It might be difficult to share knowledge in the marijuana community because of the legal difficulties related to marijuana and especially marijuana production. As a result, participating in online cannabis forums is a great way to remain up to date, learn from more experienced growers, and pass on your own knowledge.

In this article, we’ll give you the popular cannabis forums and how they work for businesses. Read on to learn more.

Popular Cannabis Forums and How They Works

Different Popular Cannabis Forums

1. Rollitup

Rollitup is a website devoted to the cultivation of marijuana. The Grow Room” is a forum where you can discuss indoor, outdoor, hydroponic, and organic gardening, as well as potential plant concerns, organics, and much more. The Grow Room is a wonderful source of up-to-the-minute information because it has literally millions of messages.

There is also a “Cannabis Cafe” area of the site, which is more than simply about discussing marijuana growing methods. It’s all about “Toke n Talk” for some of them, while others focus on a specific issue like politics, “stonable quotables,” or health and well-being. Check out Rollitup if you’re a grower seeking a real growing community.

2. 420 Magazine

420 Magazine forum has fewer posts and discussion topics than some other forums, but that is exactly why many love it; they can get to know the individuals on the site instead of communicating with a large group of strangers. It’s not that there aren’t a lot of people here; there are tens of thousands of postings and thousands of topics.

Medical marijuana techniques of therapy and medicine are among its most popular forum topics. It’s a great resource for learning about the legal status of medicinal marijuana in various states around the country. There is a wide range of things to choose from if you’re looking for scientific evidence about marijuana treatment.

3. Marijuana Growing

Marijuana Growing forum is ideal for individuals who want to read and research rather than speak and meet people on a daily basis, as it has a smaller population than some of the others. Jorge Cervantes, the author of the New Marijuana Horticulture Bible, is the moderator of the forum.

He solicits input from the forum’s participants, which helps him improve his work while also educating the marijuana-growing community. Growing marijuana, medical marijuana, and other related issues are all well-represented in the forum. Over 150,000 posts have been made by members of this community. It’s a great place to start for any marijuana grower.

4. My Planet Ganja

If you’re willing to go through the previous entries, My Planet Ganja is a worthwhile resource. On the other hand, there are a number of active threads within its user base.

Make lasting connections with other internet users since you won’t have to wade through tens of thousands of posts and accounts. Garden Center, High Society, and everything marijuana-related is addressed in this website’s topic divisions.

5. Marijuana Passion

People who are interested in cultivating marijuana are encouraged to join our community. A “Bud of the Month” is shown at the top of the site, along with the name of the strain and the username of the photographer. There is a “Marijuana Photography” thread on this site dedicated just to images of marijuana. That doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of everything the site has to offer.

Beginner-friendly forums, basic growing information for indoors and outdoors, lighting and grow room setup information, grow diaries, probable plant health concerns, and an entire section devoted to advanced growing techniques are all available. Regardless of where you are on the learning curve, from novice to expert, you may find something of value on this site.

6. IC Mag

IC Mag, sometimes known as International Cannagraphic Magazine, has its own forum, and it’s well worth a visit. A lively and dynamic marijuana community may be found on the website at any one moment, with over a hundred members and thousands of visitors.

One forum issue, “ICMag Vendor Forums,” enables seed banks and other vendors to contact their target audience with updates and information because it is a magazine with its own vendors. Joining this forum is a great method to keep up to speed with a specific seed bank or vendor that you have confidence in.

7. is a place where people may discuss a wide range of issues. On the discussion boards, you’ll discover tens of thousands of postings ranging from photographs of marijuana to drug tests. People from all around the world are welcome to join in on the discussion, and those who live in the states where recreational marijuana use is completely legal.

Perhaps the most striking feature of this site is its extensive range of forums for marijuana growers. More than a dozen separate themes, each with thousands of messages and debates, make up the 12 total, not to mention the many sub-topics inside each one. As a marijuana farmer, you should join as soon as you can.

8. Grasscity

If you want to learn about marijuana cultivation or are already doing so, here is the place for you. Forums may be found in a wide range of topics. Bongs, water pipes, spoon pipes, vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and so forth are all discussed on the forums. There are forums devoted just to the topic of marijuana smoking and use.

In addition to information, applications, and medical news, there’s a medical marijuana forum. The Chill Out Zone features lifestyle, general social forums, people’s tales about their lives, music, sports, and so on, as well as the Marijuana News Articles and Reform Discussions. There is no better place to learn about the marijuana lifestyle than this forum.

9. Grow Weed Easy

An average of around 900 people are online at any given time at Grow Weed Easy, a popular marijuana-growing community. More than a hundred of these people are likely to become active members of the forum. “Anything relating to cultivating marijuana” is what this discussion is all about. Despite the fact that promotions and sales are not permitted, evaluations and sharing of experiences are encouraged.

