June is here and summer is well under way. Making it a great time to try some of the hottest marijuana strains making the rounds in 2021. To accommodate different tastes and those looking for different experiences while high we have constructed this mini-list with an indica, a sativa, and hybrid strain each. So prepare something nice and cold, pick out some music, and prepare to smoke, eat, or whichever method you prefer for any of these Hot Cannabis Strains to Try in Summer 2021.

Cannabis Strains Summer 2021

Ice Cream Cake (Indica)

If you have had a long day at work or toiling outside in the heat then this indica-dominant hybrid might be just what you are looking for. According to users and Wikileaf, Ice Cream Cake starts with “a cerebral rush of joy and relaxation” before letting your brain melt just a tad as your stress and fears take a backseat. By which we mean a far backseat in a stretch limo. You may be so relaxed that you might not be suited for anything beyond the smallest get-togethers.Do not take Ice Cream Cake if you plan on doing much else later especially when the body high settles in and weighs you down with it. Have a very comfy chair at the ready.


Ice Cream Cake has a flavor profile that has been described as ‘creamy’ with hints reminiscent of sugary dough and vanilla according to Leafly.


Amnesia Haze (Sativa)

Users will feel this sativa-dominant hybrid’s high nearly immediately. The strain will bring about cerebral thinking and an onset of acute awareness for the immediate proximity. With the right mindset and setting users can use this sharpening of the mind to reach a “euphoric state of mind” according to Wikileaf. As Amnesia Haze isn’t a pure sativa it also has some indica that can allow for relaxation and contemplation. In contrast to Ice Cream Cake above this strain provides enough focus and physical energy for activities like exercise. Though be aware that Amnesia Haze can lead to paranoia thanks to the strain’s potential for begetting a “sense of frantic mind-race.” Wikieleaf warns that new users should be careful trying out this strain for the first time.


Leafly describes Amnesia Haze’s taste as ‘spicy’ and ‘citrus-infected.’ This strain has a notably pungent scent that is known to linger.

Blue Dream (Hybrid)

As a hybrid Blue Dream truly lives up to the designation by incorporating the strengths of its indica and sativa genetic ancestry. Wikileaf states that users will first feel the cerebral rush which will be accompanied by sharper focus and greater motivation. This makes Blue Dream a strain that can be enjoyed multiple activities back-to-back. Users will find themselves becoming incredibly relaxed as the high continues. This will leave users “feeling hazy and totally calm” according to Wikileaf.


In terms of flavor Leafly notes Blue Dream to have a smell and taste much like those of sweeter berries. Users should not use Blue Dream if they have a history of anxiety disorders or have been diagnosed as such. This strain has been known to overtake users and trigger pre-existing conditions.

Cannabis Strains to Try in Summer 2021

What strains are you looking forward to trying out this summer? What strains have you already tried and what were the experiences like?

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