Driving across California, Washington, Colorado, and Missouri, travelers can be attracted to tall buildings, famous landmarks, and centuries-old establishments. There’s more to walking tours, themed parks, and shopping; a rise in cannabis tourism led to increased visitors just to visit marijuana growing site, manufacturing, and consume products freely.

As the world faces ease in cannabis consumption, growing, and manufacturing, more people want to discover new places that offer a comprehensive tour and enjoy marijuana-infused activities. A rise in the number of entrepreneurs engaging in marijuana tourism is evident, tapping a huge market of cannabis enthusiasts.

There are places in the world that provide not just tours, but also accommodation, that allows cannabis consumption on the site. Tours consist of visits to museums, dispensaries with a huge collection of strains, growing facilities, and even marijuana establishments like spa, bars, etc.

Cannabis Tourism New Travel Trend

The shift to marijuana legalization allows more people to discover the wonders of the plant, its active compounds, and health benefits. Word of mouth isn’t only the reason why more and more people becomes an advocate, but also influence and pop culture and trends. With the popularity of CBD and THC, more people are drawn to the good effects of cannabis, not limited to complete relaxation.

Get a grip on the rise of cannabis tourism and the best destinations to visit.

Marijuana Tourism Pioneers

In the United States, Colorado is definitely the pioneer when it comes to cannabis tourism. The tour company, Colorado Cannabis Tours, provides a visit to two dispensaries, onboard cannabis consumption, and purchases. There’s a separate bus tour for the growing facility and glass-pipe blowing demonstration, for $89. This tour lasts for four hours and 20 minutes.

The same tour company is behind the Puff, Pass & Paint class. In collaboration with artist Heidi Keyes, participants get hands-on art class, access to art supplies, and take home canvas. This event started in 2015, which charges $49 per tour, art guidance, and materials. Participants are free to smoke marijuana while working on the canvas.

The concept was adopted by other states, with B.Y.O.C. rule, or Bring Your Own Cannabis. It easily spreads to other locations for the nice touch of art, combined with marijuana. The artist, Keyes, supported the movement, citing an immeasurable number of people creating magnificent artworks due to improved concentration.

Keyes mentioned how participants are able to use vibrant colors, moving themes, and out-of-the-box creations. As cannabis helps people to concentrate better, and think deeply, it helps people spill creative juices in the form of painting.

Following the success of the Colorado Cannabis Tours, Denver joined the trend and opened the My 420 Tours. This tour consists of a post-consumption walking tour to the Graffiti location in RiNo Art District. This is a 2.5-mile tour, screaming with lots of colors and artworks. It costs $29 per person, while the Sushi & Joint Rolling Class costs $79. The latter allows people to perfectly roll marijuana stash into a filter, but with background on a legitimate sushi rolling class.

All participants need to be 21 years of age to join tours and events. Non-US citizens need to present a valid passport to validate their age and enter cannabis establishments.

California also jumped on the marijuana tour trend and introduced the West Coast Cannabis Tours company. Based in San Diego, the tours include a fun and interactive visit to the 32,000-square-foot growing facility, classes, and purchase of California-grown marijuana.

However, laws are still in place to regulate the tours and provide safety not just to the community, but also to the travelers. The state enforces regulation on the number of marijuana passengers can consumer throughout the tour. Dispensaries they visit also regulate the amount of cannabis to sell, only less than 5 grams.

Colorado and Oregon also enforce the same rules of limiting access to marijuana while on the tour. The freedom is to simply consume the strain on a moving vehicle, and not go overboard on the supplies participants can buy.

Meanwhile, in Washington and Nevada, there are regulations on smoking marijuana in moving vehicles. Tour operators shouldn’t allow smoking of marijuana for educational tours. Seattle Kush Tours, for instance, only offers a comprehensive tour of the new cannabis industry, with stops to dispensaries, growing site, and glass-pipe blowing demonstration.

The authorities in Seattle also prohibit the use of cannabis in cooking classes. Tour companies and business owners need to use hemp as a substitute for cannabis. Cooking classes are not only limited to brownies and desserts, but also burger patties, pasta, and other dishes.

The Rise in Marijuana Establishments and Events

The success of the marijuana tour pioneers echoed in several states that legalize the use of cannabis. With more people turning to this wonder plant for health benefits, many developed interests in the plant and the process of growing it. Grow-to-Sell tours became the trend in a couple of states including California, Washington, Las Vegas, Denver, Colorado, and San Francisco.

Herbology Tours of Las Vegas even offers a herbology 101 tours to get knowledge on growing the plant, manufacturing, and selling to dispensaries. The three-hour tour, which costs $109, provides participants a chance to get insider cannabis knowledge, dispensary visits, visit the cannabis art museum, and access to edibles.

The museum, Cannabition, is one of the highlights of the tour, featuring the world’s biggest bong ever made. Participants get to witness awesome cannabis pieces and interesting artworks. Smoking marijuana here isn’t allowed, because the state enforces no smoking in public spaces.

San Franciso is looking to change the marijuana landscape in the state, pushing for a green light to allow cannabis in social clubs and consumption lounges. This is pretty huge in the state, where people can visit a pot lounge, buy marijuana, then smoke it. From the outside, the establishments look like trendy shops, but upon entering, people let go puffs of cannabis smoke, while socializing and having fun.