Founded in September 2016, it is a relatively new website. One of the most well-known and well-respected marijuana growers in the world, NebulaHaze, was the inspiration behind the forum’s conception. It’s only natural that there’s now a place for folks to do precisely that.

10. Bluelight

It’s worth noting that Bluelight is a sub-forum, even if it’s not. Those who are interested in the scientific and social aspects of cannabis will find it here.

“Intelligent discussion of fundamental and advanced cannabis-related themes” is the self-described goal of this website, which shows that it is devoted to the study of cannabis. If you’re an analytical or data-driven person who’s interested in marijuana, this may be a great site to visit or even post.

Best Cannabis Business Social Networks

Best Cannabis Business Social Networks

A major roadblock for cannabis companies is the fact that they are subjected to excessive restrictions on social media promotion, and if they violate these limits, their social media accounts may be closed down permanently.

This has resulted in the creation of specialty social media sites, such as cannabis business social networks, that are devoted to cannabis consumers and firms in the cannabis industry, among others.

The availability of targeted audiences for your products and services has increased in recent years, and there are more platforms to choose from. To take advantage of a great social media marketing plan to build your business, you should consider joining these cannabis-themed social networks. Continue reading for more information.

1. Jane

Content on represents Jane’s objective to promote wellness via cannabis, making it the most known cannabis lifestyle brand in Canada. Other features include articles written by a team of medical specialists, interviews with influencers who have used marijuana for both mental and physical health, recipes for cannabis-infused foods, and a directory of marijuana products.

In order to enhance sales, a content marketing approach like this aims to provide marijuana consumers with knowledge regarding the medicinal properties of cannabis. Their articles are diversified, they interview influencers, and they include recipes for cannabis-infused foods.

2. New Cannabis Ventures

The online media website, New Cannabis Ventures, focuses on the marijuana industry and reports on all aspects of it. The majority of their material focuses on marijuana investment, legalization, new market prospects, entrepreneurs, and anybody interested in the marijuana industry.

3. CannaSOS

CannaSOS is a massive social network for the cannabis industry, with more than 300,000 members. CannaSOS is a social networking site with a cannabis-themed motif that offers forums, live chat rooms, and other services to members. People who want to meet cannabis consumers and companies will find a wealth of opportunities on our site.

Businesses may use the CannaSOS platform to promote their goods and services. To promote your cannabis-related company on the site, you may create a profile page with images of your product or service offers, post in forums, use advertising banners, and participate in competitions.

4. MassRoots

To connect college students who are interested in marijuana, MassRoots was founded. These students are frequently looking for trustworthy dispensaries in their area, which is why they consume cannabis. Over a million wired subscribers are already part of this network.

This makes it great for firms and dispensaries to use branding strategies. Most noteworthy about MassRoots is that it does not encourage user feedback through forums. User feedback and product ratings are encouraged. Moreover, it features a loyalty program that rewards users with cinema tickets, concert tickets, and festival passes.

5. Duby

Duby was founded as a social media site where pot enthusiasts could post and communicate without fear of getting into trouble back in the days when cannabis was banned in almost every country. As a result, it’s been the subject of several print and broadcast articles in the mainstream media, going from a simple online forum to a social networking app that unites hundreds of thousands of cannabis enthusiasts.

Using videos and tales, users may connect with others, form relationships, and even meet potential dates. While Duby isn’t mainly a commercial social network, there are several chances for cannabis businesses to sell their goods and engage with customers.

6. MJ Link

If you’re looking to connect with a wide spectrum of cannabis businesses, MJ Link is the place to do it. No matter how professionally linked you are to the cannabis sector, this social network is becoming increasingly important. To begin networking, all you need to do is establish a profile and start sharing videos, news, and contact lists.

7. Bud Hubz

In Bud Hubz, you may meet new people, locate a place to stay, discover a head store, and even find a doctor near you by using this website. Bud Hubz is a free and easy-to-use application.

The app has tremendous advantages for both marijuana businesses and marijuana enthusiasts. Interact with cannabis lovers who reside in the area you’re interested in visiting. Alternatively, you may utilize this forum to educate marijuana enthusiasts about your brand and the legality of its usage, as well.

Why Should You Visit a Cannabis Forum?

Cannabis has long been a talk of the town and is indeed known for being controversial. There’s no doubt that the access to information is now better than before, but isn’t it best to come to a place where like-minded people gather and share their thoughts, research, and other reliable studies about cannabis? This is just one of the reasons why you should visit a cannabis forum.

In order to share the latest research and information, encourage evidence-informed procedures, and discover the experiences and needs of various communities of youth with regard to non-medical cannabis, many of these cannabis forums will bring together policymakers, researchers, professionals working in primary care, mental health and addictions, public health, education, and social services, among others.


Social networking may appear to be an impossibility for cannabis company owners, but it’s not. That’s a far cry from reality! People understand how annoying it can be to see these limits and constraints crop up in different parts of the industry.

Hope that the list above can help you understand the different popular cannabis forums and their benefits to the cannabis industry.

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