Cannabis enthusiasts with a passion for fruit-flavored cannabis strains, prepare yourselves. The Marionberry Kush cannabis strain is a notoriously fruity strain with six different phenotypes, each with a unique fruit-infused aroma. This strain presents as an indica-dominant hybrid with a flavor that mystifies the senses.

Those seeking to learn more about the Marionberry Kush strain, stay tuned. This article exposes everything there is to know about this strain including background information, growing tips, and a review of what type of high to expect.

Marionberry Kush Background

This tantalizingly fruity cannabis strain was created in the foothills of Mt. Hood in Oregon by the cultivators of Heroes of the Farm. Marionberry Kush is a cross between Space Queen and Raspberry Kush. Space Queen is a hybrid cannabis strain that produces an intense, buzzy high while Raspberry Kush presents as an indica-dominant strain with relaxing, sedative properties tinged with sweet notes of raspberries and cream.

Marionberry Kush inherited a unique blend of effects from both parent strains, closely resembling her genetic “sister” strain, Cinderella 99. This strain has a moderate THC content of around 21% which makes it effective and enjoyable for both recreational and medicinal use.

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Marionberry Kush Appearance and Aroma


Marionberry Kush produces bright green buds that are saturated in a dense layer of trichomes and resin. With an impressive range of flavors and aromas, depending on the phenotype, the fruit-filled infusions can consist of delicious notes of blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, and many others. This strain acts as a wild card since users aren’t truly sure what they’re going to get, making this an exciting and surprising strain to smoke.

How To Grow Marionberry Kush


Individuals interested in growing the Marionberry Kush strain should consider a few steps before getting started. First, learning the cannabis laws and politics surrounding the industry is key to ensuring all the bases are covered and the go-ahead is clear. The laws are constantly in flux as various states seek to legalize or decriminalize cannabis with a hopeful future leading towards federal legalization. But for now, staying in touch with the ebb and flow of the industry can ease a significant burden off a home setup or an up-in-coming cannabis business.

The next step is to decide on whether the cannabis plants will be grown indoors or outdoors. The only stipulation with growing cannabis outdoors is that the specific climate and temperature requirements for individual strains must be met to have a successful harvest. Indoor growing facilities allow for a multitude of factors to be controlled; however, it does pose some limitations. Both options have their pros and cons, it ultimately comes down to the strain of choice and personal circumstances.

Regardless of the location, various tools and equipment will be required during the entire process. The tools can include things like shears, seeds, pots, nutrients, lighting, supportive structures, watering system, and so much more. There are tons of resources online that provide valuable insights and educational support surrounding the process of growing cannabis. Head to YouTube to check out various guides and tutorials that offer valuable advice or tips that can act as a helpful resource for beginners or those looking to harness their skills.

The Marionberry Kush strain is not a difficult strain to grow, but it can be touchy and a bit nit-picky at times which makes having some experience a valuable asset. This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors; however, keep the strain away from cold or frosty conditions as it spells disaster for the overall success of the plant. Marionberry Kush has an average flowering period of around 9 to 10 weeks with an exceptional yield and a stunning flower display.

How Does Marionberry Kush Make You Feel?


This fruit-infused cannabis dream presents a well-balanced high that does not overwhelm the senses or produce hard-hitting sedation. The high will initially take off as a head high with an uplifting, cerebral rush that clears negative energy and melts stress away. Slowly, as the high wanes on, users will note the body high will intensify at the same time the munchies start to kick in. Make sure to have some snacks handy and a comfortable place to decompress and relax for a few hours. Smokers with a lower tolerance might be lulled to sleep by the potency of the body high while those with a stronger tolerance will be experiencing the blissful state of relaxation with a case of the munchies.

The Marionberry Kush strain is also known to be effective for medicinal use with a range of applications. This strain can help melt stress and tension away, curbing many mental concerns like depression with a relaxed mind and body. Individuals who suffer from chronic pain will love the gentle pain relief experienced from the potent body high. Since Marionberry Kush is an indica-dominant cannabis strain it is best enjoyed in the late afternoon or nighttime, providing a helpful curb to insomnia.

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Where Can You Get Your Hands On Marionberry Kush?

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