinted crystal trichomes.

  • Ice Cream Cake

    With a combination of cakey and sweet taste, plus a fuel finish, the Ice Cream Cake is definitely a must-try. It’s a wonderful cross between Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, giving that cheesy and creamy flavor profile with a sweet nutty hint that lingers into the mouth. This is considered a rare Indica dominant hybrid strain with a pungent aroma released when burned.

    The euphoric effect is quite intense, providing a rush of cerebral effects that lift the mind leading to a happy state. Because of this, it’s perfect for individuals suffering from anxiety, as it pushes out the negative racing thoughts in the head. Soon after, users can feel the sudden release in calmness in the body that creeps into the physical form. The downside is probably the expected couch lock and state of sedation, especially if one has had more than enough.

    With average THC content of 20 to 25 percent, it’s definitely one of the strongest out there. Individuals suffering from weight and appetite loss can benefit from this strain because it promotes the feeling of being hungry.

    Looking at Ice Cream Cake strain closely, one can see the small dense grape-shaped green nuggets and the thick orange hairs and frosty white crystal trichomes. It’s popular in the West Coast, Colorado, and Illinois.


t Cannabis Strains To Try This 2021


Things to Consider When Trying New Cannabis Strains


Exploring on the new and hot marijuana strains is okay as long as safety is prioritized. This means not going over the recommended potency, or else, side effects pop up. Check out these tips for trying new cannabis strains.


  1. See THC Content


Always check the THC content to know if a particular strain is strong or not. A higher THC content means you can experience euphoric effects such as the feeling of being high or in some cases, side effects like dizziness. Take it easy on the dosing and use in small quantities first.


  1. Smoke With Other People


The rule of thumb in trying new cannabis strain is to smoke with other people. Having a companion can help you slap back into reality in case you’re spacing out.


  1. Don’t Mix With Other Strains


This is important as some people try to experiment and smoke different strains at once. To be safe, just try a new one for a day and shift to another after 24 hours.




These are some of the best strains to try this new year. In addition to the awesome flavor profile and aroma, these strains provide a positive and uplifting effect to boost energy and happiness. Make sure to get these strains from dispensaries to get quality product worth your money.


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