Stemming from humble origins, the boundary-pushers and risk-takers over at General Hydroponics are the pioneers of the hydroponics market which has soared in popularity over recent years. True non-conformists, the like-minded and dedicated individuals at General Hydroponics live and breathe growing, seeking to exponentially improve the industry with their high-impact growing solutions.

Hydroponics is an extremely valuable asset that allows for greater access to growing techniques that can be utilized in even the most challenging of locations around the world. For individuals interested in learning more about General Hydroponics, stay tuned. This article explores the brief history surrounding this innovative company as well as an overview of their products, a discussion on the value of hydroponics, and some closing remarks on the overall quality and service provided by General Hydroponics.

A Brief History Of General Hydroponics

General Hydroponics all started in a grungy old garage as a start-up company about 45 years ago and has grown into the massive entity and source of knowledge that it is today. Implementing ancient growing techniques, the individuals over at General Hydroponics saw the true value and versatility of the hydroponics growing technique by implementing and expanding on it for modern-day use.

With a hyper fixation on quality, the individuals at General Hydroponics exhaust their efforts to provide their customers with the best products possible. Their goal is to incorporate the most advanced formulations within their products to help plants flourish and thrive while yielding a successful and consistent harvest every time. The overall mission behind the team at General Hydroponics is to share their knowledge, products, and success with other growers whether they are new to the game or long-standing professionals.

General Hydroponics continually strives to push the limits of what hydroponics is capable of to help individuals around the world engage in sustainable and effective hydroponics growth. They stand by the notion that there is plenty of room for everyone to push past limitations, so why not do it all together?

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What Is Hydroponics?

general hydroponics

Hydroponics is a growing technique that many individuals may not be aware of. To better understand what hydroponics is, it can help to start by breaking down what the word means. Hydroponics is composed of two parts, “hydro” which means water, and “ponos” meaning labor. Put these two words together and it creates hydroponics which translates to “working water”. This special growing technique has been used for centuries by many different ancient civilizations like the Aztecs and Egyptians. Hydroponics allowed these civilizations to grow food and other plants when there was no access to arable land since this technique uses water in place of soil.

Since its inception, great strides have been made to find ways to improve and evolve this technique for the modern-day. It has been used in various situations in the modern era, for example, during World War II to supply troops with food while also being incorporated into the space program in recent years. The versatility and universality of hydroponics is an expansively growing industry that the General Hydroponics team prides itself on being the pioneer and forerunner of.

What Types Of Products Does General Hydroponics Offer?

General Hydroponics offers a wide selection of products for purchase that all provide various benefits depending on the circumstances and overall goal for growing. There are four major categories of products that they make available on their website and it goes as follows: Nutrients, Supplements, Controls, and Maintenance. Each of these sections serves different roles and comes with a variety of options.


general hydroponics

The first category is called Nutrients which is an essential step in the growing process since hydroponics does not utilize soil. Plants still require the essential nutrients they receive from the soil, so, unlike other plant foods, hydroponics fertilizers must incorporate the entire spectrum of vital elements. General Hydroponics carries a range of product lines that boast a range of benefits and perks.

Depending on the needs of the customer, General Hydroponics has a product line that can meet those needs. Customers can choose from a wide variety of different nutrient series that are vital for the hydroponics growing process.

Some examples from the Nutrient product lines:


general hydroponics

The next category is for growers looking to stimulate the growth of their plants and increase fruit production. Supplements are designed to do just that and General Hydroponics has a range of product lines for customers to choose from. Like the Nutrients category, various supplement options are designed to fit different niches.

Some examples from the Supplements product lines:


general hydroponics

Bugs are a nightmare to growers around the world and this is true regardless of whether the plants are grown in soil or water. The Controls category offers a wide selection of products designed to protect, defend, and prevent pests. General Hydroponics focuses on broad-spectrum pest control since prevention can be better than a cure.

Some examples from the Controls product lines:


general hydroponics

General Hydroponics’ Maintenance product lines are designed to maintain the overall hydroponics system by including pH buffers and reference solutions. Customers can choose from a wide selection of products all suited for different niches and/or circumstances an individual grower may find themselves in.

Some examples from the Maintenance products lines:

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to dedication, quality, and knowledge, General Hydroponics is a company that strives to push the boundaries of hydroponics and seeks to share with the rest of the world the valuable knowledge that can be obtained from continually improving upon the hydroponics growing method. As the OG’s in the hydroponics game, they are at the forefront of innovation in the industry and seek to help growers of all different stations in life, find success from hydroponics.

General Hydroponics provides tons of research articles and more in-depth information about hydroponics, and all the different factors surrounding it on their website, sticking true to their mission of spreading knowledge to all. Their product lines are expansive and incorporate everything an individual may need when first starting at hydroponics. As true pioneers in the industry, General Hydroponics intends to stay for the long haul while continually providing their customers with products they can trust and results that speak for themselves.

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