In the past years, the United States has been slowly undoing the effects of cannabis prohibition. One place where the legalization of the plant matters is the District of Columbia, the capital of the US. As the seat of the American government, this development in DC is a huge win for the community, medical marijuana patients and cannabis supporters. Cannabis tourism events in DC and surrounding areas are gaining attention nowadays.

Individuals who consume cannabis and who are looking to visit the capital needs to know what exactly to expect when it comes to tourism. This way, they know what is and what is not allowed, where they can access products and what marijuana-focused activities they can participate in.

The State of Legalization in DC

Before we start with what related activities you can find in DC, it is important to discuss the laws that apply to residents and visitors. According to the Metropolitan Police Department, DC has decriminalized the possession of buds to a certain extent. Only individuals who are 21 years old and above can carry up to 2 ounces of cannabis.

Washington DC, Cannabis Legalization

Cultivating up to 6 plants, with only 3 mature ones, is also legal. However, keep in mind that consumption of the plant in public spaces is not allowed, as well as selling any amount of the plant to another individual. Of course, people 21 years old and up with more than 2 ounces and carrying any amount if the person is under 21 are also illegal.

There are Cannabis-Friendly BnBs in DC

When visiting the capital for more than a day, you will need to check into hotels or bed and breakfasts. Those who plan to consume cannabis in the comfort of their accommodations need to make sure that the owners allow guests to smoke, eat or drink such products within the premises. Good thing DC’s accommodation owners are adjusting their policies to welcome adult-use consumers and patients.

Bed and breakfast hosting sites such as Airbnb and the more friendly platform Bud and Breakfast allows such activities. For Airbnb, it is up to the hosts if they want to welcome the plant into their properties. Once you find the right accommodation, you can simply order some products or simply hunt for the best once by visiting popular dispensaries in DC.

Attend Cannabis Events

One of the best things about having legal marijuana in your state is that organizations and companies can launch cannabis events that patients and adult-use consumers can attend. This is a great way to bring supporters and users together. Moreover, it makes information and the community more accessible to those interested.

Cannabis Tourism, DC

If you visit DC for the sole purpose of attending pop-up events and organized activities, you can use the internet to look for those held near you. Search engines and sites such as Eventbrite, and of course, 420DC are great tools in finding such affairs.


The Bottom Line

Marijuana tourism in the capital has never been livelier. With the more cannabis-friendly laws and mindset in DC, you have more reason to check out the cannabis community and culture that is budding in the district.

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