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Introducing Illuminate DC

Illuminate DC

Illuminate DC first started making deliveries in February of 2018. In that time, they’ve developed a fast, reliable delivery service that can even get your order out to you the same day. Illuminate DC’s mission is to “spread mindfulness, seek enlightenment, and give back to our planet through change and advocacy.” They make it happen by selling scented soy candles that are made with all-natural ingredients and by donating a portion of their proceeds to local charities in the DC area. Their work produces real results in our local communities by operating this way.

The candles are great, too! They’re infused with all-natural scents and essential oils that can help promote relaxation or energy. The candles can be used for aromatherapy and for encouraging you to take a moment to be mindful of your mood and surroundings, including the air and the room around you.

The mindfulness spreads to their extensive line of cannabis-infused gifts, including their line of vegan and organic edibles. Their vegan line contains gummies, macaroons, cookies, and crispy marshmallow treats, all of which are made with fair trade ingredients. Illuminate’s organic line includes gummies, cookies, and crispy marshmallow treats, which are only made with natural ingredients.

Illuminate takes it even further by offering a line of all-natural CBD products for both people and pets. CBD products can help treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, and so much more. They help us better to connect with ourselves without the need for THC. Most CBD products are found in the “self-care” section of their gift menu and include products infused with CBD, like bath bombs, body butter, and tinctures. Illuminate’s line of pet products oral tinctures, dog and cat treats, and nose and paw balms, which keep cold noses and paws safe in the winter. They are all made with safe, natural ingredients, even the pet products, which are made with animal-friendly ingredients.

The free gift that really brings Illuminate DC’s mission together is their brand of personal lubricant. The spray is infused with equal parts CBD and THC. When both cannabinoids are applied together topically, anally and vaginally, you can have an easier time relaxing and enjoying sex. On the other hand, it encourages a more profound sense of mindful connection with your partner and with yourself. If you’ve never tried it, it’s worth it next time you pick up a new candle!

To get started with Illuminate DC, start your order online. You can place an order 24 hours per day, but delivery is only available from 4-11 PM Sunday through Thursday and from 1-11 PM Friday and Saturday. Candles are available for same-day delivery seven days a week, usually in under a few hours.

Illuminate DC Products and Cannabis Gifts


Aside from the wonderful list of mindful products we mentioned in our intro, Illuminate DC offers a ton of cannabis gifts and non-cannabis products. Everything Illuminate carries is made with organic, non-GMO ingredients, and natural products. Organic and vegan options are also available. Illuminate promises never to gift anything they don’t consume personally, so you can trust their products. Here are a few categories of products Illuminate DC carries:

Non-Cannabis Products

  • Candles
  • Stickers
  • Art
  • Crystals


Cannabis Gifts

  • Sex spray
  • Cannabis concentrates
  • Shatter
  • Live resin
  • Vaporizer cartridges
  • Edibles
  • THC tinctures
  • Cannabis flowers


CBD Products

  • Dog treats
  • Cat treats
  • Nose and paw balm
  • Oral tinctures
  • Bath bombs
  • Body butter


Illuminate DC’s Delivery Services

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Illuminate DC’s delivery fees are automatically included in orders over $100. Spend less than that, and a small service fee may incur. Small fees also incur if you order via text or phone instead of online. However, that one is for a good reason. Ordering via text or phone slows down the delivery process since Illuminate DC is the only delivery service in DC that promises same-night delivery on orders made up until 30 minutes before close.

Sometimes new orders made at the end of the day push back the stops planned along the middle or the end of the route, delaying their delivery until later in the evening. So if you need your candle by a particular time, be sure to utilize Illuminate DC’s priority delivery. No matter when your delivery arrives, always be sure to tip your driver. Also, take care to ensure you have exact change ready for your order since Illuminate DC drivers don’t carry change.

Delivery Tracking

Unlike many other delivery services in DC, Illuminate DC offers a way for customers to track their delivery in real-time, similar to Uber or DoorDash. When the driver carrying your candle and free gift is about 30 minutes away, you’ll get an email that will notify you that the driver is in the area along with a general ETA. When your driver is on their way, you will receive a text with a real-time tracking feed that will show you the driver’s exact location and estimated arrival time. When your driver is approaching, they’ll give you a call to let you know the vehicle make, model, and color to look for and ask you to meet outside your address.

Priority Delivery

If you need that aromatherapy fast, be sure to place your order at least two hours before you’ll need it. You can set your priority order up to 24 hours in advance. Just choose priority delivery at checkout to request to be one of the first few stops of the day, or schedule a time for your delivery to be made. If your priority order was made after Illuminate DC plans their route for the day, you’d still be considered for priority delivery as long as the driver won’t be going out of their way and messing up other orders to get to you.


Illuminate DC is a delivery service located in Washington DC. Their delivery radius currently serves the city of Washington DC only, not customers in Virginia or Maryland. More specifically, delivery is available almost anywhere in DC west of the Anacostia River, excluding federal, school, daycare, public pool, playground, arcade, youth center, or library property. Designated meeting areas will be established for your safety and the protection of Illuminate DC drivers.


TLDR: Illuminate DC

What you buy: A 100% soy scented candle. You can also make a donation.

What you get: A soy candle, in addition to a free gift of edibles, flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, vaporizer cartridges, topicals, bath bombs, or CBD products.

Delivery hours: Deliveries start at 5 PM Mon. – Thurs. and 1 PM Fri. – Sun. Same day delivery is cut off 30 minutes before the close at 11 PM every day.

Delivery time: The timing of your delivery depends on where your address falls along the planned route and how close your address is to the majority of other stops unless you have placed a Priority Delivery order. Priority orders receive priority delivery.

Delivery Area: Within District of Columbia Only

Additional Notes: Illuminate DC is cash only, and their drivers don’t carry change! Be sure to have exact change, plus a tip for your driver. And be on time!. Additionally, ordering on the phone or via text will cost you an extra $10, so stick to online ordering.

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