At the beginning of the month, a group of pharmacists in Georgetown, Kentucky worked with Ecofibre to plant industrial hemp in the company’s facility, reported WTVQ. The planting was led by former state legislator and current hemp farmer Chuck Tackett and joined by pharmacists who distribute cannabidiol (CBD) products.

Tackett says that hemp thrives in Kentucky because the soil suits the crop well. He explained, “It’s traditional tobacco area and what not. We have a lot of murray silt lone soils here perfect for this plant. It likes where it’s put when it goes out, it gets enormous.”

Ecofibre Hemp in Georgetown KY

Pharmacist Gary Glisson supports the use of CBD for various medicinal purposes, especially because it is not designed to get people high, according to Fox 56. He highlighted that it only contains 0.3% or less tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or the psychoactive component of the crop.

Tackett explained that state inspectors collect some of the crops during harvest season to see whether they meet the legal threshold of having 0.3% or less THC. Those that do not meet the requirement are destroyed while those that pass the test are cured and processed.

The crops planted at the end of June are expected to be harvested in October and ready by Christmas, according to Tackett.

The Ecofibre facility

Australian industrial hemp company Ecofibre recently opened its main office in the United States in Georgetown, Kentucky, reported Spectrum News 1. The crop has been present in Kentucky as a crop since it was first planted in Danville back in 1775. In fact, the state had its own hemp rope factory built in 1789. The factory, established by Elijah Craig, was one of the first hempen rope manufacturers in Georgetown.

Other manufacturers emerged in Kentucky including the one in Scott County built in 1890, which supplied around 90% of the crop’s production in the country. The fact is Scott County’s factory is just one out of 10 establishments at the time.

Ecofibre CEO and managing partner Eric Wang agrees with Tackett’s claim that KY soil is perfect for the crop. He remarked, “Hemp grows really well here. Everything about it was attractive for what to we do.”

Wang also noted that Georgetown is a great spot for the industrial hemp company because of its good transportation, good workforce, and its potential as a fast-growing area. Scott County also has great officials and community leaders, said Wang.

‘It’s good for you’

Ecofibre Plant Hemp in Georgetown KY

Tackett is positive that the crop can help epilepsy patients. He said, “Hemp will take care of epilepsy pretty much. There’s so many different cannabinoids that are acceptable to us as human beings.”

Glisson added, “it also helps with anxiety and sleep. I use CBD tincture at night. Never had a problem sleeping. I find out I sleep deeper. I dream more I remember my dreams I feel more rested when I get up.”

Regarding the growing popularity and accessibility of the plant in the state, Wang is positive that it “is here and here to stay” because it generates jobs and produces hemp products more available as items people buy every day.



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