If you need some energy but lean more to the indica side of the cannabis spectrum, you might want to know more about the Axila strain. Even a few buds from this jar of pine will get you going and then get you sleeping just as fast. Thinking about grinding with some Axila? Continue reading to find out all about this strain and if it is the right one for your next weed run.

Axilla Strain Background

The Bank Genetics crossed the finish line with this diesel-flavored strain with its high THC levels averaging around 17-25%. The cultivators of this strain first created this strain from Colorado, unfortunately meaning you will have to go there to get your hands on some seeds; the team does not ship outside of the area. 

The scarcity in other areas makes this strain all the more in demand everywhere else. Some forms of Axila come in an all-indica form while others are in an indica-leaning dose; however, its genetics cannot be put into question. A cross between Bubba Kush and Fall 97 makes for a unique combination with some sativa effects added to the pure tranquility brought on by a predominantly indica strain. All of these facts fade into the background once you chance upon the lovely plant that carries Axilla flowers. 

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How Does It Look? 

axilla strain

In terms of looks, you will not find anything just as fluffy from another marijuana plant. Axilla looks like a perfectly fresh and lively bright green plant fell in a bucket of parmesan. Its flowers themselves are beautifully vibrant green and orange hues and are covered with a thick layer of trichomes. Its sweet leaves rest all about it, complementing the overall stature of the plant. The nugs themselves also portray vivid colors and grape-like structures, easily comforting you with its powerful aroma in the process. 

How Does It Smell?

Axilla has a very subtle smell. Some report not even getting a whiff of anything as they put the bud close to their noses. But don’t be so shocked. As soon as you open and break apart each nug a strong smell reminiscent of gasoline can be picked up. That jet fuel smell is extremely powerful, bringing in some smoke and earthiness to the mix. 

To give a clearer idea of what else makes up the aroma that is Axilla the terpenes that are present in this strain are: limonene, linalool, and myrcene. Limonene adds a citrusy touch, linalool brings in some sweet lavender and coriander oil, and myrcene finishes everything up with lemongrass and mango. All in all the soothing scents relax while the pungent diesel gives a kick OG enthusiasm. 

How Does It Taste?

The light flavors from fruits and other citrus-like terpenes end up making your throat feel like you just had some candy. Go a little easy on the puffs though because you never know when the chemical taste from the diesel side of the strain will come in. This entire concoction comes up as a festival of spicy and sweet all-in-one strain.

How Does It Feel? 

If you ask anyone why they decided to fill their stash with Axilla they will tell you it comes from the effects. The flavors are great and its looks are mouthwatering but this high is top shelf level. Your body will instantly relax upon a toke, content and generally cheerful throughout the beginning of your smoking. 

Giggles will consume you as you get taken over by creative ideas. If you had lost your mojo Axilla will have gotten it back for you with its uplifting and euphoric high. Its indica side does not let up though, putting you right to a night of deep sleep. That is why it is often considered for consumption in the evening. There will be no time for a midnight run though so have some snacks on hand and ready. Axilla can give a very hungry stomach. On another note, Axilla’s high is not very long so other stoners who prefer longer experiences might want to steer clear of this one. 

What are the Medicinal Effects of Axilla Strain?

Medical marijuana patients with chronic stress prefer Axilla for its pain relief coupled with happy times. Its above-average THC levels show that it is capable of helping so many people including those with chronic pain and fatigue. The bubbly and cheerful feeling it can give you is also used by people with anxiety and depression. Lastly, since it is an indica, it can put your right to sleep. Insomniacs who want to start growing their cannabis might want to consider growing this particular strain.    

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How Can You Grow Axilla Strain?

axilla strain

Here’s some good news for cannabis growers everywhere: this strain is available in both seed form and clone form should you want to plant it. These are accessible which is part of the reason Axilla is talked about often. Its flowers come in at 56-60 days and early October as both indoors and outdoors can be used to cultivate this plant.  

Final Thoughts

Axilla is a good balance of both energy and pain relief even if it is heavily leaning towards its indica side. It’s no secret why everyone in Colorado loves it. On the contrary, if you’re a homesick stoner and tourist from Colorado you might want to read this guide to getting your weed supply in DC. 

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