In the heart of Ward 7 there is a medical marijuana dispensary that a man on a mission owns to help people who, like himself, battle chronic pain and other ailments. The owner, Norbert Pickett, is a former basketball player whose passion for helping others heal has helped him establish Cannabliss as the best black-owned dispensary in Washington, DC.

For the best prices, atmosphere, variety, and exceptional customer service experience, Cannabliss is the dispensary with the best reputation and is the only choice if you want to support a 100% black-owned operation. Make sure to mention 420DC when you visit.

Owning Cannabliss is not the only claim to fame that Norbert Pickett has, but it is his passion. He is a patient first and treats all his customers the way he feels he wants to be treated, and this isn’t the only thing that sets this dispensary apart from the rest.


how is cannabliss dc the best black-owned dispensary

Why is Cannabliss the Best Black-Owned Dispensary In DC

Cannabliss is the best black-owned dispensary because they are invested in the well-being of their customers and their community. Canabliss was the first 100% black-owned and black-operated business to open in the DC area, and they are committed to keeping prices low with daily deals and discounts to get you in the door and keep you coming back.

Right now, if you refer a friend who picks up from them, you can get a free gram of flower on your next visit! There’s something here for every price range and predilection.

This dedication is also reflected in the vast number of products in stock. In addition to the flower you find, topicals, tinctures, edible, and pre-filled cartridges are readily available. More products are here than are in several other DC area dispensaries combined.

Then there is the ongoing want to make the dispensary a fundamental part of the community. Cannabliss supports the healing and relief that cannabis can provide and the idea of supporting the holistic uplift of all the facets of health and wellness. Wellness means including music, fashion, art, and food to involve and inspire the community through fun and festivities.

What truly sets Cannabliss apart from the others is its compassion for the patient. The care for their patients comes from Norbert, a patient long before becoming an owner. He encourages and promotes the uplift of the community through his slogan “community, culture, cannabis.” The real deal Cannabliss is a stand out for caring about people over profit.

You Need a Medical Marijuana Card Here

Cannabliss is a medical marijuana dispensary first and foremost. The medical portion is where the commitment to the patient and incomparable customer service is rooted. The compassion they show and the goal of providing access to quality, affordable alternative medication is clear from the get-go.

Cannabliss can also help you secure a medical marijuana recommendation and the accompanying card to allow anyone needing the medication the proper channels to get it. They are affiliated with a company that will even help you get the documentation for free, legally, and safely. Yet again, this ability shows the genuine commitment that Cannabliss has to their community and a holistic approach to healing.

By distinguishing itself as a medical dispensary, Norbert can establish the focus beyond a shadow of a doubt. Cannbliss is here to help manage chronic pain and other ailments by supplying an alternative to opioids and other harsh medications. And this comes from the owner’s journey to do the same in his life.

norbert is the owner and a patient
Norbert Pickett

Norbert is the Owner and a Patient

Norbert Pickett is a name you may have heard before, especially if you follow NCAA basketball. Pickett was a top college pick with Division One offers from 35 different colleges and universities. He is in the New England Basketball Hall of Fame, though basketball did not end up being his chosen path.

Pickett stayed close to the sports world and the DC area his entire career as a skilled sports marketer and media integration specialist. That is, until a car accident sidelined him, leaving him permanently disabled and in incredible pain. 17 Spinal surgeries, including lumbar and cervical fusion and disc removal, left him in physical therapy for five years and looking for relief from his chronic, constant pain.

Norbert then turned to medical cannabis. He used THC and CBD to wean himself from the opioid prescriptions and is now fully managing his pain using an alternative, holistic approach. And this is the story that sets Cannabliss apart from so many other dispensaries. Norbert is compassionate and very much invested in his patients because he deeply understands the need for the service he provides.

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Holistic Wellness

Due to his history with cannabis, Pickett is a believer in the connection between physical health and overall well-being. That’s why they are dedicated not only to managing chronic conditions and healing from trauma but also to the healing of the community they are in the midst of. All facets of a person are benefitted when physical health is taken care of.

The overall well-being of individuals and the community is why they often hold events for their patients and the general community in the 7th ward where they are located in the city. The sharing of positive energy and the jobs provided for the community benefit the dispensary and everyone else the dispensary may have any influence over.

Access to Alternative Medicine for Everyone

Cannabliss aims to provide other patients with cannabis at a low cost to help lead a better quality of life through managing pain and other conditions. Their goals reflect the idea of providing these services to patients to provide the best customer service and the best quality cannabis at the lowest possible costs.

quality, tested cannabis reliably sourced

Quality, Tested Cannabis Reliably Sourced

When you look at the their website, you can see that each offered product has a percentage of THC or CBD listed clearly, where you can quickly identify it. No products sold here are untested, and many are from reputable brands with a history of quality and consistency.

The dedication to tested and well-known product is an essential aspect of the business and something they take very seriously. Selling products that put any doubt about their origins or potency goes against the ideals that Cannabliss strives to achieve. Also, to have the ability to medicate appropriately, you need to know the strength of the cannabis and know that what the producer tells you is the truth.

Low Cost for All

The low cost aspect is vital at Cannabliss because they are providing something medically necessary that helps people manage chronic conditions that they will most likely have to deal with for their entire lives. Norbert knows what dealing with chronic pain means and is driven by the positive impact accessible alternatives have on the quality of life.

Deals and Discounts

Part of the low cost is that the dispensary offers deals and discounts frequently. Some deals are always available, like military and senior discounts, and some deals frequently change, like the daily deals, or there is a section of specials that are on a first-come, first-served basis. This way, people can spend their money in the most effective way for their budget.

Products and Purchasing

They offer offer all types of THC and CBD-based products, and they frequently update and get new products into the shop from trusted vendors. Types of products provided include:

  • Flower
  • Pre-rolls
  • Cartridges
  • Vaporizers
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • CBD products
  • Tinctures
  • Topicals

The staff goes out of their way to ensure every patient has the best possible experience when they stop by.

Ways to Purchase

Purchasing begins with a trip to the website to place an order or schedule a trip to the physical storefront. You can choose delivery, in-store, or curbside pick-up at the store. Be careful to choose which way to want to purchase, as each of the choices will provide slightly different product lists, discounts, and wait times.

The different purchasing methods make it easy for people using cannabis to choose what is easiest for them. A huge bonus when you have chronic pain because sometimes it hurts too much to get out of the car.

so is cannabliss dc the best black-owned dispensary

So is Cannabliss the Best Black-Owned Dispensary?

With everything we’ve mentioned Canabliss stands out amongst their competition as the best dispensary in DC. Being 100% black-owned and operated as well as providing quality products and amazing customer service makes them the top option. So we believe their quality selection and caring staff make them the best black-owned dispensary in the DC area: their priority is making sure you’re treated right!

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Related Questions

Where is Cannabliss DC located?

They are located located in ward 7 at 4721 Sheriff Road NE. They are open Sunday through Monday, from 11:30 am until 7:00 pm, and you can reach them by phone at 202-388-3000 or email them at members@[email protected].

What do I need to enter the store?

To enter the dispensary you will need a current photo ID.


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