If you’re looking to personalize and decorate your space in a way that screams “hello world, I stoner and I’m proud of it!”, consider getting your hands on a unique, heady weed tapestry. Below we’ve broken down what a weed tapestry is and why they’re culturally significant, along with a few different types and some of our favorite and highly recommended selections. 

What Is a Weed Tapestry? 

Tapestries have been used historically as large art pieces to decorate castles and other important monuments. They’ve come a long way from hand-woven silk adornments with ruby and emerald facets and gold floss to what they are today. Regardless of material, they still have a luxurious feel and are used for self-expression and art appreciation. 

A weed tapestry says “hey, I appreciate unique and trippy art, and so should you”. They are designed by stoners for stoners, which is why you can see them in every head shop, hookah bar, stoner bedroom, and smoke spot, both in your imagination or real life. Since they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors and offer so many unique and inspiring designs, they’ve become an integral part of stoner culture. 

Everyone who smokes seems to find the beauty in little things and tapestries are a great way to surround yourself with art and creativity, positivity, and a deeper expression of self. 

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Where To Find Weed Tapestries 

weed tapestry

Weed tapestries can be found in practically every 420-friendly store. You can look for them at most head shops or glass galleries, though you’ll find the biggest selection of stoner tapestries online. You can browse a variety of websites or create custom designs to suit your likes and dislikes. If you’re looking for something unique and one of a kind, start with Etsy. You can also find cool weed tapestries on Amazon or Redbubble. 

Types Of Weed Tapestries 

There are tons of wall hangings and tasteful tapestries out there that promote self-expression. Stoner tapestries are often found in bedrooms as well as chill pads and smoke rooms, instigating a massive shift to the overall appearance and vibe of the room. Each trippy design says a lot about you and your mind, but the vast majority of the styles can all be lumped together into five main categories:

  • Mandala Tapestry — The mandala represents a person’s spiritual journey, making it a popular accessory for stoner smoke rooms, bedrooms, and chill spots. The mandala represents the universe and the way everything in it is interconnected. That said, you can find stoner tapestries with mandalas on them nearly everywhere you go. They come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors, but can easily be recognized by their infinitely spiraling designs.
  • Trippy Tapestry — A psychedelic tapestry involves a detailed design featuring bright colors, shapes, concepts, and visual effects that make them a marvel to admire while tripping off magic mushrooms or smoking weed. They often take the form of cartoon characters with a notably melty look to them, or extra eyes, shapes, and colors. However, trippy tapestries are all designed to offer unique visual effects that are fun to look at under the influence. 
  • Marijuana Tapestry — Weed tapestries are thoroughly designed with the iconic cannabis plant in mind. They often depict various types of cannabis or weed paraphernalia, although they almost always illustrate cannabis or hemp leaf designs. If they’re weed-related, they’re considered marijuana tapestries. In addition to weed leaves, they often range in colors and may have stoner sayings, symbols, or graphics on them. 
  • Tie-Dye Tapestry — The title of this category speaks for itself. Tie-Dye tapestries are some of the most popular tapestries available for stoners. They range in all sorts of different colors and sizes and typically include a variety of unique graphics. Many tie-dye tapestries are adorned with mull leaves, pot leaves, and rasta leaves. However, the tie-dye background can hold a variety of graphics, including zodiac symbols, weed girls, and more. 
  • Colored Tapestries — Colored tapestries are usually a colored background with a graphic printed on the front. There are colored tapestries to match every color and style, including purple weed tapestries, rasta-colored tapestries, and more. They usually have a cool design on them, too. Zodiac symbols, phases of the moon and sun, cartoon characters, pop culture, and unique designs frequently make their way onto colored tapestries. 

Custom and DIY Wall Hangings 

Sometimes the best expression of self you can put in your stoner pad is an expression of your own creativity. If you’re feeling creative, you can always make your own tapestries with a few supplies you may already have on hand. 

What you’ll need to start is a big white sheet. Most tapestries are made from wool, but you can make them out of many different types of materials. The first thing you’ll do is stretch your fabric over a sheet of plywood so that it holds still while you decorate it. Simply use push pins to hold the fabric down while you work. 

From there, get creative and make it your own! You can use colors like red, green, and yellow to make rasta leaves, or you can use stencils to help you design anything you like. Fabric paints, inks, and dyes all work great on tapestries. Purple tapestries can be made by spray painting the background of the sheet and using stencils to add things like zodiac signs, mandalas, pot leaves, or anything else that holds some significance to you. 

