Growing Cannabis Bonsai: Can You Do It?

Are you a big fan of tranquil gardens and cannabis? You might want to know about the perfect marriage of both in the beautiful, delicate, and patient art of Cannabis Bonsai. Cannabis + Bonsai? Did you read that right? It does sound like an unlikely combination, but don’t run off too fast. Bonsai is more closely linked to other fauna, such as oak or pine which makes cannabis bonsai so unique. Pictures of the exquisite little tree-like weed plants almost give the herbs a myth-like quality, but they aren’t too mysterious once you get to know more about them. So let’s dispel all the rumors. Here you can read on what a cannabis bonsai is, whether you as a grower can actually pull it off, and how to do just that.

grow a cannabis bonsai

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What Does the Word “Bonsai” Mean?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know what cannabis is; however, bonsai might be a new term for you. The Japanese word for ‘tray plant,’ bonsai, refers to an art, tradition, or way of planting in Japanese culture. It can also refer to the finished miniature plant from this process. Bonsai resemble trees, but are, in fact, plants grown in a specific fashion so that they become tiny and tree-like. They are usually placed in pots or containers and can really spruce up your garden with their unique and simple artistry.

What is a Cannabis Bonsai?

What do you get when you put cannabis and bonsai together? Miniature cannabis that looks very much like trees, that’s what’s rocking the growers’ circles in the cannabis community. This is the art of cannabis bonsai. Although just like its traditional counterpart, cannabis bonsai does require a careful and attentive green thumb, the fruits of your labor can be delightful.

How Can You Grow a Cannabis Bonsai Tree?

Step 1: Choose a good pot.

Don’t just choose a good cannabis strain to plant. Look for a flower pot or container that is large enough for your bonsai. You can always go bigger when the time comes to do so. The key here is the root space. Your bonsai will need enough area for its roots; the lack of this can hinder its growth.

Step 2: Drill the container.

Drill several holes on the side of the container or pot. You will be running a wire or twine, which you can use to suspend the plants’ branches for the shape you want. Make sure those holes are wide enough for your wire.

Step 3: Train its trunk.

Once you have planted your clipping or your seeds have grown to their early vegetation stage, you will need to stick a wooden stake beside the cannabis plant’s trunk.

You will place it in the direction you will want the plant to form for the desired shape you want. To not experience any root damage, lightly press the wooden stake into the soil right beside the trunk of your plant. Wrap the trunk around the stake at your desired shape. Tie this to the twine or wire and into the nearest holes on the pot. Don’t tie it too tight so that the plant can expand.

Step 3: Train its branches.

Next, you will tie the branches of your plants.

You will repeat what you did with the trunk. Imagine how you would like the branches to grow in the future and tie the twine or wire in anticipation of that kind of direction. Allow for there to be some space for it to grow into the wiring; not making it too tight. If you would like to have vertical-styled branches, you can keep the wiring looser. Having it tighter can encourage horizontal growth.

Step 4: Prune its branches.

Your cannabis bonsai is starting to get bigger. You can prune some of the branches to lessen their amount. Prune only offshoot branches; keep the important ones that lend themselves to the shape you want. All the while, you will need to make sure it is not too humid so that the bonsai does not get moldy.

Step 5: Harvest your buds!

Your cannabis is in the flowering stage, so you can snip off the buds for harvest.

art of bonsai

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Final Thoughts

Growers might want to take a whack at this superb planting style, if not just for the harvest, then for the artistry. Now that you know how to do it, you can decide if it’s something you can be patient enough to do.

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