Imagine yourself floating in a calm blue lake, eyes closed, surrounded only by trees and patient winds. This is what it feels like to bask in the calming embrace of the Apex Kush strain. What makes this weed fix so unique from everything else on the market? Read more to find out all about Apex Kush and why you should get your hands on some. 

Apex Strain Background

Coming from exotic foreign lands, Apex Kush has all the allure of its international origins. It first sprouted into existence in countries such as Colombia, India, Afghanistan, Mexico, and Thailand. The strain was cultivated by crossing Triangle Kush with Uzbekistan HP

As an indica-dominant hybrid with a ratio of 90(I)-10(S), Apex Kush has a reputation for making stoners lightheaded and completely uplifted in its high at the same time. With THC levels reaching an average of 20.5-25.5%, the Apex strain works best for more experienced stoners versus newbies in the cannabis community. 

What Does the Apex Strain Look Like?

apex kush strain

Apex Kush is a cannabis plant that produces fuzzy, pale light-green flowers with medium, forest green leaves accenting its frame. Light green and vivid amber hairs are scattered throughout the foliage, adding an extra layer of dimension and allure. The result is a compilation of calming colors that suit the strain and its relaxing nature perfectly. 

Trichomes cover its buds as its frostiness takes the forefront over the rest of its appearance. The nugs themselves are compact and chunky with equally understated hues like traces of amber adding pops of vibrancy. 

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How Does the Apex Strain Smell?

Apex Kush can give off a variety of fragrances. It is a mixture of fruity and sweet as well as earthy and spicy. With a combination like this, you won’t get tired of it easily as there will always be something to pique your intrigue.

The terpenes present in the Apex strain not only enhance the overall aromatic profile but the general experience for smoking this strain, emphasizing certain effects while creating a baseline ambiance that lulls users to the height of the high. 

Myrcene emits a fruity smell reminiscent of freshly cut mangoes. Adding to that, Humulene is a terpene that adds that tropical, pineapple flare to the mix. Lastly, Geraniol allows for lavender, woody, and pine smells— just the scents you imagined while floating in a lake and succumbing to pure relaxation.

What Does the Apex Strain Taste Like?

Your first toke on this strain will surprise you as you’ll be met with a myriad of rich flavors all at once. From fruity melt-in-your-mouth goodness combining mango and pineapple notes to woodsy hints of lavender and pine, there is a lot to take in and indulge the senses. 

Apex Kush will take you to a cabin in the woods with a fresh batch of fruits for you to enjoy for some deep relaxation. Just don’t be surprised because it can also lend itself to more earthy undertones as well as some intriguing dashes of coffee, chocolate, and of course: kush. 

How Does the Apex Strain Make You Feel?

Your mind will be at a new level of tranquility, rocked by a cerebral high and some haziness on the side. That extreme high uplifts and focuses you on cheerful thoughts and emotions. Your negative thoughts will dissipate and you can just feel yourself buzzed and settled into your body, at ease with the experience.

Apex Kush can make you feel tingly, relaxed, and focused all at the same time. Meanwhile, some side effects include possible headaches, dry eyes, and heightened sensory perception. These all come when you take higher doses than you are used to, so it is advisable to smoke in moderation while keeping tabs on your tolerance levels. 

What Are the Medicinal Effects of the Apex Strain?

Apex Kush has the advantage of making you feel happy and focused. Medical patients looking for these uplifting feelings or a strong attentiveness will prefer this cannabis strain. Those with ADD or ADHD will gravitate towards its ability to help them concentrate and complete tasks. On the other hand, its sweet and relaxing euphoria can aid those with Bipolar Disorder and PMS. Lastly, its pain relief opportunities also benefit people suffering from Multiple sclerosis and chronic pain. 

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How Can You Grow Apex Kush?

apex kush strain

Apex Kush is not the most popular cannabis strain with growers. It can produce only a small amount for its yield, which is not ideal for such a great use of space and time. For the few that deems its incredible relaxing qualities worth the trouble, it is of moderate growth ability, easy for any veteran, and just so-so for anyone else. 

You can grow Apex Kush inside or outside with a flowering time of roughly 62-75 days with a harvest time of 81-88 days. It can grow up to 30 to 60 inches and your average yield could come up to 2 ounces in a greenhouse and 3 ounces in an outside garden. 

Final Thoughts

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