Hookah bars are great places to visit if you want your tobacco flavored and you like sharing a smoke with friends. Fortunately, if you’re in the Northern Virginia area, we’ve got a great list of hookah bars for you to check out.

What Are The Best Hookah Bars In Northern Virginia?

Virginia has a ton of hookah bars scattered throughout the northern portion of the state. However, knowing which one to choose might be difficult if you’re new to the area or to smoking hookah. So, here are the 11 best hookah bars in Northern Virginia that are worth trying out.

  1. Pearl Lounge
  2. Alcove Hookah Lounge
  3. Nomad Grill & Hookah Bar
  4. Ocean’8 Hookah Lounge
  5. Cairo Café
  6. Zouroona
  7. Good Time Cafe
  8. Hookah Zone Cafe
  9. Lemon Hookah Lounge
  10. Vapor Cafe
  11. Hookah Time Lounge
hookah time lounge
Hookah Time Lounge

11. Hookah Time Lounge

Hookah Time Lounge in Sterling is a fabulous spot to kick back and relax as you wrap up your workday or hang out with friends. The vibe at Hookah Time is laid back, so you won’t need to worry about shouting over music just to be heard.

Hookah Time is more of a coffee shop setting than a standard bar. Plus, you can enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee or a banana split as you smoke a minty hookah.

vapor cafe
Vapor Cafe

10. Vapor Cafe

Another great hookah bar to try out is Vapor Cafe in Herndon. Vapor’s primary focus is on smoking, but they offer drinks and a few desserts, too. So if you want a snack to go with your hookah, you should give one of their milkshakes a shot.

Vapor offers flavors from Starbuzz, Tangiers, Element Air, and others, giving you several dozen flavors to sample. The overall ambiance is relaxed, so it’s a great place to hang out with friends and watch a game.

lemon hookah lounge
Lemon Hookah Lounge

9. Lemon Hookah Lounge

The Lemon Hookah Lounge is a Middle Eastern restaurant and hookah lounge in Sterling. This is a great option when you’re looking for a quiet place to relax and smoke a hookah. It offers 60 hookah flavors, including blueberry mint, flower power, kiwi, and coffee. So you won’t have to worry about being disappointed because there’s plenty to choose from.

Lemon has a pretty extensive food menu, too. The fare is traditional Middle Eastern, so you’ll have tabbouleh, hummus, and falafel available to nibble on while you smoke. The best part is that the owners get all the ingredients fresh from local farmer’s markets.

hookah zone cafe
Hookah Zone Cafe

8. Hookah Zone Cafe

Located in Manassa Park, Hookah Zone Cafe is a restaurant and hookah bar serving a wide variety of hookah flavors and food. The atmosphere is pretty relaxed, and the customer service is top-notch.

The food is pretty basic but tasty. You’ll be able to get cheesesteaks, milkshakes, and pizza to chow down on while you smoke. Hookah comes in a lot of flavors, and if you’re not sure which option to go with, the wait staff and management are excellent guides.

good time cafe
Good Time Cafe

7. Good Time Cafe

The Good Time Cafe is another hookah option in Manassas. Relaxation is the primary purpose at Good Time, so be prepared to stay awhile.
When you head to Good Time Cafe with your friends, you can opt to sit outside or hang out in one of the private rooms. The staff is incredibly accommodating and willing to do all they can to make your experience great.

Their hookah prices are pretty competitive for the area, especially considering the great atmosphere. This isn’t the place to come if you want to dance or party, but the Good Time Cafe will be an excellent choice if you’re up for a tasty gyro and smoke.


6. Zouroona

Located in Woodbridge, Zouroona is a hookah bar and restaurant specializing in Mediterranean cuisine. It has a relaxing and inviting atmosphere that offers indoor and outdoor seating. What’s best is, if you want to be able to sample a little bit of everything, they offer a daily buffet packed to the brim with Mediterranean eats.

Zouroona’s hookahs are known for their smoothness. If you’re unfamiliar with smoking a hookah, the staff and owner will be happy to direct you toward a great flavor. The lemon mint is one of the best, but any flavor they offer will do the trick.

cairo cafe
Cairo Cafe

5. Cairo Cafe

The Cairo Cafe in Manassas is a hookah bar that offers delicious food and smooth, well-flavored hookahs. They have nearly 20 flavors ranging from Grenadine to Passionfruit, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding something delicious to smoke.

