Are you shopping around for the best dispensary near you? There are options all around you. What makes one marijuana store stand out from the others? Strain variety, knowledge and friendliness of staff, ease of shopping, and prices often play big factors in picking our favorite stores.

Cannabis in DC? Yes, please! Today we will be taking an in-depth look at Harvest HOC, a favorite nationwide dispensary.

How it Works

Medical Marijuana has finally made its way to our nation’s capital city. And, we couldn’t be happier.

For those that are new to shopping in a store for their cannabis, the first time can be intimidating. So, it does help to get the low down before heading out.

When you go make sure that you bring the appropriate items, or you will have to come back when you gather everything. Bring your ID and your Medical card when picking up, or shopping in the store.

Another major fact that you should be aware of is this is a cash-only (for the most part) business. Even if you have a medical card, insurance will not pay for it, and you can not use a credit card for purchases. So, don’t leave the house without cash.

Lastly, those under the age of 21 will not be permitted to purchase anything at Harvest, or even enter the store.

All Harvest HOCs required customers (and employees) to wear face masks while in the store. To get in and out even quicker read on to see how you can order online.

harvest hoc

Order Online

Shopping online at a dispensary is like no other online shopping experience. Benefits of shopping/browsing online

  • You can take your time, there is no rush.
  • Ordering online makes for quick and easy pick-up.
  • For those that are not familiar with the process, or do not know how to purchase medical marijuana, there is a guide on the left-hand side of HOC’s page that will help you select what type of cannabis you are looking for, and how potent you would like it to be. You can choose from THC potency or CBD potency.

Make sure that you have your ID and a medical card when picking up. And, remember, no one can pick up an order besides the person whose name is on the card. No exceptions.

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Loyalty Club Members

For this members-only club, you will earn points on the products that you buy at any Harvest HOC location across the country.

It is a loyalty card because once you establish a relationship with Harvest, they want you to know that they appreciate your loyalty, and want to reward you for it.

Points that you accrue can be used towards gear and products. Learn all about becoming a member of the Cannasseurs Club!

Bargain Hunting

Low prices do not mean low quality. Dispensaries run deals all the time to help entice customers and move product faster.

Sales vary from percentages off of the regular price, BOGO type promotions, and even specials that play off of local sports teams’ wins.

HOC runs amazing specials on certain days of the week, month, and some holidays.

  • New patient
  • Veterans
  • Seniors
  • Industry workers

Wise Budtenders

The budtenders (like a bartender, but with bud) at Harvest are trained, enthusiastic, friendly, and full of knowledge that they are anxious to share with you.

Whether you are new to medical cannabis, or you just have questions, they are there to help you choose the products that are right for you.


The products that you will find at HOC are, of course, regulated and inspected by the states that they are sold in. Safety and quality control are top priorities.

You may not find the same products on the shelf week after week. Dispensaries are not like grocery stores where they continuously stock the same selection.

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The classic way to enjoy marijuana, flower, bud, jazz cabbage, whatever you want to call it. Harvest HOC sells marijuana flower in whole bud form, and also in pre-rolled joints.

Shop the full range of flowers with prices often starting at $8 for a pre-rolled joint.



A little dab will do ya. That’s what they say, anyway. Concentrates are just as their name suggests, concentrated marijuana.

Harvest HOC sells concentrates in .5 grams and 1 gram portion ranging from about 60%THC to 85%THC. Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid concentrate with prices from $50-$120.


In case you hadn’t noticed, vaping is a whole culture. The popularity of vaping may have started as a substitute for tobacco smoking. However, it has been adapted to the use of marijuana.

Vaping gives you a different effect vs smoking, topical application, or ingesting edibles. People prefer it for its potency and because it is discreet and has low to no odor.

At Harvest HOC there are more than a dozen different strains (500mg) to choose from prices starting around $45, going up to the $115 range. Don’t forget to pick up a battery while you’re there!


Skip through the part where you have to stop and charge your battery before you can enjoy your vape. No separate battery purchase necessary. Just unbox your vape, and go.

Harvest HOC carries 250mg disposable vapes from brands like Ilera and Cresco mostly priced in the $30 range.


Not all Harvest locations will have the same products, and not all have edibles in the form of candy, gummies, or brownies. Learn to make your own? Most do have tinctures, oils, and capsules.

Pour and spray tinctures starting at $25. Oils & RSO syringes start around $50. Depending on potency and count, capsules vary greatly in price but start around $15.


Medical marijuana is used in topical forms for pain relief, healing skin issues, moisturizing, and for salves.

CBD, THC, or a blend? Harvest HOC has it all with sale prices starting around $25.

Accessories and More

Harvest House of Cannabis is pretty much a one-stop-shop for smoke and smoke accessories. From a decent selection of grinders to rolling trays and lighters.

Looking for new gear? Pick up Harvest HOC apparel, towels, water bottles, and more.

Harvest Hoc

The House of Cannabis is currently in 6 states with just over 30 locations. They have been serving their communities since 2013.

The founder of Harvest HOC, blank blank, if a former lawyer who left his practice to help people through the healing plant that is marijuana.


  • Pennsylvania
  • Maryland
  • Arizona
  • California
  • North Dakota
  • Florida

Education to Appreciate

Stay up to date with Harvest HOC, and all other local DC dispensaries, as well as news and hints on everything marijuana in the DC area. at 420DC.COM

Check out the 420DC website for details on that and any other questions you may have. Even applying for a job with 420DC!

Enjoy Responsibly!

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