Las Vegas has a long, complicated history with Cannabis. Nevada in general featured strict laws around Cannabis when it was made illegal in 1923. Nevada were well-known for their strict, zero-tolerance policy regarding Cannabis. This was true of many American cities, but was particularly intense in Las Vegas where alcohol is so much a part of the local culture and economy.

This makes the availability of recreational Cannabis in Las Vegas such a blessing. Turns out Vegas is even better with weed. But where should you look for it?

We’re going to rate and review Euphoria Wellness, a particularly popular Las Vegas dispensary.

Euphoria Wellness Dispensary Review

Let’s be real – Las Vegas has a lot of dispensaries. Leafly lists over 50 dispensaries in Las Vegas. So the first question you’re likely asking yourself is “Why should I choose Euphoria Wellness over all the other dispensaries?”

While what makes one dispensary stand out from another largely boils down to taste, Euphoria Wellness has some objectively great things going for it. Here are some reasons you should visit Euphoria Wellness if you’re looking for recreational Cannabis in Las Vegas.

Late Hours

Las Vegas is a late night town. With it being so hot for so much of the day for a great percentage of the year, you often don’t feel like going out until the sun’s gone down. That makes dispensaries that close early less-than-ideal if you’re looking for provisions for your night life.

That’s the first thing Euphoria Wellness has going for it – they’re open late. They’re open to at least midnight, 7 days a week. They’re open even later, until 1 a.m., on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Extensive Menu

If you’re in Las Vegas, there’s a good chance that you’re on vacation. That means you probably don’t want to smoke, or otherwise consume, the same old strains you’ve had a thousand times before.

Euphoria Wellness have an impressively varied menu, with nearly every kind of Cannabis you can think of. They’ve got everything from flower to edibles to shatter. They also carry any accessory you could need or want and a full range of CBD products.

If you’ve been looking for a chance to sample all that today’s Cannabis culture has to offer, Euphoria Wellness give you a chance to do so under one roof.

Excellent Customer Service

One of the greatest things about the Cannabis industry is its friendliness, mellowness, and inclusivity. It’s a nice reprieve from the often brash and aggressive mood of more alcohol oriented establishments.

A nice vibe might be the single most important aspect in recommending a dispensary. While great service is common among many dispensaries, Euphoria Wellness go above and beyond. They truly extend themselves to make sure everyone who walks through their doors feels welcome and cared for.

This means that not only will you have access to a wide array of Cannabis products and accessories, you’ll also have a guide to help navigate them. There’s no discounting the power of a knowledgeable, friendly budtender. It’s somewhere between having a good friend with great taste and a sommelier willing to work with you for hours to pick out the perfect pairings for the desired results.

Euphoria Wellness Dispensary - Las Vegas 1 2023

Easy Pick-Up

Most of us use Cannabis to relax and unwind in some capacity. That means that getting your supplies should be as close to stress-free as possible.

Many aspects of life have gotten more challenging and stressful during COVID-19. Dispensaries have had to deal with this, same as any other industry. Euphoria Wellness have really stepped up to the plate, in this regard. They’ve got as close to contact-less ordering and pick-up as you’re likely to find in a dispensary.

You can place your order online and a budtender will bring it out to you. Curbside delivery for Cannabis is something of a dream come true for those of us who remember before Cannabis was legal. Drive through Cannabis pick-up means you can get some of the greatest strains in the world without getting out of your car!

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Free Delivery 

Sometimes you don’t even need to leave your hotel room to have world class flower, CBD, and vape. Euphoria Wellness will even deliver to you, for free, if your order is over $75!

Delivery does cut off at a certain time, though. Make sure you get your delivery orders in time to ensure you get your supplies for the evening!


If you’re in Vegas from out of town there’s a good chance you’re going to be out and about, seeing the sights and exploring what the city has to offer. That also means you’re likely to have some form of transportation, whether that be car, bike, or bus.

The good news is that Euphoria Wellness is easily accessible by any of these. Euphoria Wellness has plenty of parking space courtesy of the Robindale Road shopping center. It’s also quiet enough to be peaceful and stress-relieving, giving you a nice respite from the chaos of the Las Vegas strip.

Daily Deals

You know what’s even better than high quality Cannabis with great service? World class flower and Cannabis products for a great price!

Euphoria Wellness feature daily deals along with their already reasonable prices. Medical patients get an even better deal, with an additional 10% off. First time medical visitors can get $20 your first order of $20 or more, as well.

There you have it! Euphoria Wellness offer an impressively extensive selection of flower and Cannabis products, helmed by their friendly, knowledgeable staff for great rates and utmost convenience.

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