If you want to make a tie-dye tapestry, you can tie-dye your sheet as normal by folding it up and dyeing it in the usual fashion. You can even make a tie-dye pot leaf tapestry by following the tutorials in this video

Finally, once you have your design down and you’ve allowed the tapestry to dry, you can add fasteners and other wall hangings to complete the look. If all of that sounds like too much work, try talking to an artist on Etsy to help bring your vision to life. 

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15 of Our Favorite Weed Tapestries 

weed tapestry

There are all sorts of amazing tapestries out there for stoners of all different lifestyles. Below we’ve broken down a list of our favorite tapestries based on designs and interests.

  1. Best weed leaf tapestry — Our favorite weed leaf tapestry is a unique version of a weed leaf. This artistic tapestry is a great choice for anyone looking for something a little artsier while showcasing their love of weed, starting at only $28.
  2. Best trippy tapestry — This $14 tapestry is super heady if you’re looking for something trippy and otherworldly. It features the sun and the earth and all manner of different faces to get lost in while you stare at it, mesmerized. It’s a very unique and interesting piece, to say the least. 
  3. Best psychedelic tapestry — If you’re looking for another psychedelic weed tapestry, check out this one. It features bold blue, green, and purple colors as well as an electrifying zeal and iconic hemp leaf. Starting at $29, this is an excellent tapestry for all your decorative stoner needs.
  4. Best mandala tapestry This $15 tapestry comes paired with special viewing glasses, boasting unique and trippy 3D effects. This mandala tapestry also features weed alongside bold colors that enhance the 3D effects.
  5. Best rasta tapestry — Our favorite rasta leaf tapestry doubles up as a fantastic mandala tapestry since its beautifully rich colors seem to go on and on forever. The 3D Rasta Marijuana Leaf Spiral Tapestry will run you $32 and even comes with special viewing glasses to transform the visual experience. 
  6. Best nature tapestry — Nature is deeply inspirational, and, as you can imagine, there are hundreds of nature-inspired designs for weed tapestries. Some of them are inspired by heady and trippy designs and colors. This one is our favorite and will run you $30.
  7. Best tie dye tapestry — While there are hundreds of tie-dye tapestries, this one has a big pot leaf on it and features the iconic rasta colors. As a handmade item, this one will cost $40, but the bold color and uniqueness of the piece make it worth it.
  8. Best red tapestry — This multicolored tapestry offers bold red color and lots of pot leaves. It features a bright tie dye background, and more importantly, it’ll only cost you $15.
  9. Best orange tapestry — This orange and green weed tapestry features several mandalas and will only run you for around $16. This one is so easy to get lost in and sets the right ambiance for any smoking session.
  10. Best yellow tapestry — We can’t get enough of this yellow Snoop Dogg tapestry. Father Dogg makes a fantastic addition to any room where smoking is conducted. With prices starting at $19, do it for him. 
  11. Best green tapestry — This hemp tapestry features a lovely electric green color accented by solid black outlines and definitive features. It also doubles up as a tie-dye tapestry, and for only $10. It’s a fantastic addition to any small living or chilling space.
  12. Best blue tapestry — This blue weed tapestry features a lovely visual contrast with black weed leaf features and bold borders. It’s a must-have for anyone looking to add a splash of blue to their current decor. To top things off, it’s a steal for only $24.
  13. Best purple tapestry — This $24 purple weed tapestry makes a bold statement within any reputable stoner pad. It features an electric blue and purple weed leaf on a black background and is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits your stoner pad.
  14. Best weed girl tapestry — If you’re looking for something feminine, you can’t go wrong with this trendy purple tapestry depicting a stoner chick rolling and smoking a blunt. This $22 tapestry is a must-have for its mysterious aura and vibrant, bold colors. 
  15. Best tapestry with saying — We love this “come and take it” tapestry for its bold rich color and its powerful saying against prohibition. This 3×5’ tapestry will run you $10, so come and get it

Final Thoughts

All in all, if you’re in the market for a heady weed tapestry, all you have to do is start browsing. Once you find something you like you’ll be well on your way to decorating your space and expressing yourself. In the meantime, smoke a bowl, do your research, or start creating your own designs right now. If you appreciate art and like your space to reflect that, get your hands on one of these tapestries today. 

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