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Street Lawyer Services

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Street Lawyer Services is, by far, the best smoke shop in DC!

Their storefront on H street is centrally located and beautifully decorated. Run by Lonny and the friendly SLS girls, the energy here is just as good as the weed!

They are known to have a large variety of the best strains in stock any time you go. From Cereal milk to Tangie you will find premium sativas, indicas and hybrids. They are also known for their powerful and delicious truffles.

They are open from 11am – 9pm everyday so you can always get what you need.

If you go make sure you order in advance on streetlawyerservicesdc.com and use code 420DC for 10% Off!


Premium Exotic Flower:  At any given time they will have over 20 strains of flowers of all types including rare indicas, sativas, and hybrid strains. They come in three-gram sizes and are given as gifts with the purchase of a coupon for legal representation with Lonny the Street Lawyer. You can also get them in the form of pre-rolled joints.

Street Lawyer Treats: This line of edibles includes homemade truffles in peanut butter and oreo flavors. They contain 300mg of THC per box, or 50mg per truffle. They are absolutely delicious and highly potent edibles! Street Lawyer Services also offers sour gummy edibles.



Street Lawyer Services offers a marketing service to Lonny the Street Lawyer. They promote his radio show and sell coupons for legal representation, which come with a free 3-gram cannabis gift. The coupons can also be redeemed for discounted legal representation with Lonny the Street Lawyer.


Street Lawyer Services is located at 409 H Street NE in Washington, DC

TLDR: Street Lawyer Services

Deal: A free preroll & 10% off when you tell them 420DC sent you

What you buy: A coupon to the Law Firm of Lonny Bramzon, aka Lonny The Street Lawyer., to get money off of a case or legal service, upon mutual agreement for representation.

What you get: 3.5 grams of flower per coupon

Gifting hours: 12pm – 8pm

Location: 409 H Street NE

Website: StreetLawyerServices.com

Additional Notes: SLS is pickup only and doesn’t offer delivery

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  1. candy7

    Rip off. You got less than three grams. It was the only way to buy. This is why lawyers are hated. They don’t do what they say