Recently we’ve seen Dutch Treat hitting the menus at some of our favorite gifting and delivery services here in DC. If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam, you’re probably familiar with just how prevalent the Dutch Treat strain is. This balanced strain has graced coffee shop and dispensary menus for decades thanks to its sweet flavors, earthy aromas, and balanced mix of effects that are useful for both medical patients and recreational users alike. Here’s everything you need to know about the Dutch Treat strain, including its lineage phenotypes, smell, taste, effects, medical uses, and cultivation best practices.

Dutch Treat Strain

Dutch Treat Strain: Background 

Dutch Treat is an 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid with a unique heritage. We’re not 100% sure which exact strains make up Dutch Treat or who first propagated it, but we do know that it’s a descendant of the famous Northern Lights indica. It’s also descended from Skunk, a potent landrace hybrid, and Haze, which is one of the most popular sativas to ever grace dispensary menus. This strain packs a punch at 18-25% THC, which is pretty high for a strain that has been in circulation for decades. This heavy indica offers both an uplifting mental effect along with a deeply relaxing physical effect that makes it a great choice for both medicinal and recreational use. 

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Dutch Treat Cultivation 

Dutch Treat grows well with little to no hiccups. However, to really make it shine, Dutch Treat appreciates moderate humidity levels and to be kept a good distance from the lights. It’s hardy plant structure makes it a good choice for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, however the plant will be more susceptible to damage from the elements. All in all, Dutch Treat should be monitored during flowering for humidity levels to avoid mold or powdery mildew. Care should also be taken early on to top and train, keeping her growth manageable and helping the plant promote its best yields. 

Dutch Treat Appearance 

Dutch Treat plants grow in standard indica-dominant fashion, with bushier plant structure, viney undergrowth, and broad water leaves. The flowers themselves are quite pretty, though more can be coaxed out of the plant with proper topping and training early on. Each cola is standard sized, boasting lots and lots of sticky trichomes thoroughly covering the flowers, the sugar leaves, and the stems. Each cola can be broken down into smaller, lightly-packed flowers, ranging in shape and size from spade-like to oblong to almond. Each bud is a light green to yellow in color, throwing purple hues if grown in cooler environments. On each one you can find a ton of orange pistils and lots of crystalline trichomes. 

Dutch Treat Strain

Dutch Treat Scent, Flavors, and Effects 

Dutch Treat is a cut of classic cannabis hailing from Amsterdam itself. It’s been a staple in many coffee shops for its unique flavor profile and for its balanced effects that can chase away sour moods and provide heavy-handed physical relief. 

The Dutch Treat strain has a very bright and herbal aroma. As it grows, the strain promotes and earthy herbaceous aroma that tends to come across as pine or eucalyptus. As the strain dries, the flowers become more earthy, though that eucalyptus aroma still shines through. If you grind the flowers up, they tend to release a lot of unique aromas, including a sweet, fermented fruit aroma mixed with pine and more eucalyptus. 

The flavor profile is quite similar in the sense that it can start of one way and finish with a completely different set of tastes. On the inhale, Dutch Treat is notably sweet and piney. The smoke is very thick and earthy, bringing more pungent flavors of earth and spice forward, creating for a cough-inducing smoke. The exhale leaves behind a notable sweetness, similar to sweet, fermented fruits, leaving behind a eucalyptus-forward aftertaste. 

The Dutch Treat strain is pretty balanced as far as effects go. Genetically speaking, the strain is indica-dominant, though the onset of the effects are definitely more sativa-leaning. The first impression of the strain is that of a near-instant head rush that grabs and captivates you as you exhale your first puff. It’s often been described as intensely euphoric, yet upbeat, allowing you to focus and get your creative juices flowing. However, those indica effects are still pretty potent and readily available. As your mental effects shift, Dutch Treat settles in the body, creating a numbing effect that tends to leave people either couch-locked or deeply relaxed. 

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Dutch Treat Medical Uses 

Between this great mix of effects and a moderate to high level of THC ranging from 18-25% THC, Dutch Treat is a common choice for medical patients seeking relief from a variety of ailments. Since the effects are primarily in the body, you can expect it to promote powerful relief from pain, inflammation, insomnia, and headaches. However, Dutch Treat really shines on the mental side of things too, battling chronic stress and the symptoms of depression with ease. The strain’s focusing effects are also effective for ADHD, PTSD, and ADD. 

Dutch Treat Review 

Dutch Treat is a delectable delight. We think you’ll love it for its above-average THC levels and its balanced mix of effects that has made it a staple in coffee shops across Amsterdam for decades. The sample buds we were given were gorgeous. Quite dense, but popcorn shaped and sticky. The bag reeked of sweet, earthy fruits and terp-rich pine and eucalyptus. The high took hold quickly and left us feeling extremely happy, giggly, and euphoric, leaving a stress-free, relaxing and soothing effect on us. If we had to rate the strain, we’d probably go with a 4.8. The strain is a perfect example of what quality cannabis looks like, but it loses a few points for its old-school factor. Regardless, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Dutch Treat is perfect as it is and we think you’ll love it, so be sure to grab yourself a taste the next time you see it on the gift menus at your favorite smoke shops, Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality Dutch Treat Strain seeds here is a great place to try.

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    one of my favorite strains currently. this strains aroma profile pre lit was very pleasant. it reminded me of fruit punch. once lit the flavor profile matched the aroma, berries, and light citrus is what I tasted. The high is very pleasent and packs alittle of a surprising punch at first then mellows into a both head and body high. I noticed my self talking more then usual.