Have you ever wondered what a liquid marijuana shot tastes like? Maybe you are planning to make them at your next party or a small gathering with family and friends? Ever marvel at the bright, electric green color of the shot and think that it has to taste as good as it looks?

It should be noted that liquid marijuana shots do not actually contain THC or cannabis whatsoever, but the bright green pigment of the drink and tropical ingredients creates a stoner fantasy in a cocktail, earning its name. The recipe is super simple and great for celebrations.

If you want to learn how to make liquid marijuana shots, stay tuned for a step-by-step guide on how to create this fun, cannabis-themed drink!

What Ingredients Do You Need?

Let’s start with the basics and the first step, obtaining the ingredients. There are not a lot of ingredients needed to make liquid marijuana shots and it is a simple recipe to follow. The following ingredients are required for a liquid marijuana shot:

        • 1 Ice cube
        • Shaking glass
        • Equal parts:
          • Spiced Rum
          • Melon liqueur
          • Coconut rum
          • Sweet & sour
          • Blue curaçao
          • Pineapple juice
        • Shot glasses

Now that all the ingredients are lined up, it’s time to go through the step-by-step process on how to make a liquid marijuana shot!

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How To Make A Liquid Marijuana Shot

Now it’s time for the fun part, making the drink! Make sure to have your ice cube and shaking glass ready, along with the first round of alcohol. Prepare a clean surface and have a paper towel ready in case you spill.

Step 1: Place An Ice Cube In A Glass And Pour In Some Coconut Rum

liquid marijuana shot
Credit: tipsybartender.com

Take your shaking glass with the ice cube that you already placed and add in some coconut rum of your choosing. Make sure to note that you are adding in equal parts of each alcohol listed as an ingredient, however, if you have particular favorites or preferences with the ingredients, feel free to decide on each of the amounts.

Step 2: Top It Off With Some Melon Liqueur 

liquid marijuana shot
Credit: tipsybartender.com

This is when the liquid marijuana shot starts to show its infamous color. Add in some melon liqueur to your shaking glass and watch as the drink transforms into an electric green. But don’t worry, the color transformations don’t stop there!

Step 3: Mix In Some Spiced Rum

liquid marijuana shot
Credit: tipsybartender.com

Now it’s time to shake up the flavor and mix in some spiced rum. This adds a deep rusty copper color to the drink, but don’t worry, this is just one step in the evolution. With coconut rum and spiced rum, topped up with melon liqueur this drink is starting to turn into an island fantasy.

Step 4: Follow It Up With Blue Curacao

liquid marijuana shot
Credit: tipsybartender.com

Time to change things up! Pour in some Blue Curacao and watch as the drink transforms into a deep green, emerald-like color.

Step 5: A Dash Of Sweet And Sour Mix

liquid marijuana shot
Credit: tipsybartender.com

Follow it up with a dash of sweet & sour mix to enhance the flavor and change the color from a deep, emerald green to a brighter green.

Step 6: Finish It Off With Pineapple Juice

liquid marijuana shot
Credit: tipsybartender.com

This is the final ingredient necessary for liquid marijuana shots. Pour in some pineapple juice for a tart and fruity flavor infusion. This also gives the shot its final color transformation and the drink can take on its final form.

Step 7: Mix Well And Pour Into Shot Glasses

After the last ingredient was added, make sure to mix well! Watch as the final bright green color comes to life and pour a round of shots!

Step 8: Enjoy!

liquid marijuana shot
Credit: tipsybartender.com

Now onto the best part! It’s time for you to enjoy your creation. Gather your close friends, pass around the shots, spark up, and enjoy!

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Try Liquid Marijuana Shots At Your Next Party!

If this recipe sounded delicious and fun, try it at your next gathering. They are tasty, fun, and delightful to look at! The drink is a perfect concoction for any die-hard stoner or someone looking to experience a tropical getaway of flavor! Make sure to drink responsibly and have a good time!

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