$100 1 Oz Topshelf + 2 Prerolls

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1 review for $100 1 Oz Topshelf + 2 Prerolls

  1. Khalid Cosgrove

    Crooks #DontDoIt I order their 4oz special, and only one oz was smokable. The driver pulled up in with stapled brown paper bag stating I couldn’t see the weed before giving my money. Then said you can give me the money and take the weed to your car and look at it. I smelled the weed and some smelled like old grass and looked like very low quality weed. Absolutely nothing near what is shown in the pictures. When I told the driver I did not want the product he said call the office for a refund and pulled off. Since then I’ve called and text them and they blocked my number. Complete scam and fraud. They need to be under a prison to be robbing people and delivering weed that might make you sick or kill you!!!! #DONTDOIT BEWARE BE WARNED THEY ARE NOT OFFICIAL!!! I won’t stop until they are shut down!!!

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