Finding a nice, high-quality glass bong at an affordable price can be tricky. You want to ensure that the bong is functional and sturdy but can also provide you with smooth hits for an enjoyable high. There are so many styles and designs out there, however, that it can feel overwhelming and almost impossible to track down the perfect bong that fits your price range and personality.

But, finding the right glassware on the market just become a whole lot easier. Thick Ass Glass is an online head shop dedicated to providing the highest quality glassware for all cannabis enthusiasts. They carry a range of styles and designs, catering to all types of stoners out there.

On top of great glassware, Thick Ass Glass carries all sorts of complementary tools and accessories, like ashtrays, down-stems, adapters, cleaning supplies, and jars, among others. Everything you need to have an enjoyable smoking experience without breaking the bank.

One-Stop Head Shop For High-Quality And Affordable Glass Bongs

thick ass glass

With endless possibilities of combinations, Thick Ass Glass wanted you to be able to find the exact glassware you were looking for. They carry glassware under two major categories: water pipes or bongs and oil rigs. From there, the choices for customization and specificity are endless.

There are multiple filter options available that can allow you to narrow down your search to a more specific pool to choose from. You can filter your search by glass thickness, glass height, style or design, and percolator, to name a few. It’s never been so simple to find that perfect glassware you’ve been searching for.

Make sure to take note of the specific gender of your bong to ensure you are purchasing the proper accessories and that it fits the purpose and functionality you want. Don’t worry, if you are new and struggling on where to start or have no idea there even was a difference, Thick Ass Glass put together a glossary to ensure a simple experience for their customers.

The glossary goes in-depth on how to prepare and smoke the bongs, how to clean them, prices, types, and the difference between male and female bongs. Check this out if you are having trouble. It can be found at the bottom of the page while scrolling through the selection of glassware.

Within the glossary, they also include a section that breaks down their most popular selections with helpful descriptions that can allow you to either find a starting point or the perfect bong or oil rig.

You no longer have to sacrifice quality for affordability with Thick Ass Glass. All of their bongs are high-quality and come in ranging price options. Whether you are looking to splurge and buy a cool piece of glassware for a show, or you are on the market for a functional yet affordable bong, Thick Ass Glass has what you are looking for.

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Complete Selection Of Styles And Designs To Complement Your Style

thick ass glass

Thick Ass Glass is a well-known online head shop that truly delivers. Their glassware is high-quality and unique, with the option for adjustments and specific perks to suit the needs of any stoner.

If you are on the market for a sturdy and functional bong, check out their 18” Super Thick Beaker or the 12” Single Honeycomb Pipe which is perfect for entertaining friends or travel.

Their overwhelming selection of glassware promotes multiple different unique styles and designs. Among some of those types include:

Each type has a unique purpose that factors into the overall smoking experience. For example, if you choose a bong with multiple chambers, it creates more opportunity for the smoke to be filtrated which makes for a more enjoyable, less harsh experience.

However, if you are new, it’s always a good idea to start simple and work your way up. Thick Ass Glass’ scientific bongs, like their beaker bongs, are a great choice for newbies. They are easy to use and make the hits more efficient. These beakers are sturdier and can hold plenty of water, creating more smoke than the typical straight tube designs.

Want to make a statement and show off your personality? Pick from a unique selection of colorful labels to add that final flare to your glassware, like their Gold Label or Flame Polished Logo.

Make sure to keep your glassware clean. It can be extremely easy for glassware to get dirty and clogged up, so it’s important to purchase some cleaning materials in order to increase the longevity of your bongs or rigs. Thick Ass Glass Provides cleaning solution and cleaning swabs for a simple cleaning process. They truly have everything you need for a positive and enjoyable smoking experience.

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Check Out Thick Ass Glass Today And Walk Away With A New, High-Quality Piece Of Glassware!

If you are on the search for one of the best online head shops, look no further than Thick Ass Glass. With an overwhelming selection of glassware, you can find exactly what you are looking for. Bongs that are great for on-the-go or bongs suited for group settings, they offer a range of glassware to suit the needs of their customers.

They have high-quality bongs and oil rigs, with multiple personalizations and types to choose from. Want to show off your unique style? They have different sizes, heights, thicknesses, functions, and colorful labels to choose from. Whether you are looking for a sturdy functional piece or a great bong you can showcase for its aesthetic value, you won’t be disappointed with the quality or selection from Thick Ass Glass. Check them out today and browse their significant collection of glassware today.

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