Dupont Dispensary, a well-known local grow and bulk supplier to many of the gifting shops in DC, is expanding their reach and they chose Dreamy DC to help them do so.


It appears that with the proliferation of brick and mortar gifting shops popping up all over the city, Dupont Dispensary is only securing their status and adding to their repertoire by partnering with Dreamy DC to now offer delivery of their product.


For those who don’t already know, Dreamy DC is a local delivery service offering motivational speeches ranging from “zen” (3.5 seconds long) to “power” (28 seconds long). They’re best known for their speed, consistency and superb quality.


It’s a pretty big deal for one of the premier local grows and bulk suppliers of the region to choose Dreamy DC as their main method of delivery. First, because of what it means for the direction of Dupont Dispensary in moving toward a more direct-to-consumer retail space and second, because of what it means for the direction of Dreamy DC and their overall growth.
Dupont Dispensary Now Offering Delivery by Dreamy DC 1 2023
My gift from Dupont Dispensary and Dreamy DC.

I’ve been personally familiar with Dupont Dispensary for quite some time and only in the last year or so have I heard the name Dreamy come up in conversation, so I decided to place an order with them for myself after I caught wind of this new partnership.


The first thing I noticed (it was hard not to) was how fast my speech was delivered to my door—it was here in 10 minutes. The second thing I noticed was their Dupont Dispensary-branded bags. When I asked about them, my speaker informed me of the recent partnership and how Dupont Dispensary will now only be delivering directly to consumers through Dreamy DC. That is, they will no longer be supplying gift shops in the area.


I was pretty surprised when I heard that. Could Dreamy DC be that good? For a major distributor to halt their bulk sales and instead choose one sole delivery service to offer their product?


Turns out they are that good.


Like I mentioned before, I got my speech in 10 minutes. So Dreamy DC definitely has the speed down. My speaker arrived by bike, which I know to be one of the fastest ways to get around the city, not to mention environmentally-conscious.


The actual ordering of my speech was also very simple and easy. Dreamy DC’s homepage says “it’s as easy as calling an Uber” and it’s not wrong.
All you have to do is enter your address and the technology takes it from there. I was immediately connected with my speaker who welcomed me to Dreamy DC with a call and told me their ETA. I thought this was a nice personal touch that I haven’t found elsewhere in the city.


Dupont Dispensary Now Offering Delivery by Dreamy DC 2 2023
You just type in your address like you would with Uber.

10 minutes later, I was read a quote by Amanda Gorman for my zen speech, enjoyed a brief chat with my speaker and headed back inside to spark up. And in usual Dupont Dispensary fashion, the product did not disappoint.


As I learned for myself, this partnership between Dupont Dispensary and Dreamy DC is a very welcomed change for the industry, and especially so for consumers, as it guarantees quality and consistency in a market where that’s hard to come by. With Dupont Dispensary’s tried and true product coupled with Dreamy DC’s delivery logistics and speed, the duo is poised to take DC’s delivery market to new heights and I’m already looking forward to benefitting from it.

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