Whether you are someone who enjoys smoking cannabis or you own and operate a cannabis company in the United States, then the state of cannabis legalization most likely weighs heavily on your mind. Although the states have all decided to take their own approaches by going as far as to either legalize or decriminalize marijuana, cannabis is still illegal at the federal level. Conversations and debates are a hot-button topic when it comes to cannabis in 2021, with some people believing legislation is just around the corner while others believe that could take some more time, and shifting the focus on decriminalizing it might be a more suitable approach.

However, it’s clear that overall, opinions have largely been shifting in more of a positive light when it comes to cannabis, so legalization or decriminalization is no longer a pipe dream but something that is possible in the near future. If you want to learn more about the status of the conversation on cannabis legalization in 2021, check out his video to learn more!

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