Marijuana is perfectly legal for adult-use in Washington, DC, the nation’s capital, but it can still be pretty challenging to find it if you don’t know where to look. Without recreational access to dispensaries, figuring out how to buy safe, reputable weed can be extremely confusing.

If you have just moved to DC from a recreational state like Colorado or California, or if you just want to see the sights while on vacation, finding weed here can be stressful. Have no fear, though. Even though you might not be sure how to get weed in Washington DC, marijuana in here is plentiful, and you’re in the right place when it comes to tracking it down.

Below, you’ll find some of the best and easiest ways to get your hands on cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, CBD, and everything in between while you’re visiting DC.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for marijuana dispensaries with the strongest products, or if it’s the medical marijuana that you are after – we’ve got your covered. You’ll also get a taste of our top 5 favorite cannabis delivery services, pop-up events related to marijuana, and smoke shops in DC. In a moment, we’ll show you how to get weed in DC.

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Initiative 71 & Adult-Use Cannabis Laws in DC

If you’re new to the area, you may be wondering how DC’s adult-use laws work. In 2014, Washington DC passed the Legalization of Possession of Minimal Amounts of Marijuana for Personal Use Act of 2014, also known as Initiative 71. In 2015, Initiative 71 went into full effect.

This act passed legislation that allows adults over age 21 to legally possess and use up to two ounces of marijuana on their own. It also allows residents to cultivate their own cannabis for personal use, regardless of whether you simply want to get high or are interested in medical marijuana’s beneficial properties. The plant count is capped at six plants with a limit to three mature flowering plants at a time.

There are still rules, though. For one thing, it’s illegal to possess any amount of cannabis under the age of 21. You’re not allowed to smoke anywhere in public and are limited to consuming cannabis on private property. You can’t sell weed directly, or drive while under the influence. It’s also illegal to possess more than 2 ounces at a time.

Unlike most recreational cannabis initiatives, Initiative 71 does not allow for the sale of weed, so there are no marijuana dispensaries operating in Washington DC. The legislature leaves a bit of a grey area for cannabis, though. It can be traded or gifted but never purchased or sold directly.

Many cannabis brands and smoke shops in Washington DC get around this by selling a variety of products (like hats, stickers, art, smoke supplies, and t-shirts) or accepting charitable donations and gifting the cannabis with the purchase or donation for free.

It means that although there are no marijuana dispensaries in Washington DC, finding weed is not a problem.

How to Find Weed in Washington DC

Finding good weed in DC is all about knowing where to look for it. Luckily, you have 420DC on your side to help you choose between listed weed delivery services and smoke shops. Technically, you won’t be able to buy your marijuana from a dispensary, but there are other places.

We’re the number one cannabis listing and directory site serving the DC area. Delivery services, pop-up events, and smoke shops found on our website are all verified legitimate, so be sure to start your journey to find marijuana in Washington DC here. Below, you’ll learn how to find weed in DC.

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all the buzz

Order Delivery

In Washington DC, ordering delivery is the easiest way to get marijuana. Just like everything else these days, weed can be delivered to your door. This way, you won’t have to leave your home and drive to a nearby smoke shop.

Whether you plan to stay home and watch Netflix or just want to keep your privacy – delivery is the route for you. You can order food online – why not marijuana?

As we have mentioned before, you won’t find even one weed dispensary in DC, but there are other ways of finding marijuana.

You can find a variety of delivery services by filtering through companies listed on our website. You can also get a great deal exclusively from us if you go to our deals section.

Most companies list the products and strains they carry on their 420DC listing. You can also call, text, or email most delivery services for specific daily availability of marijuana products. All you have to do is find a delivery service, check out their products, make your decision, and schedule your delivery.

Many of these companies even grow their flower in-house. Be sure to leave a review when you’re done to indicate that the company you ordered delivery from maintains quality and transparency.

This way, you’ll let other marijuana-enthusiasts know if a particular business offers excellent services, or if their edibles are lacking in THC content or flavor, for instance.

Best cannabis delivery services in DC

There are many delivery services on our site but you can give us a call to help you decide which one to use. Here are the best cannabis delivery services in DC based on user reviews.

  • All The Buzz: Located on Georgia Ave, they have quickly become a local favorite. They always get new strains in so you’ll never lack variety when you want to try something new. Our favorite treat is their Georgetown Kushcake, it’s a delicious creme brule with a powerful punch. Tell them 420DC sent you to get a discount when you go
  • Purple Penthouse is quickly becoming one of the most popular weed delivery services in DC thanks to their highly curated menu, quality products, and top-notch customer service. However, they’re offering new deals all the time so be sure to keep an eye on their menu and call or text (202) 923-5766 to place your order. If you tell them 420DC sent you, they’ll bring you a free nerd ropes.
  • Legacy DC combined the passion for art with the love of cannabis to create the newest, high-end art studio and cannabis gifting shop in DC. Just reach out and give them a call to learn more or place an order, and head to their website to review their up-to-date cannabis gifting menu.
  • Gifted Curators has become a household name in the DC area thanks to their carefully curated menu of exceptional products, efficient delivery service, and amazing staff. Gifted Curators update their menu frequently and keep the promotions on their menu rotating. You can also get a free pre-roll when you mention 420DC.
  • Ghouse DC Ghouse is a top choice in DC when it comes to great deals, speedy delivery, private meetups, and quality products. They’ve been around since DC’s weed scene first opened up and offer competitive prices on flower, edibles, concentrates, and vape cartridges.To check out their menu, call or text them directly at (202) 602-7092.  Right now, if you tell them 420DC sent you, they’ll send you home with a free edible.
  • DC Lab Direct Weed is a new and premium B2C weed gift shop. They pride themselves on their wide selection of designers and exotic levels directly from a professional weed lab. You can also find an extensive selection of top shelf and premium flower here. Right now, if you tell them 420DC sent you, you can get their opening sale deal of a premium Oz for $60.
  • SinCity Gardens prides itself on its excellent customer service and large selection of high quality products. They specialize in a huge variety of cannabis flower, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, concentrates, and edibles. Best of all, they offer free delivery and a free pre-roll for first time customers. And if you tell them the 420DC referred you, you get to choose 3 different 1/8ths for $90.
  • High5dmv has something delicious for everyone, including flower, edibles, vape cartridges, pre-rolls, and concentrates. They’re open 7 days a week and offer both delivery and private meetups. You can save $5 on an ounce when you tell them 420DC sent you. 
  • Deja Vu offers one of the largest product selections in the city and easily some of the best quality. Here you can find over 50 different strains of cannabis flower as well as several types of concentrates, edibles, and pre-rolls.Right now, if you mention 420DC, they’ll allow you to choose from a variety of deals based on your tastes and preferences.
  • Flower Ave Productions prides itself on its exclusive flower selection. Their hand-curated menu features some of the finest quality cannabis strains available in DC, though you can also find an array of edibles and magic mushrooms here, too.They’re currently offering a great discount on flower when you mention 420DC.

