For cannabis enthusiasts, almost everything is better shared with their favorite pals – from passing joints, sharing bowls of edibles, to enjoying cannabis tinctures together, the list is endless! In fact, it is safe to say that sharing is in itself an integral part of cannabis culture.

Similar to alcohol drinkers, the world of marijuana users is marked by a communal way of living. From parties, weekend hangouts, to normal group bonding, it’s no denying that marijuana plays a role in bringing people together. This is one of the many reasons why cannabis events continue to flood the world’s calendar to highlight the collective spirit within the community and celebrate the use of marijuana.

In D.C., especially, there comes a broad range of cannabis events that deserve to be part of any enthusiast’s must-attend list. From large crowds, lively music, exhibitions, to educational discussions, there comes a ton of features you can expect from these top cannabis events that are sure to leave you in cloud nine. For your guide, here is a countdown of the top three events in D.C. that you should not miss being part of this 2020.

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3 Cannabis Events in DC

  • National Cannabis Festival

Date: September 19, 2020


If you’re on the mood for a whole-day party that promises no bleak moments with your co-cannabis enthusiasts, attending the National Cannabis Festival should be on top of your 2020 to-do list.

Serving as a yearly, one-day event held in Washington, DC, the festival comes as a nationwide celebration on the progress of marijuana legalization in DC and across the nation.

For this year’s event, partygoers are sure to experience a fun, lively, and memorable festival marked by live music, tons of exhilarating exhibitions, fun and engaging discussions, as well as action-packed competitions.

Specifically, during the festival, you have the option to spend your day exploring and discovering demos, cannabis art, wellness products, and fashion trends from over 100 participating exhibitors. When you feel like you need to grab some snacks, you can also choose to visit the festival’s famed Munchies Zone, which lets attendees try out some of the best edibles in town.

Meanwhile, if you’re on the mood for some educational sessions, you can also opt to take part in the event’s 2020 Grow School program, which features demos and discussions from professional cultivators, cultivation center operators, home growers, and nutrient experts.

On top of that, you can also visit the festival’s Culture Pavilion, which seeks to demonstrate how cannabis interweaves with culture, and the Policy Pavilion, which serves as your ultimate hub to knowing all things related to cannabis legalization and policy.

To add up to the hype, you can also spend your night dancing to the beat of Backyard Band’s, Antibalas’, The Archives’, Lee’s, Blackwood & Graham’s, and DJ Farrah Flosscett’s lively music.

You can grab a ticket to the National Cannabis Festival 2020 by visiting this link.


  • Cannabis and CBD 101 by Spacycloud

Date: Multiple dates


If you want to ditch the wild parties and focus on a chill cannabis-related discussion while enjoying delicious food, registering for DC’s Cannabis and CBD 101 sessions by Spacycloud might be your best bet.

Whether you’re a newbie to the cannabis market or a hopeful medical cannabis patient, this event is sure to help you find answers to the most common queries surrounding the topic of marijuana.

Hosted by Spacycloud, a street wear brand and restaurant based in Washington, DC, the event lets you listen to demos and discussions relating to cannabis dispensary management, cultivation, marketing, and education, while enjoying tons of mouth-watering foods and beverages.

The place boasts of its hip vibe that features laid back Filipino-inspired hemp cuisine and kombucha cocktails. It is located in 2308 18th St NWWashington, D.C and offers street apparels as well.

To stay updated on the schedules of the event and a reservation, simply click on this link.


  • The Black Experience in Cannabis 2020

Date: September 12, 2020 and September 13, 2020


Serving as an annual event that seeks to bring together people of color who are into the cannabis industry, The Black Experience in Cannabis 2020 comes as a chill yet worthwhile event that features discussions, presentations, and engaging networking exhibits that centres on the narrative of the Black experience in relation to cannabis.

Among the topics that will be covered include an intimate discussion on the history of marijuana and its relation to the Black experience, social injustices, and marijuana’s medical use. Speakers of the event will include health professionals, cannabis entrepreneurs, and founders of advocacy groups.

What makes the event even more enthralling is that it is completely free and will only require attendees to be over 21 years of age and with a valid ID.

To know more about the event, you can visit The Black Experience in Cannabis 2020 FB event here.

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Other Details to Remember

  • One of the factors that make cannabis events in DC popular is their accessibility. Specifically, to attend one, interested individuals will only need to present their state IDs and provide a proof that they are over 21 years of age. Anyone, regardless if a registered marijuana patient or not, or a DC resident or not, can have the opportunity to enjoy their preferred marijuana event the way they want to.
  • While the C. Initiative 71 prohibits the direct sale of marijuana during cannabis events, attendees can still bring along their favorite marijuana products with them to get the most out of their event experiences.


The Bottom Line

Ready to experience the kind of ecstasy you’ve never felt before? Whether you’re simply looking for a nice place to relax and chill with your co-cannabis enthusiasts or aching for a wild event that will let you party till the sun’s down, expect that you will never run out of worthwhile experience here. Check weed delivery and events in DC here.

Which among these events do you fancy attending? Reserve your slot and invite your friends as early as today!

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