For individuals seeking a cannabis strain that packs some serious heat, then the Dragon’s Breath strain is an absolute must-try. This mythical, sativa-leaning hybrid delivers a potent, well-balanced, and uplifting high that’s great for daytime use. Dragon’s Breath inherited genes from legendary cannabis strains, setting the industry ablaze with its potent, cerebral head rush and surge of creative energy.

Cannabis lovers interested in giving this strain a shot or growers looking to add this unique strain into the mix, stay tuned. This article explores everything there is to know about the Dragon’s Breath strain including background information, growing tips, and a review of its hard-hitting, fiery high.

Dragon’s Breath Background

Dragon’s Breath is a well-balanced, sativa-leaning cannabis strain that sounds somewhat paradoxical, but the high this strain delivers does not overpower the user with heavy feelings of sedation or bouts of panic. Dragon’s Breath was created by crossing two infamous, cult classic cannabis strains: Jack Herer and Northern Lights, however, the mysterious breeders of this strain snuck in an additional cannabis strain into the mixture. This unknown Skunk strain helped Dragon’s Breath develop its pungent aroma.

Dragon’s Breath typically tests with THC levels that usually exceed 20% which makes it an effective and potent strain for medicinal and recreational use.

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Dragon’s Breath Appearance and Aroma

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Depending on the climate conditions Dragon’s Breath is exposed to, the overall appearance and color of the strain can vary. When it is introduced to colder temperatures, Dragon’s Breath produces dark blue and purple foliage whereas when it is exposed to warmer temperatures it exhibits mint green and light green foliage. Regardless, the buds will be interlaced with bright orange pistils and saturated in a layer of trichomes.

Dragon’s Breath has a prominent scent, but it intensifies once the buds are broken apart. The flower blends notes of tropical fruit and spice with strong elements of pungent earth for a unique aromatic profile. Dragon’s Breath has an interesting flavor that balances a mixture of citrus and earthy notes with hints of spice on the exhale.

How To Grow Dragon’s Breath

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When it comes to growing cannabis, some strains are relatively easy to grow while others involve more labor and are more tedious, requiring an experienced touch. It is important to know what those strains are while factoring in individual experience levels to make a solid determination on what strain to grow. Luckily for beginners, Dragon’s Breath is a very easy strain to grow and it has become an extremely popular candidate for first-time growers.

This strain does not require a significant amount of effort to grow as it is naturally resistant to molds and mildew. Dragon’s Breath flowers in as little as 8 to 9 weeks with a solid result when it comes time to harvest. Growers can expect around 16 ounces per square meter when grown indoors and results in around 18 ounces per square meter when grown outdoors.

How Does Dragon’s Breath Make You Feel?

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With the tenacity of a dragon’s fiery breath, the Dragon’s Breath strain emits a powerful cerebral head rush that surges creativity levels and elevates mood. The high sets in fast and hits hard, but does not overpower the user and can cause them to spiral into paranoia or panic. Instead, the head high helps sharpen focus and allows users to divert their creative energy into the tasks that need to be accomplished. With a mood that has infinitely improved, Dragon’s Breath helps to elevate individuals into a positive frame of mind to get the day started on the right track.

Slowly, as the high wanes on, subtle feelings of relaxing and a gentle body high will take root. Stress and tension will melt from the body and users might find the urge to sit down and relax. Don’t fret, the Dragon’s Breath strain will not knock you out or sedate you, but help relax the body while the mind is left clear and free to explore.

Dragon’s Breath is an effective strain for medicinal use with various applications. Individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, or pain have noted that this strain can effectively combat these symptoms and lighten the mood. Although this strain does not produce strong feelings of sedation, the gentle embrace of relaxation that this strain produces can help users suffering from insomnia rest easily.

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Where Can You Get Your Hands On Dragon’s Breath?

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