Weed legalization for Growers Choice Seeds means more people are allowed to grow their own. This company’s reputation often precedes them for several important reasons not the least of which is their history.

But is Growers Choice Seeds the best place to get your cannabis starter set here in America? What about abroad? This Grower’s Choice Seeds guide from 420DC answers these questions and more.

Growers Choice Seeds Review | 420DC.com

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Growers Choice History

While the company is headquartered in Spain, they have regional offices worldwide including in California. Bypassing customs is one great reason a world-wide seed company is a good thing. It was started by skilled veterans of the cannabis seed industry.

The experts at Growers Choice Seeds include those from the horticultural and medicinal worlds of weed. They locally source and hand select seeds from popular strains with the specific aim to offer superior quality with consistent results.

Growers Choice Seeds Quality

According to their website, Growers Choice Seeds is “dedicated to natural health & pain-free living.” Many of the strains they carry are marked for medicinal use and there are varying levels of THC and terpene profiles represented.

The company sources, hand picks and delivers premium strains selected for their genetics. Their market is predominantly home growers, but they also deliver to retail shops. And their site’s reviews glow for genetics and yield.

Perhaps the best aspect of using Growers Choice Seeds is their 90% germination guarantee. You have to follow their process but it’s a fairly straight forward paper towel method of germination.

Growers Choice Seeds Offerings

Growers Choice Seeds offers about 40 strains on their site at any given time. The varieties of weed regularly rotate on their pages. The choices include auto-flowering varieties, feminized seeds and high-CBD medical-grade seeds.

The limited strain selection actually helps newcomers. And since Growers Choice Seeds carries the classics, you don’t see selection as a problem within their forum discussions. Instead, customers comment on the premium quality.

Growers Choice Seeds Strains

Popular THC strains include Gorilla Glue, Candy Kush, Northern Lights, Cinderella 99, Tangerine Dream, Jack Herer, Amnesia and more. Medicinal CBD strains include Critical Mass, Moby Dick, Blueberry, Critical Mango and more.

The company offers an email newsletter that notifies customers of new strains available. The social media feeds including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, also offer new product announcements.

Growers Choice Seeds Website

At the Growers Choice Seeds website, their mission is listed as taking great pride in providing only the finest genetics available. Their support network on the site’s forums, though, are an excellent asset to experienced and new growers alike.

There’s a diverse community of growers who keep the message boards busy. Veterans are happy to help newbies making this an invaluable resource. They also have several videos posted which can assist grow ops.

The website also offers frequently updates news and information about cannabis industry legislation, medical progress and guides for growing your own plants. They are well-researched with knowledgeable sources.

Product Freshness

Grower’s choice is known for selling only 100% fresh cannabis seeds. These seeds are hand-picked, inspected and tested before being packaged in medical-grade glass vials and sealed for exceptional freshness.

Seed Germination Promise

Growers Choice Seeds prides itself in providing the ‘highest quality weed seeds available.’ Their product has the highest guarantee in the industry, a 90% germination rate. Seeds that don’t germinate are replaced at no charge to the customer.

Customer Service

Customer service is listed as a priority at Growers Choice Seeds but a review of their comments on Trustpilot shows they have work to do still. Still, when things go right, it gives customers peace of mind, from browsing the site to ordering and receiving seeds.

The Company offers a number of ways to contact customer support too. The website has a chat bot but they also list a phone number, email as well as social media links to which they often respond.

Simple Seed Delivery

When you checkout at the Growers Choice Seeds site, you can choose from several shipping and payment options depending on your location. Stealth shipments are also available for added privacy.

Payment methods include payment by mail; cryptocurrency including BitCoin, Litecoin or Ethereum, ACH electronic checks and Zelle (U.S. only).

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Growers Choice Pros & Cons

As with nearly any business, Growers Choice Seeds has good and bad things about it. These can include customer service, shipping and product selection.

Growers Choice Pros

  • Worldwide service
  • American office ships to US, Canada, Australia & NZ
  • Competitively priced seeds with a bulk discount
  • High-quality seed genetics, lab-tested strains
  • Comprehensive website grower information
  • Unparalleled germination guarantee
  • Numerous customer reviews on products

Growers Choice Cons

  • Do not accept credit or debit cards
  • Free shipping requires high order minimum ($500)
  • Smaller selection of strains (40)
  • Poor customer ratings on Trustpilot
  • No free seeds for international orders
  • No Bitcoin discount
  • Expensive standard shipping to Canada ($14.99)

Growers Choice Seeds Reliability

As previously stated, nearly all online reviews are positive for Growers Choice Seeds on their website although their Trustpilot ranking is low. Still, the quality of the seeds is rarely in question. Most quality reports list high quality products and reasonable shipping times.

The excellent genetics and popular strains show that Growers Choice Seeds takes pride in their work. They seem committed to high quality seeds at affordable prices. They aren’t perfect and mistakes have been reported.

Customer service usually seems responsive even to negative reviews. The forums and FAQ, though, definitely have a customer-oriented tone, making this seed company reliable in support of their customers too.

Growers Choice Seeds FAQ

These are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Growers Choice Seeds.

Where is Growers Choice Seeds located?

The Growers Choice Seeds headquarters is located in Barcelona, Spain. They also have regional offices in Canada and the USA as well.

Where does Growers Choice get their seeds?

Growers Choice Seeds works with several in-house breeders in Europe, Canada and the USA.

Are there any discounts for large orders?

Growers Choice Seeds doesn’t openly advertise discounts for large orders, but if you contact them, they can discuss their wholesale division and bulk pricing.

What is the shipping time to the USA?

Typically, the average shipping time in the USA is between 7-10 business days.

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  1. James Smokoff

    I ordered over 200 dollars in seeds. They came within a reasonable amount of time, though upon arrival to my mailbox (in Phoenix) they set there baking for 6 hours). With that being said, upon opening the package, I noticed I was missing one seed out of one of the 5 packs I ordered. Got on there chat and was passed to someone else who gave me a credit for the lost seed. That credit along with 2 others I had with them, I ordered a 5 pack of another seed. At the checkout noticed the 9.50 S&H and went back to chat to request S&H be removed. They said it wasn’t store policy, after that I stated, the credit barely covered the S&H. They stated and I quote “I don’t have a real answer for that, it is just how it works”. And by the way I have an actual screenshot of the conversation. Nice reply. Eventually I’ll use the credit and never conduct business with them again.