This new thing evolved and clashes with dispensaries that only sell the cannabis supplies. In these marijuana lounges, people don’t worry about hiding or being in the shadows. The experience is something new and promotes more people to visit the state. It’s a way of letting people enjoy marijuana in public, somewhat similar to entering a hotel or a restaurant.

Marijuana lounges started in Amsterdam in the Netherlands way back in the 1970s, and San Francisco is trying to pull this off in the United States. For this innovation, San Francisco is expected to get more visitors in the coming years.

States like Colorado are also thinking of adapting the consumption lounge concept and creating its own ‘hospitality spaces’, where people can enjoy smoking marijuana in BYOC clubs and dispensaries. Alaska will also permit these lounges soon, to attract more visitors, and increase taxes on marijuana sales in the state.

Aside from lounges, there are also tours to brewery and food carts, with a chance to try different edibles like ice cream sandwiches and other desserts.

Best Destinations for Cannabis Tourism

Planning an exciting vacation with more marijuana dispensary visits, museum hopping, and best accommodation for smoking marijuana or trying new CBD products? Here are the best destinations to visit when it comes to cannabis tourism.

  • Monroe, Washington

When it comes to cannabis tourism, nothing can go wrong with the freedom to smoke marijuana on site or accommodation. Monroe’s Mountain Views Tree House Joint is a spectacular location with a cabin vibe in the middle of the forest. A trip going here provides small-town feels, which makes the experience even more fun and exciting.

Monroe also has a great dispensary, showcasing award-winning strains. More than this, travelers can also enjoy other activities nearby, including skiing, hiking, and discovering waterfalls. Note that it’s still illegal to consume cannabis in public spaces, so consume one only in private properties.

  • Christchurch, New Zealand

The dramatic rolling hills backdrop is what makes New Zealand a beautiful destination. But combined with cannabis, the trip would be perfect. While marijuana is still illegal here, visitors can enjoy hemp products with low levels of THC.

Christchurch features a revolutionary Whakama Cannabis Museum, which boasts of 100 books on marijuana. It also provides ideas and illustrations on how politics and ancient cultures impact the consumption and use of cannabis. All in all, the scenic views, access to hemp products, and a visit to the museum make the trip to New Zealand totally cool and memorable.

  • Berlin, Germany

Because recreational marijuana is already legal in Berlin, travelers can try a number of strains. What get tourists into a rough road are illegally buying or selling marijuana products. Personal possessions of up to 15 grams are considered legal here, so it’s important to not cross the line.

The tourist magnet in Berlin, aside from the dispensaries, is the Hanf Museum. It features an open-air exhibition on the agricultural, manufacturing, and industrial aspects of marijuana, and the use of hemp. Visitors can see a variety of processes, from cultivating the plan, down to its many applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and textile industries. This 250-square foot museum is situated in Nikolaiviertel, south of Alexanderplatz.

  • British Columbia, Canada

One of the best destinations for marijuana tourism is British Columbia in Canada. Recreational cannabis use is legal here, as long as visitors are already at the legal age of 21 years old. The adventure takes off in the beautiful Vancouver Block, where quirky and interesting cannabis shops are situated. From cafes, dispensaries, and cultural hotspots, travelers can surely do a lot of things related to cannabis.

For luxury tours, travelers can also book Highest of Highs tour, complete with a helicopter ride to a secluded mountaintop resort. Travelers get to choose locally made strains and products and allow local chefs to cook a specialty dish, infused with the wonder plant. The best part is booking a DJ or a yoga instructor to the resort.

  • Denver, Colorado

The list would surely be incomplete without Denver, Colorado. This location isn’t new with marijuana tourism, as the authorities allowed recreational marijuana. Aside from the mountain vistas and cannabis shops, there are also a lot of things to do here. There are more than 300 dispensaries in Denver, and a Sushi and Joint Rolling class to perfect the art of making a joint.

Cannabis companies also provide safe transportation to get to marijuana establishments safely, and enjoy a number of activities. While public consumption is still illegal, travelers can simply visit designated areas to enjoy a dose of marijuana.

  • Auburn, Maine

Imagine a bud-and-breakfast with wonderful mountain views in Auburn. Now, think about this experience again while booking a room to Maine Greenyards.

This is a 16-acre land that prides itself on the famed bud-and-breakfast service. While the establishment doesn’t sell marijuana, they grow personal, adult-use plant in their garden, to be available to visitors, free of charge. The view is amazing, facing the ski slopes and hiking trails.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Marijuana tourism isn’t new to Amsterdam, Netherlands, simply because they started the buzz. The city prides itself as a cannabis vacation destination, popular in the world. It’s the best place in the world to buy ‘coffee goodies’, in reference to marijuana.

Dispensaries are disguised as coffee shops, so all the cafes here seemed to be packed with marijuana enthusiasts. The best ‘cafes’ to visit are Boerejongens, The Stud, Voyagers, Relax, Johnny, Grey Area and Katsu Coffeeshop Gallerie.

Cannabis Tourism New Travel


With the rise of the number of states and countries allowing adult use of marijuana, it’s safe to say that the industry will continue to thrive over the years. There’s no stopping, as researchers and scientists back the benefits of marijuana, and more businesses are joining the cannabis trend.

These are only some of the best destinations for cannabis tourism, but there will be more, as advocates grow in number. For safe consumption and travel, make sure to read on the latest regulations and laws on cannabis.

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