Some of the biggest names in cannabis circles have delectable names like “Girl Scout Cookies” or “Gelato”. With a name like “Bear Dance,” you might not know what to expect from this strangely yet enticingly named strain. The two words evoke joy and get loose, but will you feel all those things when you get a toke out of this one? Read on to find out more about these nugs. 

Bear Dance Strain Background

Colorado’s 303 Seeds has a lot to say about Bear Dance, probably because they made this strain themselves. It is a cross between Snowcap as the mother and Pure Kush plus Uzbeki Hashplant as the father. One experience with the Bear Dance strain and you can see the influence of its origins with Snowcap bringing on the lemon taste and flavor while Pure Kush X Uzbeki Hashplant adds in some much-needed, pure relaxation. None of this is by mistake; 303 Seeds is known for creating relevant and effective medical marijuana strains. 

There’s a reason why Bear Dance is famous in its hometown of Colorado. It boosts the mood of its patients with its 70-30 sativa-dominant hybrid ratio. Its strengths lie in its high THC levels averaging around a whopping 30-33%. This is one strong bud. If you’re from Colorado and looking for weed in DC you might want to read this. Bear Dance is surely a favorite wherever you can find it.  

Bear Dance Profile

bear dance strain

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The actual Bear Dance plant looks quite calming, some long thin leaves sprouting out and holding fresh flowers with faint orange hairs. Once Bear Dance gets dried and cured, it might look like small pale green grapes. It is certainly laid back with its low-key looks; however, that is not where this strain is designed to shine. Razor-thin amber hairs are sprinkled across its body but it remains a muted green covered in a healthy coating of light purple crystal trichomes. This relaxation carries over to its smell with just a little hint of liveliness. 


The fragrance of Bear Dance is a strong mix of sour and spicy with notes of fresh lemon. It can be very herb-like but its pungency and earthiness will surely stomp in for the dance number that is its flavor. 


Bear Dance opens with an inhale of earthiness and menthol. It jumps into a sweet taste and then a spicy one. Every exhale marks more and more flavor revealing just how complex this strain is. Your favorite could be the sweetness it holds in its blueberry, chocolate, and cheese combination. Some even say there’s some apple in there. You will want to try this one out yourself to feel all the flavors on your own. 


Yes, each step on your tastebuds can be incredibly refreshing to your entire body. Wait ‘til Bear Dance runs you down with a performance worthy of a standing ovation. First, you can relax with just a small mix of chattiness. You can get creative at this time, pulling out a painting or some paper to write. It eases your mind, putting you into a calm state next. 

Soon the giggling will increase, your mood lifted and your energy rises into euphoria. Then you can’t keep the laughter in, the climax of the show has almost arrived. And bam! You reach your peak; joy and absolute elation. That is the Bear Dance strain and all of its cheerful movements of glory throughout your head and body. This all happens so fast you will not even notice that you’re already buzzed and ready for another task or activity. 

Don’t forget to have some food on hand though! Bears need lots of food and so does your stomach if you want to experience what the Bear Dance strain has to offer. 

Medicinal Effects

Due to its uplifting nature, Bear Dance can boost the moods of people with depression and PMS. Additionally, it can provide relief and energy to those who have chronic headaches, migraines, and cramps. On the other hand, the munchies you get from Bear Dance can also be of use to people who want to increase their appetites as well as those with anorexia.  

Activities That Go Great With the Bear Dance Strain

As said before Bear Dance can make you chatty and sociable, wanting to grab a partner to dance or play a game. It is an ideal strain for an intimate afternoon or night with friends. This bud can make you pretty rowdy so try to keep the circle to a small one and stay in a safe area while smoking it. 

Many prefer it in the daytime as an energy booster due to its sativa-dominant traits too. The spark of creativity you get from Bear Dance can also make it the bud you reach for to complete that song or drawing. 

Growing Your Own Bear Dance Strain

bear dance strain

The thing about hosting a bear dance is it needs a lot of space. The strain itself can stretch pretty big throughout its 9-11 flowering period. Even if you have the option to have it indoors and outdoors you might want to plan out how to go about growing some Bear Dance and where it would be most applicable for you. You can expect an abundance once you harvest the strain for yourself.

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Final Thoughts

The Bear Dance strain can either be one of those great and iconic party strains or one of those creative and busy morning fixes. If you require some quick energy, you know what animal to sway with.

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