The world was hit by a deadly virus that killed thousands of people not only in China but in other countries. The NCOV-19 or coronavirus is an illness that attacks the respiratory system, causing severe pneumonia, similar to MERS and SARS. The deadly virus has an incubation period of 2 to 14 days, making it extremely infectious if not contained or treated.

The virus was considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) pandemic, affecting the lives of millions of people. The stock market was gravely hit, not to mention the economies of different countries went south for the past month. Indeed, coronavirus shocked the world and caused a lot of changes in the way people live.

Because of the virus outbreak, many countries started locking down gates of cities and provinces, collapsing the transportation industry. No one was allowed to fly to another country without being subjected to a strict quarantine. This is happening and people can no longer travel or go outside their homes.

If you are a medical marijuana patient and you need access to cannabis during this period, know that there are dispensaries open for business. Moreover, there are online sellers that can deliver high-quality cannabis and cannabidiol products in a number of areas in the United States.

Here’s a guide on how you can get cannabis in the time of coronavirus.

Dispensaries, Marijuana Dispensary in DMV

Essential Business

In the move to keep people inside their homes, all states in America ordered the closure of businesses. From malls to shopping centers, playgrounds, public spaces, and schools, all establishments deemed non-essential business is forced to shut. Good thing, there are states that allowed cannabis dispensaries to operate because it is under the essential business alongside grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals, banks, supplies stores, and childcare facilities.

California is among the states to label cannabis dispensaries as essential business and allowed these establishments to operate under social distancing rules. The same procedure is followed when a buyer can show a medical cannabis license to the staff. Los Angeles dispensaries are open for business amid the virus outbreak.

Aside from California, Colorado also issued an emergency rule adoption to permit online and phone orders with curbside pickup. The state also labeled dispensaries an essential business, which allowed residents to buy their marijuana supply during the lockdown.

Meanwhile, New Jersey makes it easier to get a medical marijuana license during the coronavirus outbreak. The Jersey Department of Health pledged to improve the access of patients to medical marijuana by allowing curbside pickup.

Other states that deemed importance on medical cannabis dispensaries include Connecticut, Washington, New York, New Mexico, and Massachusetts. Illinois, Michigan, Oregon, Maryland, and Ohio also loosened regulations on medical cannabis. In New Hampshire, doctors can provide medical marijuana prescriptions via telehealth.


Therapeutic Benefits

While there is no evidence claiming the effects of cannabis and CBD on coronavirus, these are used for therapeutic benefits alone. Cannabis-based products can be purchased for medical purposes, easing nausea, muscle spasms, and inflammation. Cancer patients can use marijuana to recover from the side effects of the chemotherapy sessions. However, those who are already positive for the COVID-19 don’t necessarily need marijuana to recover. Medical professionals can provide assistance to help patients recover from the disease.

Speaking of therapeutic benefits, those who are suffering from mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and other illnesses, can get access to medical cannabis and CBD products. With the intensity of the coronavirus, more people developmental disorders, leading to severe physical conditions like increased heart rate, difficulty in breathing, and other symptoms.

With cannabis and CBD products, people can calm down and ease the physical symptoms that affect their daily living. During this time, the rate of people suffering from anxiety increased due to the negative information and news, as well as the home quarantine. People cannot go out, employees are laid off, and people don’t have enough funds to get their needs. These things contribute to the state of mind of people who are experiencing difficulties at the time being.


Where to Get CBD In DC, Maryland or Virginia

In case you are in the DMV area, you can get access to high-quality CBD at dispensaries and online stores. Here are some of the trusted names for CBD that are open for business:


  • Pure Med
  • Exotic Blooms
  • District Connect





  • Bloom – Germantown
  • Remedy Columbia
  • Nature’s Medicines Medical Dispensary
  • Herbiculture Dispensary
  • Starbuds Medical Marijuana Dispensary Baltimore


High-Quality CBD in DMV, Coronavirus and Cannabis

Things to Know About Lockdown

The authorities are implementing strict measures to enforce social distancing. Some dispensaries  are open for business but customers are encouraged to use delivery services to avoid going outside.

The lockdown situation helps to lessen people contracting coronavirus outside their homes, that’s why most establishments are closed for business. Only essential businesses are open to serve people, like dispensaries. To avoid getting in conflict with authorities, make sure to bring necessary medical marijuana card and other identification cards. It would also help to buy your supply alone, without the need for a company.


Bottom Line

Getting your medical marijuana supply is possible during the city lockdown. As long as you have your card and you are near the dispensaries open for business, you can get your hands on high-quality cannabis. Check out the establishments mentioned for delivery services within DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

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