Stumped on how you could get your cannabis amid the coronavirus pandemic? While food chains are still up with their delivery services and groceries are still operational, cannabis retailers and dispensaries, on the other hand, are left with vague ideas on how they’re going to extend their products into their waiting customers. If you’re one among the many cannabis users, whether for medical or recreational purposes, you’re probably wondering how you could avail your needed marijuana products amid the ongoing global health crisis.

Fortunately, while the imposed quarantine across different regions of the world, indeed, limits your access to the drug, the good news is that there remain to be a few effective ways that will help you get your hands on your favorite marijuana and CBD-infused products without leaving the comfort of your home.

Curious to know what these methods are? Here, we have prepared an extensive countdown of the among the best options you could take to get marijuana despite the coronavirus outbreak.

Here they are:


Ways to Get Cannabis Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

  • Online delivery

In light of the imposed quarantine in different parts of the world, it is only natural for many to rely on online delivery services to get their hands on the things they need, even cannabis. In fact, according to the latest news from The Grio, sales of marijuana delivery companies have experienced major surge amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ganja Goddess Delivers in California, for instance, reported its month-over-month sales swelling to 20-50%.

Cannabis Online Shopping


To purchase cannabis online, there’s a list of steps you need to follow. Unlike when buying clothes online, purchasing marijuana via online cannabis providers cannot be done by providing your credit card information or using your PayPal account in the checkout. This is because while some states may have already legalized the use of medical and recreational marijuana, the drug remains illegal at the federal level; thus, most banks and credit card companies chose to distance themselves from the cannabis industry to avoid possible prosecution. Because of this, cannabis users can’t simply make their transactions online using their credit cards. Instead, they will need to engage in what we call e-transfer.


Here, we have elaborated on the necessary steps you need to follow to complete an e-transfer.

Step 1: Log in to your bank’s mobile banking.

Step 2: Look for the “Transfer” or “Send Money” option.

Step 3: Select the account from which the money will be taken.

Step 4: Provide the information of the retailer or dispensary you’re going to send money to. Among the most common details required to include their name, mobile number, and email address. You may ask your seller in advance about these details to enjoy the speedier and easier process.

Step 5: Provide the amount of money you want to transfer.

Step 6: Wait for confirmation.

Once you have received the confirmation, you may now simply stay indoors and wait for your delivery to arrive straight in your doorsteps. Some shops offer trackers as part of their delivery services, which enables you to keep track of the progress of your item and see the estimated date of its arrival.

  • Curbside pickup

Of course, going for online delivery still presents some possible risks. If you’re not willing to take that and prefer the speedy arrival of your desired item, you may turn to another option: curbside pickup.

In Michigan, especially, this practice has already been approved by Per Gov. Gretchen Whitmer via executive order on Tuesday.

As the name suggests, curbside pickup refers to a new retail service trend which is quite similar to a drive-thru setup. Under this type of service, customers can pick up their purchases without stepping out of their cars. To do so, they will only need to drive into the shop’s provided location and wait for their items to be handed straight to them while staying inside their autos.

Sure, while this may require the effort of having the need to go outdoors, going for a curbside pickup is often opted due to its low-cost, flexibility, and speed.

Some shops may ask for a pay-first rule while some may also provide a cash-on-pick-up, which makes the process a whole lot easier and more convenient for the buyer.

How to Get Marijuana during Quarantine

Tips for Buying Marijuana Online

  • Research about the online shop before purchasing anything. Make sure that they are operating as registered legal retailers. For list online dispensaries, click here.
  • Know the quality metrics of the products you are eyeing. Look for the information about the potency and quality of the products being sold.
  • If you’re buying cannabis for medical purposes, make sure to see if the product bears a mark of approval from a regulatory authority. Browse through the web to see if the item is legit.
  • Check the store’s customer support. Do they offer a delivery tracker? Are their line available 24/7?
  • Compare the prices. Go through their product catalog and compare it with the other stores’. Which presents the more favorable prices? If there is a large disparity in cost, double-check the source of the product and the background of the store.
  • Check what modes of payment the store accepts. If there are reviews available online, check for possible comments from previous customers and decide whether you should push through your transaction or look for another store instead.



The Bottom Line

Sure, it cannot be denied that the ongoing health crisis poses risks and inconveniences to cannabis users. As the legality of marijuana remains to move in flux, the imposed quarantine is likely to make the drug even more inaccessible to some.

However, thanks to these available options, you may still get the chance to get your hands on the different marijuana and CBD-infused products that you need. From online delivery services to curbside pickup solutions, these two methods will help you get the most out of cannabis even in isolation.

Which among the two methods do you plan to follow?

Check our site for the latest cannabis update or you can also look for the best online stores and dispensaries and order your preferred cannabis products today!

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