If you live in DC, you need to check out DC Finest! One of the hottest and newest delivery services to take DC by storm! Get some of the highest-quality cannabis flower and various other cannabis goodies right to your door! With tons of products at their disposal, cannabis connoisseurs are sure to find just what they’re looking for. 

If you’re interested in learning more about DC Finest, stay tuned. This article gives you the first, in-depth introduction to DC Finest and everything they have to offer. 


What Is DC Finest All About?


DC Finest is one of the hottest, new delivery services to take on DC. They offer a wide variety of cannabis goods ranging from flower to concentrates and more. Open and operational every single day from 7 am to 10 pm, you have every opportunity to get your hands on some high-quality weed. 

With top-notch deliveries, DC Finest strives to make ordering cannabis right to your doorstep as easy and reliable as possible. There’s no need to wait in long lines at dispensaries, schedule pick-ups, or blunder through endless traffic with DC Finest’s deliveries, giving pizza delivery services a run for their money. 

For individuals interested, you must be at least 21 years old to place an order as all products are for recreational use. Online ordering is available which helps to streamline the process and increase efficiency on both ends. DC Finest also provides great discounts for veterans!

You can check them out on Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest products drops and special deals going on, or reach out to them by giving them a call at (202) 845-1508. 


What Types of Cannabis Products Does DC Finest Offer?

Whether you are someone who prefers cannabis flower or someone who enjoys trying the variety of cartridge brands on the market, DC Finest has what you are looking for. Showcasing designer, exotic, and top-shelf cannabis strains, you can rest assured that DC Finest truly hones in and only offers the “finest” strains possible. Whether you are on the hunt for the most sedative indica or a divine designer strain, you’re sure to find something to your satisfaction with DC Finest. 


Top-Notch Cannabis Strains


Browsing the long list of high-quality cannabis strains that DC Finest offers is like looking at a catalog of the best cannabis strain in the industry. Whether you are someone who enjoys exotics or prefers to stick to the tried and true classics, there is something here for even the most experienced cannabis connoisseur to get a kick out of. 

Experience the height of cannabis flower with some exotics like Ice Cream Cake and Strawberry Lemonade or try your hand at their latest updates with Irish Cream and Oreoz. Perhaps you are someone who looking for top-tier strains for a special deal? The DC Finest House Specials are the one for you, featuring strains like Gelato 41 and Lava Cake for some truly unbeatable deals. 

Whether you are an experienced stoner looking for the newest and biggest strains to hit the scene or you are a newbie seeking to get your feet wet, there is something for every type of cannabis lover, no matter your walk of life. 


Hottest Concentrates In The Industry


Cannabis concentrates are some of the hottest, if not the hottest, cannabis products on the market today. With a new way to enjoy cannabis on-the-go, or using less product for more, there is a slew of reasons why concentrates should be on your radar. 

DC Finest doesn’t disappoint with its wide selection of the hottest strains and brands out there. Choose from a variety of shatter strains like Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), Gushers, Grape Ape shatter, and more. You have the option to get your shatter in either 1g or an ⅛ depending on your needs and what you’re looking for. 

So whether you are hosting a gathering with your friends or looking to re-up a personal stash, DC Finest has what you need. 


Indulge In Sweet & Savory Edibles


If you things all things sweet and sugary, then DC Finest’s edibles will do the trick. With a variety of flavors and candy types, you’re sure to find something that satisfies your taste buds. With DC Finest sour and apple gummy ropes to chili hot lime chips, there is a range of flavors to explore with their potent edibles. Buy one or get a bundled and discounted rate when you purchase three, it’s totally up to you and allows a greater room for personalization.


Don’t Forget About The Pre-Rolls!


If you’re one of those people that is looking for a truly simple and efficient smoking session, DC Finest pre-rolls are right up your alley. You have the choice out of a few different high-quality cannabis strains for your pre-rolls like Runtz, Wedding Cake, and Biscotti as well as the option to pick whether you want a single pre-roll or a bundled group of five. 


Get The Best Deals On Weed With DC Finest


Whether you are looking to buy in bulk or build up a personal stash, DC Finest offers some of the hottest deals in DC. With house specials on select ounces of cannabis or mix and match deals on their prized moon rocks, there is so much to explore and so many great offers to take advantage of. 

Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram to keep an eye out for any great deals or product releases that could drop at any moment. Make sure to mention 420DC to receive a special discount upon placing an order.


Why Should You Choose DC Finest?

What makes DC Finest so special? Is it their wide-open availability and delivery service? Does it have something to do with their selection of cannabis strains? What makes DC Finest special and different from the rest is that they emphasize providing high-quality, efficient, and reliable service with top-notch products to boot. 

Whether you are someone new to the cannabis scene or a veteran pot-head, there is something for everyone with DC Finest. With a menu that is bursting at the steams with the most popular strains and products, the impressive line-up that DC Finest provides their customers is hard to beat and keeps you coming back for more. 


Online Ordering


With a robust, online ordering process, DC Finest makes it even easier to get your cannabis right to your door with the most seamless process possible. 

Just browse the menu provided and choose the selected product, strain, and amount, adding it to your cart for review. Once you’ve selected everything you want, complete the process by choosing when you want to receive your order, delivery location, and payment information. All that follows after that is waiting for your delivery to arrive, it’s that simple. 

If you are unsure about anything and want to ask questions, feel free to reach out and they will help you select the right products or steer you in the right direction. 


Final Thoughts 

If, after hearing all of this, you’re interested in giving DC Finest a shot, head to their listing to review their menu and pricing. You can reach out to them directly by email or by giving them a call at (202) 845-1508. 

Remove the hassle and unnecessary steps when it comes to buying weed and rely on DC Finest and their top-notch deliveries to bring you everything you want, right to your door. 


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