The food at Cairo consists of apps, desserts, and sandwiches. They don’t serve alcohol, but they have a decent drink menu that includes smoothies, milkshakes, and hot beverages.

ocean'8 hookah lounge
Ocean’8 Hookah Lounge

4. Ocean’8 Hookah Lounge

The Ocean’8 Hookah Lounge in Sterling offers several dozen hookah flavors from Al Fakher, Starbuxx, and Trifecta. You’ll find some of the most knowledgeable, welcoming staff there, so whether it’s your first time or hundredth, you won’t have a problem finding something to smoke.

The vibe in Ocean’8 is designed to make you want to settle in and relax for a few hours. There are TVs, a DJ on Fridays, and free wifi for customers. Their food menu isn’t terribly extensive, but you’ll be able to snack on apps and desserts if you’re feeling peckish.

nomad grill hookah bar
Nomad Grill & Hookah Bar

3. Nomad Grill & Hookah Bar

The Nomad Grill & Hookah Bar in Herndon is an upscale hookah bar and restaurant that offers tasty food, smooth hookah options, and a full bar. You’ll get an extensive hookah menu, with options to mix with vodka, tequila, or wine. Each hookah will last about two hours, and after that, you’ll have to get a refill.

Nomad offers a broader selection of food than most other hookah bars, including a nice array of apps and mains that are all presented beautifully. So if you’re looking for a fancier hookah experience, this is definitely the place to be.

alcove hookah lounge
Alcove Hookah Lounge

2. Alcove Hookah Lounge

Another Manassas-based hookah bar is the Alcover Hookah Lounge. It offers a vast selection of hookah flavors and a “Quick Bites” menu that’ll give you something to pick on while you relax and enjoy your smoke.

You’ll have hookah options from Al Fakher, Fumari, Azure, and more. In total, you’ll have more than five dozen flavors to choose from. So, if you’re in an experimental mood or just don’t know what you want, Alcove is a good option because you’re guaranteed to find something you like.

pearl lounge
Pearl Lounge

1. Pearl Lounge

The Pearl Lounge in Woodbridge is a hookah bar with authentic “lounge” vibes. So whether you want to hang out and chat with friends, take in a football game, or participate in Tuesday’s game night, you’ll have a great time and leave feeling relaxed. The only downside is Pearl doesn’t serve food.

The owners at Pearl are dedicated to ensuring their customers have a great experience, so this is a good choice if you’re new to smoking a hookah. They’ll get you set up with something great, and you can come back and try something new next time.

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Special Mention

This hookah cafe didn’t quite cut it for the main list, but it’s definitely worth mentioning, regardless.

haze hookah cafe
Haze Hookah Cafe

Haze Hookah Cafe

Haze Hookah Cafe is a hookah bar and cafe located in the heart of Chantilly. It’s known for its relaxed environment, welcoming staff, and awesome hookah. You can pair your hookah with a delicious smoothie or lemon-ginger tea for an incredibly relaxing time.

You’ll find a great mix of flavors from Al Fakher, Tangiers, and Nakhla hookah flavors, so there’s definitely something for everyone at Haze. If grabbing a drink while you smoke isn’t your thing, you can enjoy the free wifi and vast collection of board games for entertainment.

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What To Expect at a Hookah Bar

Hookah bars are different from your standard bars. Despite smoking bans in many states, smoking in hookah bars is perfectly legal. But what should you expect when you go to a hookah bar? Let’s discuss.

Social Setting

Like regular bars, hookah bars are designed to be social gathering points. Most serve food, snacks, or drinks, so even if you don’t want to partake in a hookah, you can still have a great time with your friends.


When you arrive at a hookah bar, you’ll have to choose your flavor. Some bars may only offer a handful of flavors, while others have a menu of dozens to pick from. Most are fruity or minty in nature, or some combination of a few. You can also mix and match if you want to get creative.

You’re Meant To Stay Awhile

Hookah isn’t meant to be smoked quickly. Even though you’ll be smoking tobacco, this is essentially the opposite of smoking a cigarette. Sitting and enjoying a hookah for two or more hours is perfectly normal. So, be prepared to stick around for a while when you go in.

Wrap Up

Hookah bars offer a fun and legal way to enjoy smoking indoors. Although you might not be able to bring your cannabis in, you can still enjoy a good smoke with friends or as a way to wind down the workweek. If that’s what you’re looking for, then any of the bars on this list will do the trick.

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