Cannabis lovers who are seeking the perfect wake and bake cannabis strain, look no further than the Ninja Fruit strain as it provides just the right level of stimulation, energy, and creativity to get the day started right. This tantalizingly aromatic and terpene-rich hybrid strain offers both physical and mental relief to those who have had the pleasure of indulging in this rich and enticing strain. With quite a legendary lineage to live up to, the Ninja Fruit strain does not disappoint but instead offers a wide range of possibilities and potential benefits to veteran and beginner cannabis lovers alike. 

For individuals interested in learning more about the Ninja Fruit strain, stay tuned. This article covers nearly everything there is to know about this strain including background information, growing tips, and a review of its delicious flavor and aroma as well as the uplifting and creative high it produces. 

Ninja Fruit Strain Background

Cultivated by Ocean Grown Seeds, and subsequently spread throughout the entire United States, the Ninja Fruit strain has soared in popularity due to its attractive features and palatability for nearly any type of smoker. Crafted by crossing two infamous cannabis strains in the game, Grape Ape and Grapefruit Haze, the Ninja Fruit strain inherited some of the best traits from both sides of the spectrum. Users who are familiar with either of the parent strains will immediately be able to pick up on the unique foliage and classic Haze aroma present in this new and exciting strain.

Although the Ninja Fruit strain does not have an extremely high THC content (roughly 15%), that does not detract from the wonderful benefits users can expect to experience while smoking it. With various applications throughout the recreational and medicinal space, the Ninja Fruit strain has truly showcased just how versatile and beloved a strain can become, even without astronomical THC levels. Due to its more gentle or mild high, this is a great strain for newer cannabis lovers to try and catch their footing in the industry without being pushed out by a strain that overwhelms them and provides them with a negative experience. 

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Ninja Fruit Strain Appearance and Aroma

ninja fruit strain

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the Ninja Fruit strain is its complex aromatic profile and striking appearance. This strain typically displays dark green foliage with bright orange hairs peeking through cracks which adds a satisfying level of contrast to the buds which helps them stand out on the shelf. The Ninja Fruit strain can also reveal dark purple tones when cultivated in the proper conditions, which just adds to the bag appeal by a factor of 10. To top things off, the surface of the buds are coated in sparkly, crystal-like trichomes that shift in the light mimicking the appearance of freshly fallen snow. 

When it comes to the aroma, however, the Ninja Fruit strain is unmatched as the scents and smells present in this strain blend together seamlessly and enhances the overall mood and ambiance. The concoction of smells blends notes of spice, berries, tropical flavors as well as an earthy musk which creates the pungent kick that users can pick up on immediately after they open the bag or start breaking down the nugs. On the exhale, things start to turn sour, however, it’s a pleasant shift that manages to culminate in a blended explosion of flavors that only emphasize and reinforce the overall high. 

How To Grow The Ninja Fruit Strain

ninja fruit strain

Cultivators who are looking to start growing the Ninja Fruit strain are in luck as this strain is a relatively simple strain to grow due to its heartier nature. The plants grow effectively in both indoor and outdoor growing settings with neither one showing a particularly noticeable difference in the quality or quantity harvested. Growers can expect the Ninja Fruit strain to be ready for harvest after around 9 weeks with a medium-to-large-sized yield every time. 

How Does The Ninja Fruit Strain Make You Feel?

ninja fruit strain

As the perfect wake and bake strain, the Ninja Fruit strain is best enjoyed during the day, however, that does not mean it cannot be enjoyed at any other time of day. This strain is a balanced hybrid that produces incredibly euphoric effects with a surge in creativity, focus, and motivation. Some users even experience an increase in their social battery as engaging in conversation or spending time with others is enhanced and made thoroughly enjoyable with this strain. It should be noted that as the high settles in, stronger feelings of relaxation will begin to set in, however, not to the extent of typical indica’s as the Ninja Fruit strain is not known to couch-lock or weight people down, but instead to ease off burdens and stress. But, at higher doses, the lethargic features can be exacerbated, so keep dosage as well as potential plans into consideration before sparking up this strain 

On the medical side, this strain offers people relief without completely numbing themselves or sacrificing productivity. Even though this strain exhibits primarily sativa traits, this strain is effective at managing symptoms of chronic pain and headaches due to its anti-inflammatory properties. People looking for a strain to help aid symptoms of depression and anxiety will find that this strain can dramatically, in the best possible way, improve mood and ease any burdens that are dragging individuals down.

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Where Can You Get Your Hands On The Ninja Fruit Strain?

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