According to Grand View Research, Medical marijuana has become the largest marijuana subsector. It’s estimated that it’ll be worth billions by 2025.

This means medical marijuana isn’t going anywhere. In fact, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to medical marijuana dispensaries. With all these new options, finding the right dispensary can get overwhelming.

To remove some of that indecision, let’s narrow it down to the best of the best. If you live in Baltimore, you’re in luck. There are many great dispensaries to choose from.

One of the most raved about dispensaries is Charm City Medicus. It’s no secret that is this is one of the best, check out any review website!

If you’re going to spend your time and money somewhere, you gotta be sure about it.

So why exactly should you make Charm City Medicus your go to? Read on to find out.

Capital City Care

Marijuana Laws in Maryland

Before diving into Charm City Medicus, it’d be remiss to not go over what’s exactly legal in Maryland.

The marijuana laws for Maryland are not strict but they’re also not as lenient as other more progressive states. Recreational marijuana is not legal. Marijuana possession of 10g or less is decriminalized and subject to a fine of no more than $100.

Maryland introduced a medical marijuana law in 2014. This allowed dispensaries and growers to provide medical marijuana to registered patients. Most of the time, they’re recommended by a physician.

People with medical conditions were now able to get a marijuana card. This gives them access to the many dispensaries scattered throughout the state.

The largest concentration of dispensaries is in Baltimore. This is the most populated city in Maryland and has a more relaxed attitude with cannabis than it’s more rural neighboring cities.

While there are plenty of dispensaries to pick from, let’s focus on Charm City Medicus, one of Baltimore’s finest.

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Charm City Medicus History

Charm City Medicus was the brainchild of Bryan and Amity Hill. When Maryland legalized medical marijuana, the couple decided to jump on this opportunity.

This wasn’t solely a financial decision, it was also a personal one. Bryan’s father was diagnosed with esophageal cancer back in 2011. He did chemotherapy and used various pain relievers.

When the chance to explore medical marijuana presented itself, Bryan helped his father explore that option. It must have worked out well because Bryan saw how it benefitted his father and with Amity, decided it was time to spread the good word.

They designed their dispensary by taking a little from all the other shops they’ve visited. This design included a security checkpoint and a comfortable waiting room. Customers could hang out in this room before their private consultations.

You can also enjoy a complimentary beverage while you wait.

The doors for Charm City Medicus officially opened on January 19, 2018. Bryan and Amity strived for professionalism while maintaining a cozy environment. With impressed loyal customers, the business has been booming ever since.

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What Are the Reviews Saying?

For almost all the most credible review websites, you’ll see five stars at the top of each page.

What are those reviews saying?

Well, let’s begin with the selection of products. Take one look at the Charm City Medicus menu and you’ll find all the options your heart desires. Everything from edibles to beverages, they got it.

There are even vegan edibles!

Unsure exactly what you might need? Charm City’s website seems to pride itself on having knowledgeable staff. They help recommend products depending on your unique circumstances. It’s clear Charm City is eager to excel in customer service.

In addition to their Instagram, Charm City Medicus also has a blog. This blog is full of discounts and sales. For example, they often have a Shake N’ Bake special which offers popular products for a discounted price.

These deals aren’t once in a blue moon either, they’re regular. So you can rest assured that you’ll be able to get a great deal on whatever you’re looking for.

Other reviews rave about the customer service. Here’s an example from Leafly:

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What an awesome experience. I absolutely love Charm City Medicus! Great service, awesome staff, quality products!

You may be thinking “sure, this sounds good but is it the best?” Well, several other reviews seem to think so. Take a look at this one.

Charm City Medicus is the best dispensary in Maryland hands down. From the always helpful and knowledgeable staff to the tasty menu with the best prices around.

When you look around at all the different review websites, you’ll see the word ‘best’ appear many times. There’s some stiff competition in Baltimore for the title of ‘Best Dispensary’ and Charm City Medicus is making a name for themselves.

Charm City Medicus Dispensary: Baltimore’s Finest

When it comes to medical marijuana, you want to spend your money correctly. This means not only finding the best products but also finding a dispensary with great customer service.

The truth is, there’s a lot of duds out there. It’s important to do your research so you end up spending less time worrying and more time improving the quality of your life.

As far as the best option in Baltimore? The constant five-star reviews tell you everything you need to know: Charm City Medicus dispensary is one of the best in the city. If you don’t believe it, try checking it out for yourself.

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