Sometimes, shopping is the best option. If delivery and events don’t really do it for you, you can do it the old-fashioned way. DC is full of shops that can gift you cannabis with any purchase during regular business hours. 

However, they can be a little tricky to find on your own, so be sure to utilize 420DC to know for sure if your store offers weed as a gift with your purchase. Visiting a dispensary to buy recreational or medical marijuana would be more convenient, but unfortunately, due to DC laws, it’s not possible.

Shopping is a great way to get a better idea of the quality you’ll receive for your free cannabis gift. It also gives you the opportunity to buy local products like apparel and art from small businesses. You can find just about anything by shopping at stores that offer cannabis gifts, including everything from scented candles to stickers and more.

Best Smoke Shops in Washington DC

Many smoke shops in DC offer cannabis gifts. However, some don’t. Always call and ask what the gift policy is applied there before you make the trip to smoke shops in DC. Or you can give us a call at (202) 430-5781 and we can help you decide.

Here are our favorite smoke shops with a great selection. You can also check out the full list here.

All The Buzz – Located on Georgia Ave, they have quickly become a local favorite. They always get new strains in so you’ll never lack variety when you want to try something new. Our favorite treat is their Georgetown Kushcakes, this delicious creme brule packs a powerful punch. Tell them 420DC sent you to get a Free Preroll when you go.

Legacy DC: Legacy’s street art concept pairs perfectly with their wide array of high quality strains. Located in the center of it all on 14th & U you can enjoy DC’s bustling art and food scene while enjoying an 8th of your favorite strain. Make sure you mention 420DC for a free preroll when you visit.

Gifted Curators: Our favorite smoke shop is located in the heart of Adams Morgan. They carry so many different premium strains you cant go wrong with anything you choose. Tell them 420DC sent you for a FREE Exotic Preroll!

Ghouse: Located near Georgetown they have a large menu of premium flowers & edibles. And when you show the 420DC deal, you get a free edible.

Go to a DC Weed Event!

Cannabis is becoming a culture in DC. Every night, a variety of weed events take place around the city. These events range from curated dining events like Viceland’s Bong Appetite to private pop-up markets. 

To get in, you have to be over the age of 21, but you do NOT need to be a DC resident or a medical marijuana patient. You just need to get an invite by texting your info to the host. Check our Events section after 1 pm or join our email to get them in your inbox.

Since many of these events are held on private property, cannabis will be available for gifting and trading. Getting your weed from a dispensary won’t be possible, as there are no dispensaries in DC, but as they say – weed finds its way. Events are a great way to network and meet people in the industry while also sampling stellar products after the meeting is over. 

If you are looking for a night out, then a 420 event can be the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. 420DC posts a wide array of events every day on our blog, email list, and Twitter page, so be sure to check daily!

Schedule A Meetup

If you want to meet at a convenient and safe location in DC then a meetup is for you. This way you don’t have to go to a shop or wait around in the house, instead if you plan on being at the wharf or in Georgetown you can have someone meet you there. Our favorite meetup service is Ghouse DC. give them a try and you will get a free edible when you meet with them and tell them 420DC sent you.

Visit A DC Dispensary

The reason we put this last is because you can only use this option if you have a medical marijuana card. Now DC does have reciprocity so even if you have a medical marijuana card from out of state you can still use it to visit a local dispensary. One of our favorite dispensaries is Takoma Wellness Center. Tell them 420DC sent you if decide to visit.

What if I’m looking for CBD?

CBD is also plentiful in DC. If you’re not looking for recreational cannabis, you can also utilize 420DC to help you find hemp and CBD products instead. Just be sure to check the “CBD” box on your delivery or smoke shop search!

Best CBD in Washington DC

CBD is available for both delivery and through the store in DC. Here are the top 3 delivery services and smoke shops that offer CBD in the DC area.

Be sure to check out our full list of top CBD in DC.

Purple Penthouse: If you are looking for high quality CBD this is the place for you. They have a variety of CBD and THC products on sale, they even have CBD dog treats for sale. Use code 420DC to save big!

Looking for Shrooms?

DC is a great place for everything 420 but if you are looking for mushrooms you can also now find those here as well. Check out our guide on mushrooms to find the best shrooms in DC!

Give Us A Call

If you have any questions about weed in DC or you’re looking for a recommendation on who to use feel free to give us a call at (202) 430-5781 and we will make sure you’re all set!

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