If you’ve never seen a weed stash box before, you’re missing out. These days, it’s becoming a tried and true stoner essential that has seen its rebirth from the days of prohibition to the post-legalization era. Stash boxes used to be discreet boxes like sunglasses cases or velvet bags used for concealing marijuana. Nowadays, they’re an all-in-one stoner console filled with all of the essentials for smoking weed combined with the added benefit of portability while looking and smelling more discreet. 

That said, even though stash boxes have always been a stoner staple, they’re back with a more luxurious and functional design than ever. Stash boxes can be elegant showpieces that help you keep your paraphernalia organized and at hand, but they also make quite a statement about you: organized, savvy, and always prepared for a smoke sesh. Below, we’re covering everything you need to know about weed stash boxes along with a few recommendations of our favorite designs. 

What Is a Weed Stash Box? 

A stash box comes in many different shapes and sizes and can be as straightforward or as extravagant as you want. They’re made up of many different parts to keep your weed in a place that isn’t obvious to others. They are mainly for discretion as well as for the storage of all your smoking essentials, including your pipe, dab tools, lighters, rolling papers, trays, concentrates, and more. 

Stash boxes, in the days of prohibition, used to look like all kinds of different ordinary household things. Some people would hollow out large books, while others would use nondescript tins and cases. Many people even built their own stash boxes to suit their specific needs to seamlessly blend in with the home decor. Nowadays, weed stash boxes can take on nearly any form. Most of the time they take the shape of a wooden box with different slots and compartments for herbs and accessories. You can even find some with special airtight lids and smell-proof structures that help keep your bud fresh and your stash box discreet. 

Ultimately, a stash box is just a functional and decorative box used to house your weed and accessories. 

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What Goes into a Weed Stash Box?

weed stash box

A stash box can come with as many bells and whistles as you can imagine. Each one is designed with a multitude of features, so you have tons of options at your disposal to find the perfect one to suit your individual needs. 

For example, if you’re mostly a dabber, you’ll find concentrates, dab tools, rubbing alcohol, Q-tips, a silicon mat, a torch, and things like that inside a stash box. If you smoke mainly bud, you’ll find a rolling tray, papers and wraps, air-tight jars for your buds, a 3-chamber grinder, pipes, lighters, and other tools. Below are some selections or options of things that are typically included in a stash box.

  1. Weed or cannabis concentrates — Your favorite smokables should find their way into your stash box. Add a few grams into the kit or throw in a few of your favorite strains so that you’re always ready to go and have everything you need on hand.
  2. Rolling papers, wraps, and wicks — Every stash box should have your favorite papers and wraps inside. If you prefer to keep it natural and help your rolled cannabis burn more effectively, toss in some hemp wicks.
  3. Poking tools and dab tools — Sometimes bowls get clogged and poking tools are necessary. As a frequently reached-for tool, keep one in your stash case so that you don’t have to get up or scramble around the next time the need arises. The same can be said for dab tools. It helps to have some on hand and ready to go when the mood strikes you.
  4. Grinder — A grinder is essential for a stash box. Grinding your cannabis releases terpenes and makes for a smoother, more flavorful smoke. Go for a high-quality grinder with a kief-collector to get the most out of your weed. 
  5. Lighters and Torches — Fire is essential for getting high. No really; the cannabinoids in weed and dabs are inactive until you heat them. Always keep a lighter in your stash case. If you’re building a stash case for dabs, make sure you have a torch and extra butane inside. 
  6. Odor-proof storage jars — Keep prying eyes away from your stash with odor-proof jars. They’re great for discretion and can also help keep your weed fresh.
  7. Humidity Packs — Humidity packs also help keep the contents of your stash looking and smelling fresh.
  8. Ashtray — Ashtrays are a necessity if you smoke indoors or on the go.
  9. Rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs — If you dab, you know how important rig hygiene is. Include 99% isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs in your stash case to always swab the banger and keep it fresh after every use.
  10. Dab mats or rolling trays — Dab mats are an essential part of keeping sticky resin off of your table and furniture. Keep one in your stash case and whip it out during your sesh. The same is true for rolling trays. Keep your mess in one place and make cleaning up easy by incorporating a rolling tray.
  11. Extra pipes or dabbing accessories — Extra or backup hardware is always helpful to keep on hand. Extra carb caps, terp pearls, banger inserts, or pipes and bowls heads make great additions to your stash case so you don’t have to worry about finding a replacement in the middle of your session.
  12. Black pepper, gum, and eye drops — These items are for your comfort during your sesh. Gum helps with cottonmouth and eye drops help with dry eyes. As for the black peppercorns, stoners swear by it against an anxious high. Chewing on peppercorns releases b-Caryophyllene terpenes, which are exceptionally known for their anti-anxiety properties. 

Why Do You Need a Weed Stash Box? 

weed stash box

A weed stash box is a great item to have on hand if you, like most of us, are a little scatterbrained. It keeps everything in the same place so that you can have the perfect smoke session every single time you sit down to enjoy it. 

They’re also discreet and help protect your weed from the things that can damage them; light, heat, and lack of humidity. Air-tight and odor-proof stash boxes are great for keeping your weed safe from the elements and prying eyes. If you have kids or pets running around, it’s best to get a stash box to keep everything safe, together, and away from harm. 

How to Make a Stash Box for Weed at Home

You can make a stash box out of any old box. They can be as lazy or as crazy as you want them to be, just make sure they have enough compartments to hold all the different pieces you want to include. Use the list above as a guide to help you choose the items you want to include. 

All you have to do is choose a box and think about how you want it to look while incorporating things you love. Plain wooden boxes are best if you’d like something easy to modify, glue, paint, and decorate. From there you’ll get your decorating materials and tools and design the box of your dreams.

You can create sections or use smaller boxes within the box to hold different things and keep them from getting damaged or jostled. Larger sections can hold larger items, like pipes and stash jars. 

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7 Best Stash Boxes for Weed for Sale Online 

If you’re not feeling super creative on your own, there are a ton of options for weed stash boxes for sale online. They come in all shapes and sizes and at varying price points.  

  1. Best odor-proof stash box — The best smell-proof weed stash box is the Blue Mandala Stash Box Combo. Want to cut down on the smell and be discreet? This model can help you cut down on the risk of being discovered while remaining stylish in the process.
  2. Best masculine stash box  — The best stash box for guys is the Large Wooden Bamboo Stash Box. Great for that special macho stoner guy in your life. Ensure he can keep track of all this valuable stoner essential with this functional design.
  3. Best feminine stash box — The best girly weed stash box is the 5-Piece Pink Grinder Set with Accessories. Looking to express your femininity with your choice of a weed stash box? Check out this design and express yourself.
  4. Best heady stash box — The best 420 stash boxes are custom Etsy stash boxes like the Stash Box Combo Locking Stash Box.
  5. Cheapest stash box —The best stash box under $20 is the OZCHIN stash box. Trying to pin down an affordable yet functional design? Look no further!
  6. Most expensive stash box — The most expensive stash box is the Cooco Acacia Wooden Stash Box found on Etsy. It’ll only run you $150, however, a stash box is always a worthy investment and, if maintained properly, can last a long time.
  7. Best international stash box — If you’re looking for the best weed stash box in a different country, try this weed storage box in Canada.

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